How to Get Cybercon Web Hosting Discount Code at 20% on All Hosting Plans

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Are you a blogger or an online entrepreneur? Do you need a reliable dedicated server for hosting your blog or website? With Cybercon, you are assured of getting the best hosting service at a cheaper rate. How? By using the Cybercon dedicated coupon code. With the Cybercon dedicated coupon, you can enjoy a Cybercon web hosting discount code of up to 10% or 20%. Sometimes, you can enjoy good discount than that as I have successfully negotiated these discount rates if you subscribe to any package plan. If you want to enjoy this benefit, subscribe to any hosting package on Cybercon, using this code GZ72APRA to get a 20% on any hosting package immediately after payment.

What are dedicated servers?

A dedicated server is a server that is specifically designed to help you host your blog or website without sharing the server with anyone else. This is the best web hosting method as you have 100% use of the server, giving you more flexibility when compared with sharing a server with other people. As a result, you have absolute control over the server so that you can decide the types of hardware or Operating System to use.

If your website or blog enjoys high traffic or you have visitors or clients with sensitive needs and demands, hosting your site on a dedicated server is the best choice. The Cybercon coupon code gives you access to Cybercon dedicated servers that are reputed for their high quality and affordable prices. At Cybercon, you have two hosting options which are Private Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers Hosting.

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Types of Dedicated Servers

Cybercon offers their customers three different dedicated server packages they can subscribe to. These are:

Unix Dedicated Servers

Some Internet servers make extensive use of Unix Operating System. The Unix environment, together with the client-server program model, is an integral part of the development of the Internet. Therefore, Cybercon has tons of dedicated servers that are designed with Unix Operating System in mind. These packages include Debian Linux, Gentoo Linux, Slackware Linux, Linux Centos, Ubuntu Linux, OpenBSD, Redhat Linux, and Fedora Linux.

Windows dedicated Servers

The Windows Operating System is one of the most powerful Operating Systems with a huge customer base. To tap into the opportunity offered by this huge customer base, Cybercon rolled out a lot of dedicated servers to meet the demands of the Windows users. Some of these servers are Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Server 2012, Microsoft Exchange 2007, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and Microsoft Terminal Server. What are the advantages of these Windows-based servers? They are cost effective and help to improve the performance of your systems. The security of your servers is well taken care of. With them, you can manage your IT operations without hitches.

Dedicated VMware Servers

If you need to add more Operating Systems to your computer, the VMware Servers presents you with a reliable platform to do that. This is done via unique software that allows hypervisor, a special virtual machine monitor, to give you more resources which will allow you to use more Operating Systems on your computer without being conspicuous.

Features of Cybercon Dedicated server hosting

As I earlier said, this Cybercon web hosting discount code allows you to get the packages on Cybercon at 20% discount. The dedicated server has some appealing qualities such as:

Dedicated Operating System: Some of the Operating Systems that the package has are Windows Server 2012, Windows7, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, and Windows 10. All these Windows Operating Systems can be upgraded at any tie. Other non-Windows Operating Systems include Linux openSUSE, Debian Linux, Fedora Linux, FreeBSD, Ubuntu Linux, and CentOS.
One Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee : Cybercon uses one of the best server hardware in the world, enterprise grade server. The implication is a server that will rarely experience any failure. However, if there is any hardware failure, the problem will be rectified within one hour. Therefore, there is the assurance that you will have access to a reliable hardware every day of the week.
KVM Over IP Remote Server Access : There are some activities you can perform on Cybercon server effortlessly. They include installing OS, reinstalling OS, rebooting the server, upgrading OS, or access the server console. All these are possible because Cybercon gives you HP iLo Remote console so that you can have complete control of your server.
Unmetered Bandwidth : Using the server prevents you from having to deal with exorbitant bandwidth charge. The charges here are fixed, leading to accurate billing without the fear of billing errors.
Administrative Access : After your subscription to a hosting package, Cybercon will give you full access to any server of your choice. This gives you the freedom to add more features that you believe will enhance the performance of your site. You can install new software or application without any hitches.
Free DNS Services : The Free DNS Services gives you access to a DNS control panel which allows you to handle tons of domains and DNS records and zones.
Technical Support : Cybercon has a team of dedicated customer support givers. They give you maximum support via different avenues like e-mail, online support portal, and telephone. For each day of the year, you can depend on Cybercon to give you the needed support.

Private Cloud Hosting

There is no better way to access cloud hosting than the dedicated coupon code offer by Cybercon. The cloud hosting is a hardware and software that you can use on your organization or website only. This is because the cloud computing features are dedicated for your personal use only. The private cloud gives you the liberty to choose from a wide range of storage systems, server hardware, cloud computing software, networks switches and routers, among other features. This offers you maximum security at reasonable cost. if you want to benefit from this Cybercon web hosting discount code, use this code GZ72APRA to get a 20% discount.

Some of the features of the Private Cloud Hosting are regular and prompt technical support, dedicated cloud computing hardware and software, and dedicated data center infrastructure. The service has four enterprise platforms which are:

VMware Private Cloud

The VMware combines with the private cloud to deliver top-notch services that are quick and efficient. This makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing without compromising good quality.

Microsoft Private Cloud

One of the most important aspects of Information Technology is the ability to install new applications and keep them in perfect working condition. Microsoft private cloud achieves this through System Center Technology and Windows Server. With this, you can achieve improved performance, good cross-platform service, and good application use.

KVM Private Cloud

This is a cloud hosting computing service that is based on the open source approach. It uses the kernel of an OS to function. It offers better user experience than cloud hosting that fuses user-space drivers. The KVM technology has the support of tech giants such as IBM and Red Hat.

Xen Private Cloud

Xen technology offers the fastest virtualization software for hosting. The technology also offers the most secure software in the hosting industry. With XenServer, your virtual servers will be managed to your satisfaction, regardless of whether you are on Linux® or Windows® platform. It also promises to strengthen your server, thus ensuring the continuity of your online business.


Linux Shared

Business Web: You can get this for $19.00 per month. The package includes 1 GB web space and 2GB transfer at no setup fee.
Power User: You can get the Power User for $49.00 per month. The package includes 3 GB web space and 5GB transfer at no setup fee.

Linux Dedicated

Unix Basic Hosting: This hosting service is available for $299.00 per month. The web space is 9GB while the transfer is 40Gb. The setup also comes at no cost.
Unix High End: This hosting service is available for $599.00 per month. The web space is 36GB while the transfer is 100Gb. The setup also comes at no cost.

Windows Dedicated

Win Basic: Win Basic will cost a subscription fee of $299.00 per month. This includes 9GB web space and 40GB Transfer. The Win Basic has no setup fee.
Win High End: Win Basic will cost a subscription fee of $599.00 per month. This includes 36GB web space and 100GB Transfer. The Win Basic has no setup fee.

Linux/Windows Collocation

Single Server: To use this server, you will pay a monthly subscription fee of $280.00. the web space for this dedicated server collocation is unlimited while the transfer is also unmetered. As usual, the setup is free.
Half-rack: To use this server, you will pay a monthly subscription fee of $684.00. The web space is unlimited while the transfer is also unmetered. As usual, the setup is free.
Rack: To use the Rack server, you will pay a monthly subscription fee of $1,180.00. the web space is unlimited while the transfer is also unmetered. As usual, the setup is free.
Cage: To use this collocation server hosting, you will pay a monthly subscription fee of $2,630.00. The web space is unlimited while the transfer is also unmetered. As usual, the setup is free.


• It has 99.9% uptime
• The network and server have great speed.
• You are guaranteed excellent security.
• Excellent support through live chat, email, and other communication methods.
• The fixed billing method prevents irregularities in billing.


• The charges are a bit high.
• Delayed response to emails

My verdict

Cybercon has a few downsides. But these downsides are not enough to put them in a bad light. Their services are among the best in the web hosting business anywhere in the world. I, therefore, recommend it to anyone who needs a hosting package that he can trust and where security is guaranteed.

Cybercon Affiliate Program

If you are a blogger, a social networker, or website developer, Cybercon affiliate program affords you the opportunity to earn residue income. You can use the Cybercon dedicated coupon codes to promote your services. Each referral you make entitles you to a commission of 50% after the coupon code worth has been subtracted. There’s good news. The coupon will never expire, regardless of the discount rate.

Cybercon pays its affiliate marketers via different paying methods like Amazon pay, Paypal, Check, or other payment methods.

Click here to join the Cybercon affiliate program and start earning residual income immediately. Cybercon affiliate program converts very well. It has been my best source of affiliate income so far. I am sure you will find this program quite rewarding.


If you are looking for the best place to get dedicated servers, colocation server hosting, or quality Private cloud Hosting that is affordable and reliable, you need to give settle down with Cybercon web hosting company. They will give you quality for your money.

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