9 Best WordPress Plugins I use to Power my Blog – Tips to Make it Count

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When you just start a blog or perhaps if you’ve been around for a while, you are always bent on installing some plugins on your blog, especially if it is a WordPress blog. However, if you don’t know which of these WordPress plugins to install, you become forever distress and hence, you risk the chances of your blog going viral.

In this article, I have highlighted the best WordPress plugins I use to power my blog and trying it for yours might just make sense and perhaps make your life much easier.

Whatever the intent is that you have of your blog; whether it is for it to be virally shared online or to get loads of comment engagements, there are three things you should always consider and these things are:

  • These plugins do what they say they will do and they’re easy to use.
  • These are lightweight plugins – What that means is that they don’t take a lot of resources and they don’t slow down your website.
  • These plugins are good team players – they don’t cause conflict with other plugins.

Having used a good number of plugins myself over the past 5 years, I’ve narrowed my list down to a few, 9 of which I will here mention.

My Best WordPress Plugins Ever!

  1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a very powerful wordpress plugin and I use it on every of my blogs. Why? Because it is the best wordpress plugin and it does what it says it will do – help you optimize your blog posts to show on Google’s SERPs.

As a blog writer, there’s the need for you to write for your readers, I understand that but you also need to make it a point of duty to write for Google’s Bots. By Google’s Bots, I mean writing for search engine; tailoring your content to what online surfers are searching for. We call this “search” process “keyword terms”.

Example is:

“Best WordPress Plugins”.

Chances are that you searched for this term on Google to arrive on this post. Now, that’s the term you used as keyword on Google’s search box.

However, to be able to use this plugin effectively you will need to have gone through the first stage, which is to research the keywords you’d like to rank for and that people are seriously searching for.

In my case, it’s “Best wordpress Plugins” and I realized that there a good number of people looking for this. So what I had to take advantage of that to share this post with you.

This is where Yoast SEO comes into play.

Realizing that writing this post will mean for people coming from Google to engage with the post, I plugged in the keyword terms into my Yoast Plugin immediately below my post editor, I hit publish and then organic traffic begins to roll in.

I should clear this for you though;

The first process where you research the best and well trafficked keywords using Google Keyword Planner and then use it in your post and on your blog is known as On-page/On-site SEO.

The second process is where you visit other blogs to post comments, guest post, email your blog subscribers, sharing your post/blog on different social networking sites etc. This process is known as the Off-page SEO and it is the most effective.

This whole talk on On-page or Off-page SEO is pretty huge and will be a topic for another time.

  1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache pride themselves as the highest rated and most complete WordPress performance plugin.

I will agree with them because in truth, this plugin dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your site.

Actually, speed is one of the things you need for your wordpress blog to function just the way you would have loved it. I mean what’s the essence of visiting a blog and it takes forever to load a page. What do you do in this case? Press the exit button, right? I will do exactly the same and might not visit that blog again.

I bet you don’t want that to happen to your blog, do you?

That’s where W3 Total Cache comes into play as it helps you optimize your wordpress site for speed and high performance. It allows you to easily add and setup browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify pages for quicker downloads and setup content delivery network (CDN) to WordPress or your static sites.

Trust me this tool is a life saver as well as CloudFlare.

  1. WPBruiser

WPBruiser is a very powerful plugin that does exactly what it says it will do and what does it says it will do? It blocks spambots without annoying capatcha images.

If you are like me you probably hate spam and always get frustrated and pissed at the sight of it.

You will want to install this extremely powerful anti-spam plugin and then merge it together with Akismet plugin which also does the same thing. These two plugins are sure going to keep off spammers from off your blog.

Even if there (spammers) comments made it through your blog it will quickly be dumped in the spam folder where you can entirely trash them.

Like I said above, I hate spam comments and WPBruiser and yes, Akismet are my life saver. You should try them on your weblog too.

  1. WP Smush

This is a really powerful plugin and what it does is to reduce image file sizes, improve performances and in the process boost your site’s SEO.

Being one that loves using images in the body of my content to capture the attention of my readers, I like to use a lot of them. And come to think of it, they (images) are a good option for improving your website’s on-page SEO.

However, it slows down your website unless you know how to manually compress the images yourself. But if you don’t, I strong suggest that you head straight to your wordpress plugins directory and install the WP Smush plugin and come back here to finish up with this post.

The free version is lightweight as well as the pro version which has been benchmarked as the best image compression and optimization plugin. Actually, the WP Smush and Pro version works in a way that saves storage space and helps your site load faster without reducing the quality of your images.

And what I love most about this plugin is the options it provides the end-user with to automatically, manually, bulkly (is there any English like that?) and also Super Smush for 10 times the compression power while still not losing out on image quality.

Folks, it’s a really powerful plugin and you’d be doing yourself a great disservice if you are not going to take the advantage of installing it today on your website.

  1. SumoME

You’ve always head the Mantra, perhaps you’ve grown weary of hearing it, but the truth is that ‘there is money in the list.’ And the experts take advantage of it every time to make their blog posts go viral or promote their affiliate programs to you or sell to you their products.

Do you not think you should start building your list too today?

Well, to be able to do that successfully with your blog, you will need a tool such as SumoMe which has the functionality to do just that. It’s a freemium as well as a premium tool you can use to grow your mailing list from the scratch straight up to the top.

I currently use the freemium version and trust me I love the magic it’s brought to my quest of growing my list. I mean, daily, people subscribe to get updates from my blog, thanks to the SumoMe plugin.

If I were you I’d get on my blog straight up and install the plugin, get on Google or perhaps Youtube and watch videos of how to best configure it for your blog and if you need to use my brain too, feel free to shoot me a mail anytime.

  1. CommentLuv

I love Andy Bailey’s CommentLuv plugin and this is because it provides me with the opportunity to reward my readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of the comments they left on my blog.

What a better way of encouraging and building a robust community and yet discovering new and awesome posts to learn from and be a contributor on!

Actually, there are loads of people who in time past have written positive reviews about the plugin and even until recently several bloggers are still using it to promote their blogs via blog commenting – that’s to tell you how important this plugin is.

I did a quick research just now and found out that there are thousands of blogs who have thought it wise to install the plugin on their various blogs. Why? It will be because of a discovery of how potent it is to exponentially increase comment and the high community spirit that readily accompanies it.

In this post, Kristi Hines shared the 5 reasons why she still uses CommentLuv on her blog and I think you should check it out.

She did however outline (here’s for the sake of those of you who will not have time to visit the blog) these thoughtful thoughts in her post:

  • It allows me to identify spammers quickly
  • It allows me to quickly get to know my commenters
  • It helps the community get to know each other
  • Commenter’s posts can add to the conversation
  • It’s away for me to say thanks.

Now tell me, are these not a good reason to want to install this plugin on your weblogs? And trust me if I were you I’d install and activate this plugin to start driving traffic to my blog as well as rewarding my commenters.

  1. a3 Lazy Load

I just installed this one on my blog and I have come to love it as it further helps in speeding up my website and of course enhances user’s visual experience in PC’s, Tablets and mobile views. It’s a good addition for your website.

  1. Auto Featured Image

This one is also cool and it does exactly what its name infers, automatically generate featured image for new/old posts if post thumbnail is not set manually. In addition to post attachment, it also supports external image, Youtube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.

As I told you above about my love for using images in the body of my writings, I find myself using loads of images in my blog posts but most times I get too eager to want to get the post published that I forget to manually set my featured post.

And it always have a negative effect on my blog’s homepage as some posts will have a featured post set while others wont and to me that’s not being professional. So I thought installing this plugin will be a wise option and insofar it has proven to be, thanks though to my friend Joseph Adediji who called my attention it.

  1. Better Click To Tweet

Who doesn’t love to read, share or quote a quotable quote? At least I know I am die-hard fan of quips and analogies and I love to give a lot of them away. That was what informed my decision to install this plugin on my blog in the first place.

You know there are times when some really power thoughts pop-up on your mind and you really want to share it with the thought that someone else will see it, like it enough to want to share it. Ever had this experience?

I have and Better Click To Tweet was indeed my best bet in the sense that it allows me wrap my best thoughts inform of a tweet that my blog readers can in just one-click tweet to their timelines which furthers give more virility to my Twitter Handle and of course my blog post. Now, isn’t this lovely?

So if you are like me and you love to share quotes and even so make these quotes go viral as to be seen by enough eyes then giving this powerful plugin a shot might just make sense.

  1. Yuzo – Related posts

Actually, Yuzo is the first plugin you must install on your wordpress blog, not because of the fact that most of the best website use it but more because it markets your old post and help your on-page SEO.

Internal linking your post to each other is one of the modus operandi of a good webmaster and Yuzo- Related Posts create this for you (on a platter of gold) and ease the stress on you of doing it manually.

I love this plugin and I am sure you will love it too!

Wrapping up

I use a total of 36 plugins on my website, call me crazy all I care, but these 9 does the magic for me. If you want though, I will write another post to share my entire plugins and provide you link to download some of the premium plugins I use on my site. That’s called being generous!

These are the 9 best wordpress plugins I use to power my blog and I thought it was okay to share it with you here instead of my blog, that’s how I love the you – readers of BizSuccessGuide and I would love to hear your feedbacks on which of these plugins you have installed on your website or that you will be considering to install.

It’s your turn to share your powerful thoughts…

I have said too much here and I thought I should allow you the opportunity to shine too seeing that I have taken the entire time to shine and share my best wordpress plugins.

How about you share your top wordpress plugins, why you love and use them on your weblogs?

As you make use of the comment session to shine can you also indulge me by taking a little time to share this post with your friends on your social (Twitter, Facebook, interest) accounts? It took me approximately 2hrs to scribble these words out of my mind and it’s over 2,400 words long. So please share and leave me your feedbacks too.

You can follow me on my Twitter Handle @samuelkermis or join my Facebook Community here. And should you love to start a successful online business today, listen to this podcast where I interviewed Joe Pardo, a New Jersey based dreamer.

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