How to Use Twitter Hashtags to Increase Engagement

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The reality on ground is that Twitter hashtags have come to stay, and they now play a very significant role in engaging with people and improving your sales on Twitter. The use of hashtags is now a trend in all the social media and with particular reference to twitter. Of course, many people will advise you that if you are into marketing of goods, information or yourself, the best shot you can give it is when you make use of the hashtags. But I have had time to study and discover that among all the abbreviations that are used online, the hashtags are the most difficult to use. Many people do not know how to use these tags to increase engagement on twitter.

Before you can grasp how to use twitter hashtags to increase engagement, you must know what the hashtags are and what they stand for. This is simply keywords that people do add at the end of their texts on twitter, starting it with the “#” sign.

How to use Twitter Hashtags

Twitter hashtags can be used at the start of texts, images and even videos. However, these hashtags can be single words like #love, they can be two or more words like #lovestruck and they can also comprise of words and symbols like #real_love. However, some rules must be taken to get the hashtags right if you want to use them to increase engagement. Make sure that whichever hashtag you place at the end of the text is relevant to the post itself. Don’t write about love and put a hashtag of buildings on it. It does not tally and will not give you the engagement. In fact, it will amount to spam.

1. Make them short

Again, all hashtags both on twitter and other social media sites must be kept short and very simple if the results are to be achieved. They are also supposed to be straight to the point and not diversionary or in form of parables.

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2. Minimize quantity

When you are making hashtags on Twitter, you must ensure that you do not use more than two hashtags for every single update. If it is more than two, the post becomes hashtag stuffed, and this can be counterproductive.

3. Remember the head, body and end of the post

Now, when you want to add twitter hashtags, you must have this information at hand. This is only if you want to increase your engagement with the hashtags. If you do not, you can go about this anyhow you feel like. The harshtags are mostly noticed in three particular places, though you are free to add them anywhere on your twitter posts. The three places include the title of the post or tweet, the body of the post and at the end.

4. Use them on titles or tail

But tradition has shown that hashtags added either at the title or at the tail end of the posts or tweets makes more sense than those at the center or body of the post or tweet. The headline is automatically the position where the twitter hashtags will be more effective. Here, they are more visible and will generate engagement immediately. Remember, these hashtags acts like the keywords used in SEO and they are the subjects that bring together searches made with the same words or tags. If you hashtag something like sports, the web will bring your post closer and at the same place with all sports posts with the same hashtag. When people click on a hashtag, all conversations that are made on that subject is brought together for them. This is how important hashtags can be.

5. Utilize the spaces

If you make long posts on twitter, you will discover that before you post them, there will be a space for tags. The same thing is applicable to blog posts linked to twitter or other sites. The space also suggests tags for you. Here the best and most effective tags are suggested for you, so you will be generating much comments and views and therefore more engagement if you use the suggested tags. Manual tags are effective, but not as effective as the suggested ones.


If you get the Twitter hashtags right, you will increase your viewership, as people will discover your content easily. It will also help you to build social media followers. If you are an authority in something like #fashion, it will give people the chance to find you in fashion discussion rooms. It also helps you to create new customers, and this, will in turn, generate more revenue for you. Twitter hashtags also help you to brand your business well. It will allow customers to follow your business on twitter, Facebook etc.

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