New Changes On our “Write For Us” Page

I have decided to make some important changes on our “Write for us” page for Business Success Guide. My decision became inevitable because of my desire to improve the quality of guest posts allowed here in order to improve the user experience of our readers.

My writing quality has changed, and the number of words per article served to my viewers has also increased tremendously. I have decided to engage my viewers more, serve them better quality articles and make sure the contents of the articles are now richer.

In the light of the foregoing, therefore, I have now added a few guidelines for those who wish to submit a guest post to this blog. I will no longer accept guest articles from just anybody; but only from serious-minded bloggers who have something really helpful/useful to share with my readers.

The new Rules

The following rules would now be followed by all guest authors (I don’t mean to hurt anyone), because I want my readers to be better educated and happier for getting solutions to their nagging problems here:

1. All articles for submission must be at least 700 words. All hastily assembled posts no longer have a place here. If you are looking for where to submit those poor quality posts, please check the next blog (I mean it).
2. All articles should be error free. Articles with grammatical blunders would not be accepted. Therefore, to make it easier for your post be accepted, please proof-read it at least twice before submission.
3. SEO seekers, who submit posts for the purposes of just getting backlinks without minding quality, should please look for SEO service providers. We have no place for your posts (No offense intended).
4. Articles with plagiarized content, duplicate content or copy right violation would not only be rejected, the owner would be reported to Google for appropriate action.
5. You should show pictorial guide or a demo where necessary.

6. Anchor texts not accepted in article body, except where they provide useful information to further enhance the quality of the article. Any article with anchor text to a sales page or website that does not add value to the article would be dumped and no explanation provided to the submitter.
7. Always give credit to your sources. We allow one text link to online resource URL in the body of the post as a reference source (This is not mandatory).
8. Post images should be at least 400×200
9. Post must be written in English language.
10. We allow a link to your personal blog if it is necessary. However, you must not directly or indirectly encourage people to click on the link to visit your blog. No affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in posts. You must also add 2 links to articles already existing inside Business Success Guide.
11. Up to 2 “Do follow” links accepted in BIO area.
12. You must respond to questions and comments on your post, otherwise your account would be deactivated.
13. We give preference to members of our community – those who read our posts and leave their comments here regularly

What would we like you to write about?

We are interested in topics on Small Business ideas, blogging tutorials, Affiliate Programmes ideas, etc.
Generally, we accept posts on the following blogging areas and other related areas such:
1. Small Business
2. Business
3. Business Startups
4. Blog SEO
5. Bloggingtips
6. Make Money with your blog
7. Social media
8. Affiliate marketing
9. And other related content….

Interested in becoming a regular author?

If you are interested in becoming a regular author, you are highly welcome. You need to send us one or two samples of your unique quality posts for us to know your capability. If you meet our standard, we would create an account for you to enable you do your regular posting.
Or you can be a one or two time writer.

Your Gain?

i. All articles submitted are on a “free submission” basis. We do not pay for guest articles.
ii. Our Alexa ranking is currently 150k, DA 31 and our Google PR is PR3. So you get quality traffic back to your blog. Apart from this, you also get a link juice from our PR3 blog.
iii. You also get 1 or 2 “Do follow” back links at the end of each post you make to your own blog.
iv. Other incentives can be discussed if you have what it takes to improve our blog quality and make this place a fun for our visitors.

How does it work?

Contact us with the required information; we will also get back to you if you are accepted into our team. You would be asked to submit your post in .doc format via our email. Your post is published as soon as possible with your profile.

How To get started?

Create a subscriber account
• Add your profile
• Add your gravatar email
• I will upgrade your account to a contributor account if you qualify
• Upload your article. This would be edited by me before it is finally published.
• Send me a mail informing me of your username and the submitted article.


please send us the above info using This page All questions must be answered. Copy and paste the questions, then write each answer below its question.

Sponsored Posts

If you are sending in a sponsored post, you need to tag it “Sponsored post” in your email or if you are submitting it through your contributor account, you have to write us after submitting it to officially let us know your post is sponsored. Otherwise, discovering it ourselves means your post would not be published for act of deception.


A lot of authors submit their ideas to us daily. It is possible that similar posts may be submitted by different authors. We often pick the best and discard the rest; so if your post is rejected and then you see something similar to it on our blog, it is not that we have stolen your ideas; it is possible someone else submitted something close to what you also submitted and got published.