How to Get Cheap Domain Registration and Increase Your Marginal Profit

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It is quite possible to get a cheap domain registration and then cut your cost as a blogger that is just starting up. The dream of every businessman is to reduce expenses and increase marginal profits, no matter the type of business. When we say that people can make money online, it boils down to one big method and other small methods. Blogging is the cardinal method through which this is done. Other methods are considered to be on the periphery. Again, blogging is said to be very good because it does not take huge money to establish. It is also possible for you to operate on a free blog.

But then, if your blog is the type that you want to build to a standard level and make good money with it, you have to buy a space or register a domain name. Many new and prospective bloggers are deterred by the fact that they do not have money to buy a domain name, but this is because of lack of information. There are several ways through which you can get a cheap domain registration for your blog, and this will make your marginal profits to leapfrog.

The easiest ways to get cheap domain registration

Whether you are getting the cheap domain registration to run an email address or webmail, or you are getting it for your blog or website or any other online application at all, you have to do it through this way.

1. Negotiate

The first thing to do is to make a review of all the domain name registrars around. Do not be scared by their prices, you can actually negotiate. Consult the owner when you see a domain registration company that tickles your fancy. When this is done, you ask them what their fare is. If they give you, bargain what you think is good and which you know you can offer. With this, the negotiation will begin and eventually it might end where you can afford it. Do not just run away whenever you see a huge price tag. Some registrars like Namecheap, offer coupons that make the pricing cheaper for you.

2. Go for quality

Again, you have to check on all the factors that affect the price and the value they offer you. One thing I want to point out here is that cheap domain registration does not imply low quality. You only need to know how to access this in a cheaper way, and not how to get a very low-quality domain that will eventually hamper your business instead of giving it any boost. Make sure you are going for a domain name that is very simple, unique from what others use as their own name and very easy to remember.

3. Choose the name wisely

The name is actually one of the factors that will determine whether the domain will be cheap or costly. Now, those domain names that are very short definitely cost a lot of money and might not be affordable to you. The truth here is for you to get a domain name that is not too long and which is very simple to remember. Do you know that there are long domain names that are easily remembered more than the short ones, yet the short ones like,, etc will cost a whole lot of money?

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For you to beat the competition for these short ones, get the not too short domain names that are easily remembered. You can do this by putting the, my or for in front of the name, or use a long name that is also easy to remember. Things like, and will be cheaper than, yet they are easily remembered too. However, don’t make it too long to avoid slowing down traffic. Characters like _, *, # should all be avoided.

4. Avoid transfer fees

Another thing that contributes to helping you to get a cheap domain registration includes checking before you purchase the registration if there are any fees that are associated with the transfer of hosting. There might always be the necessity for you to change host as time goes on. It can be from .org to .biz, .com, .net etc. Make sure your domain registrars do not charge any unnecessary transfer or release fees for this. Under normal circumstances, it should be free. But some charge money for it, and this is what makes some registration costly.

5. Get all email accounts

Another way of getting cheap domain name registration is by ensuring that all the prerequisite email accounts and its functions are coming with your domain name, so that you do not pay money for registration, only to go ahead to spend another money on all the aforementioned. These include getting up to 15-20 POP3 email accounts free of charge, not just email forwarding.

6. Check for SMTP

Another way of getting a cheap domain registration is by being sure that they offer free SMTP servers for your outgoing emails. You should have known the benefits of email marketing by now and how costly it can be. So if you do not get this from them free of charge, then you will be paying heavily in the future to have it. If you decide to use that provided by your ISP server, it might not be as effective and might also come with some charges.


When you follow the aforementioned steps and also insist on getting the mentioned services, you will definitely get quality services from cheap domain registration. Be sure that the cost of acquiring a domain name does not hinder your new business from taking off immediately.

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