MLM Gateway: A Place to Get Downlines For Your Business Networking

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Are you searching for where to get downlines for your business networking? Search no more! There is a place where your dreams can easily be fulfilled. MLM Gateway is expressly dedicated to connecting people with like business minds. It’s a place where you table your business ideas and get others who are interested to join you. Likewise, you also get to know from others what they have that might be of help to you business-wise.

With the current economic recession in different parts of the world and with people searching for ways to make money online and make ends meet, MLM gateways remains a solid place to build relationships and quickly set up a winning business team. For those of you who are interested in business networking, you know how difficult it is to get people to join your team. But with this site, you no longer need to entertain any fears because there are people already looking for similar opportunities waiting to be contacted. You only need to approach them and present your business ideas to them.

How to use the MLM Gateway site

Here, you can easily get connected with people of the same business interest. This is how to use the site. Complete your profile and you are good to go. To get people into your team, click on the “Member” link and look for people with the same interest as yours or from the location where you need to get people from. Click on “contact member” on the right side and you are provided a box where you can send your request message to him/her. Note that you need a credit in your account for every member contact request.

When new people contact you or show interest to join your team, you have to unhide the identity of the person with 20 credits. You can get credits by purchasing or by inviting new members. For every member you invite, you are given 10 credits.

To purchase credits, you can use your PayPal account, credit/debit cards or simply make use of your Payoneer card. When you click on the link to purchase credits, you are redirected to the page where you have to fill out your personal details or login to your PayPal account. Make your purchase and use the credits to contact potential partners or for unhiding the identities of those getting in touch with their proposals.

MLM gateway Affiliate Program

To invite new people, you need to join the referral program (you get the link on the right sidebar). Apart from getting 10 credits per referral, you also get 35% of the purchases the referral would make on the site. Use the link you are provided as a referral to invite people into the site. Please get in touch if you have any other questions.

I made my first $12.60 within 24 hours of joining the site. As soon as I received my referral link, I used it to create awareness about the program. Surprisingly, the following day, $12 was credited into my referral account after the person who joined the site using my link made a purchase. It’s one of the fastest ways of making money. I have joined several affiliate programs in the past, but none has earned me money as fast as MLM Gateway has. To open your free affiliate account, click here.

Winter Referral Contest

The MLMGateway referral program is not the only way to make money on the site. You also have the opportunity to join the Winter Referral Contest. The contest starts on the 1st January 2017 to the 28th February 2017. Prizes would be won based on the number of referrals you send. Here is a breakdown of the prizes to be won.

1st prize: $3,000
2nd prize: $2,000
3rd prize: $1,000
4th – 10th prize: 200 credits
11th – 20th prize: 100 credits

So, the more people you refer the chances of winning higher prizes. You can register now and get your referral link to start referring people to join the network. $3,000 can take care of a whole of things for you. Make money while you also achieve you dream of getting more downlines for your business networking.

Premium membership

You can aspire to become a premium member and get better benefits. Being a premium member gives you the following benefits:
• 5o credits added to your account every month
• Be listed on the featured professionals page (for more exposure)
• Show the premium badge next to your nme
• Add a link to your website from your profile
• Make your profile completely visible to all members
• Add a video to your profile
• Your profile is free of ads and announcements
• Get 15 credits for every referral
• Get 10 credits for every article you publish
• Get priority support 24/7
• Have a view of the number of people viewing your profile.

Pros of using MLM gateway

• New members for your business networking
• Access to new business proposals
• Access to new friends from different parts of the world
• Speeds up your networking success rate
• Advertise your business for free
• Publish an article with link to your site to grow your traffic
• Make money from home with referral program


MLM Gateway is not without a few cons. Some of the cons of the site include:
• Unhiding a prospective business partner costs up to 20 credits per person,br>
• Sometimes, the prospect may not join your team after spending 20 credits to unveil him


MLMGateway is a place every serious networker must join to get new business prospects and downlines for your team. You sometimes spend some money to achieve your dream. The benefits of joining this site far outweigh the disadvantages. Register for your free account now.

Over to you

Are you using any site to gain downlines? Share your experience with us. We would love to know about the strategies you are using to promote your business networking. Share your thoughts using the comment box below.

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