How to Wow Your Customers With Irresistible Explainer Videos

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Lovely animated videos, conversion of visitors into buying customers, more regular traffic to your website and blogs, and above all, more sales! Thanks to the power of explainer videos.

What if you had a way of explaining your product concept to your customers in such a simple manner that they are able to fully understand what your brand stands for? This is why you need scribble videos software. With them you can easily create video that explains in a simple, yet easy-to-understand visual language that will wow your customers and makes them fall in love with your product instantly.

What would explainer videos help you to achieve?

The idea behind explainer videos is to enable you to present complex ideas in a simple manner, make them easy to understand, easy to memorize and easy to remember by everyone that watches the videos. In a nutshell, here are the reasons why you need explainer videos.

Make complex service presentation more exciting
Do you have a service you want to introduce to your visitors or potential customers and you want them to understand it in less than three minutes? Explainer videos will help you achieve that dream.

Make complex processes easy to understand
Explaining certain processes can ordinarily be a difficult task. But with the explainer videos, this is made easy. With the animated videos, production processes are easy to understand by the new employees. Every step to take is clearly explained and quite easy to understand and stored in one’s memory.

Explain all that the customers need to know about your product
What is it about your product that customers need to know? How can your product be used? How can they be ordered? What advantages do they offer over their competitors? What are the prices of your products? Those are some of the few things you would like your explainer videos to quickly let your potential customers know about.

Where do you use explainer videos

Explainer videos are used in various areas. But here are some areas where they can be quite helpful and indispensable.

With the evolvement of e-learning, there is no better way to get things explained to students than the use of explainer videos. The animations and the exciting ways things are presented make learning quite engaging and attractive.

The use of explainer videos is the best option when it comes to marketing. They arouse curiosity and they communicate your points in such a way that potential customers fall in love with them. They are a better way to convince people to buy your products faster.

Content marketing
Well edited and easy-to-understand videos are loved by humans and are also a good way of ranking fast in the search results as the search engines find your content appealing and highly optimized for them.

Internal communication
With explainer videos, it is easier to communicate company’s values and updates to the downline without passing through much communication stress. Information is combined with emotion to make them appealing and easy to remember.

Improving sales
Research results have shown that sales pages with quality videos convert more than those that have none. Explainer videos, therefore, help you increase your sales significantly.

How much do explainer videos cost?

At Scribble video, prices of making videos are quite competitive. They charge a fixed rate for videos depending on the length. The prices are quite affordable, compared to what their counterparts offer.


• Makes ideas/concepts easy to understand.
• Gets the attention of people faster
• Increases your sales


• The price is expensive


Explainer video is a must for anyone who wishes to make communication easier to understand. It highly needed by companies involved in content marketing, information dissemination, and online marketing. If you are interested in creating a video for your sales page, e-learning portal, or any other part of your business, Scribble-videos will help you actualize your dream.

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