25+ Best Fastest Loading WordPress Themes

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The best thing about the internet is the sheer amount of information that anyone can access with just a few clicks; this is particularly made possible with the help of search engines.

Search engines use various techniques to access information from websites. And after finding the suitable authoritative information, one of the most decisive factors that will ensure your website ranks higher on the search engine results page is the loading speed.

The importance of a fast loading website cannot be exaggerated, in fact, it will only be an understatement to say that websites that load fast are very well the best, both regarding traffic attraction and retention. Another benefit of having a nimble website is that you can satisfy your visitors more with your content and keep them immersed in your content for hours, mostly because they will be able to access more of what you are offering.

There are a lot of things you could be doing to increase the loading speed of your website, but there is an effective, easy alternative. The alternative is to use a Fast Loading WordPress theme which not only ensures high speed but also comes bundled with a tonne of features to help you stay on top of the game. Following all things, in this post, we have collected the 50 Best Fastest Loading WordPress Themes one of which you will find swift enough for your website and agile enough to help you compete and even beat the top brass in your niche.

1. Clean


Recently released, this theme is developed with minimalism in mind which makes it super fast as when tested on a speedometer, it is fast than 97% of the sites. The theme can be used for almost any niche as it offers multiple layouts which you can customize to match your brand, choice & requirements while it can be used on unlimited sites with just the price of one theme!


Details | Demo

2. Writer


An ultimate choice for professionals out there with its aesthetically professional to accommodate all their requirements. It can be used as a blog, magazine, to promote one’s writing skills & alike publishing business with its advanced typography to provide a smooth reading experience. Also, the theme is WooCommerce compatible which enables your site to work as an online store too if the need arises.


Details | Demo

3. Radius


Radius is a theme designed to encompass training and coaching providing business, and whether you are an individual or a big business, Radius has everything you will need to excel in this niche business.


Details | Demo

4. Doberman


If you believe you have viral content or at least know how to weave any content in a way that it can attract attention from social media sites, then Doberman is the theme you will need to take care of the rest for you and allow you to reach maximum content impact and better click-through rate.


Details | Demo

5. Expo


Expo is a very minimal theme with a horizontal scrolling feature to help your visitors look for more of what you are offering right from the homepage. The theme includes a splash page layout, customizer integration and much, much more.


Details | Demo

6. TheMotion


Give your website the right momentum with TheMotion, a theme that was specifically designed with animations and effects to help you keep your loyal readers intrigued with whatever you are offering.


Details | Demo

7. HowTo


Here is a theme for those who like to help people on How To’s! The theme is developed with heavy content in mind & provides an enjoyable reading experience. Also, the theme has an easy translation functionality with RTL support to reach the Global audience.


Details | Demo

8. JustFit


JustFit is aptly named as it is the complete package for a health & fitness related site; whether to launch a blog/magazines, to promote the business of a gym/yoga center or to start an online store to sell products, this theme has covered every aspect for you! The theme is clean & securely coded which not only helps your site to be lightning fast but also become search engine friendly.


Details | Demo

9. Ample Pro


Ample Pro is bundled with ample features to help you make a mark in any niche you wish to use it for. The theme is responsive and comes with numerous built-in features that will make sure you can make a professional website within no time.

Ample Pro

Details | Demo

10. Enpine


A minimalistic design on top of a professional and elegant design is the strongest forte of this theme. The best part though is the theme’s recent posts bar that allows for a minimalistic display of your articles to attract more traffic to your recent work.


Details | Demo

11. Mellow


If you wish to create your website look astonishing while the focus remains on the most important part of your website, that is, the content, then Mellow might just be the one for you. Major key features that will help you through the process include a masonry/grid portfolio layout on top of a smooth hamburger style menu with a custom background, all of which combine to provide an amazing user experience.


Details | Demo

12. Cooperative


Showcase your work effectively, elegantly and get in touch with potential customers with Cooperative, a super minimal theme that will make sure you get the best features in the business.


Details | Demo

13. Sahifa


Sahifa has been designed precisely with features that make it great for news, magazines, newspaper and blog themes. Few of the many features you get access to with this theme include clean, modern, a user-friendly design on top of a fast loading, customizable, flexible, functional and fully responsive design.


Details | Demo

14. eCommerce


eCommerce is one of those themes that just gets the job done without engaging you in all the unnecessary clutter and website building technicalities. It goes without saying that the theme has been built keeping in mind the needs of eCommerce store and hence the name. Advanced features like a quick view and wishlist mean you will be able to provide a much better user experience to your customers and also can package more of your products.


Details | Demo

15. Baseline


Remarkable features of this unique theme include beautiful and magazine-style design with a bunch of multiple layout options featured content areas and simple customization options that make it an elegant solution for any website.


Details | Demo

16. Oblique Pro


Oblique Pro is a great and straightforward theme that will help you a lot to make your blog look awesome and just the way you want it. It has a unique design, and it’s very easy to customize. It will make your website look the way you always wanted, and you will be proud of the end-product.

Oblique Pro

Details | Demo

17. Wentasi


Wentasi is an elegant Tumblr based WordPress fast loading theme that was designed for any website which is made possible with its galleries, videos, music and standard post formats. The theme also comes in with a full content layout, a fixed top bar and a model footer to help you show more of your content.


Details | Demo

18. OnePage


A single page design is usually an ideal choice for small agencies, portfolio & small-scale business & they are preferred as they are hassle-free to manage while striking the best browsing experience. So, here is OnePage that incorporates all the essential features of a single page design along with a parallax scrolling which offers an animated effect throughout the site.


Details | Demo

19. Air.


As the name intends, Air is a theme that is light as air which essentially makes it super fast to load and super easy to work with. The drag and drop builder will help you add elements and create a unique website as you like, within a few minutes.


Details | Demo

20. Jayo


Built using the latest technologies like Bootstrap three and the best languages like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and the best coding practices, this theme is bound to attract attention without compromising on the speed. The theme is fully responsive and runs perfectly on every device and screen size and serves best agencies and freelancers.


Details | Demo

21. Splash


Crafted using latest technologies including HTML5, this theme offers a fast loading layout with a powerful options panel. It includes a professional review system with rich snippets which you can use to provide a sneak peak of what you are offering in the search engine; this helps with your search engine rankings & encouraging more traffic to your site.


Details | Demo

22. Blanco


For creative people who seek simple and lightweight design, Blanco is probably the best bet with its simple yet beautiful design that makes it great for creative bloggers.


Details | Demo

23. Leda


Provide your content the attention it deserves with Leda, a theme that was designed with an utmost focus on readability and usability. The minimal design of the theme makes sure that your readers are not distracted by all the unnecessary clutter so that they indulge comfortably in your content for hours.


Details | Demo

24. Candid


Candid creates an avid and candid carousel of content with images, galleries, videos, audio and multi-media laced in to give your website that extra oomph it requires excelling in any field you wish to use it for.


Details | Demo

25 Techone


An ideal theme for technology, news, reviews, online magazines, editorial ventures and the like. The theme creates a simple design that is impeccable, accessible, logical and beautiful, all at the same time.


Details | Demo

26 Schema


Promoted as one of the fastest & SEO friendly themes in the market, this theme has a lot to offer in terms of its features & functionalities. With its schema markup, it tells every nit & bit of your site to the search engine to help it understand your site better & in turn rank you accordingly. Also, not to forget, a highly customizable framework & responsive layout to help you design almost any niche website.


Details | Demo

27. PointPro


Lastly, we have a perfect website for business sites! PointPro is an updated version of Point; this version includes a responsive layout, featured sections, WooCommerce compatibility, custom sidebars, off-canvas mobile menu, WP Subscribe Pro & WP Review Pro compatibility, clean commented code & much much more!


Details | Demo

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