Here Are 10 Best Marketing Strategies That Help Small Businesses Win the Competition

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Several small businesses are being set up every second in the world. People need to survive; they want a way to earn a living, and governments are finding it increasingly impossible to employ all their citizens. So, the new entrants into the business world and those who have been there all need the best marketing strategies to be able to have a grip on the market.

The competition presented by the internet marketplace is increasing by the day. Now, if there is a business that can be legitimately referred to as a free trade zone, then it is the internet. It is very open to the whole wide world and is very affordable so much so that many people get into it by the second. This breeds competition among businesses, marketers, websites, blogs, etc.

If you are among those who are starting newly or that you have a modest small business and wants to win the competition that comes both from your fellow small businesses and the bigger ones, you have to follow the 10 best marketing strategies given below.

Define your brand

Just like Socrates admonished man in his philosophical dictum to know himself, you too must know yourself. You must define your brand and by this I mean knowing what you offer, what your business stands for, what you want the marketplace to identify you with and the thing that makes you unique from all other businesses offering similar things with you. Just know what is special about what you are going to offer the customers and let them know that. Tell them what they will miss if they leave you for the other competitors. This is what will help you beat competition off.

Competitive advantage

The next marketing strategy apart from knowing your brand is to define your competitive advantage. This is to say you pick one thing that you will offer better than others. It comprises of three things, pricing, quality and service. You can offer a better price, or a better quality or the best customer service. Actually you can even combine two. You can pick either of price or quality and then complement it with services. Competitors can never imitate you completely or they run out of business. You may be interested to Learn the best way to do online marketing: An attractive approach

Customer database

The next among the best marketing strategies that beats off the competition for you includes customer database and maintenance. When I say this I mean that you do not just bring the customers in to patronize you and go. No, for you to win a new customer, you have to spend up to 80 times what you spend to retain an already won customer. This implies that you must keep the ones you have. So, try to use programs that will convert your customers into friends, long term collaborators and even alliances. Repeat customers will give you more profit than the one-off buyers. So you must create a database where you keep all their info.

Customer communication

Constant communication with your customers is another great strategy. If you leave them alone, they might be stolen by your competitors. You have to use emails, alerts, information on your programs, strides, expected products and many things to always keep their mind with you. Again, try to use the emails, texts, etc to send them holiday wishes, birthday wishes and things that will keep the contact going. Use communication with them to build market research.

Customer maintenance

The next of the marketing strategies to beat competition as it concerns relationship with your customers includes making sure that you excite them with offers, promos and new products. Everybody loves innovation because we desire that new spark in our life all the time. Because of this, you must offer innovative solutions to them through new and improved products. Just get to know what they want and offer these from time to time. The issue of monthly promos and giveaways are so good.


The next strategy boils down to the type of SEO on your website. It is no news that the best way of getting what you offer across to your customers or prospective ones is through the search engines. You must use all the white hart SEO strategies to ensure that you are visible to your customers. Use the best keywords gotten through proper research, the best links and also write content consistently on you blog.


Another great marketing strategy that will aid you in beating your competitors includes the use of PPCs. While your competitors are making use of the long tail keywords and other SEO strategies, you have to beat them by getting into the PPC ads. This might cost you some money, but the truth is that you make money when you spend money. Do it.

Marketing analytics

Another strategy is the use of proper marketing analytics. You must always have a retreat to plan if you must succeed, and this helps you do it. Study and know the things that have worked for you and the ones that have not been working. With this, you know the ones to explore more and the ones that needs more work, or even the areas you have to forfeit.

The social media

If you are seeking for the best marketing strategies and you have not started using the viral social media for your marketing, then you are still sleeping. Come rain come shine, the social media has the highest patronage and fans from across the globe. An ad placed on Facebook gets to the whole world in seconds. However, you must be careful not to make this look like spam. You can also beat the competition by using this even as your customer service avenue.

Opt-in lists

Build quality opt-in lists. Opt-in lists are very important because if you don’t have the emails, you can’t communicate, and if you don’t have the numbers, you will not progress. Try and make the forms look very attractive, so that they will desire to fill. Let the information to be given be the right ones. However, you must use good contents and newsletter ads to bring them in before they can access the opt-in forms.

You must also invest in the right technology. Get plugins and automation tools that will help you outsource and do things that one person cannot accomplish. These keeps you offering services to all who need them and makes you beat competitions.


Small businesses need to survive the fierce marketing completion and continue to stay in business. Using the best marketing strategies available remains the easiest way to win the race. In as much as people are after quality products, other tools of marketing must be in place for prospective buyers to be able to locate and do business with you.

Over to you

What marketing strategies have been helping you survive the competition? What do you think I have left out that needed to be included in this post? Please share your personal experience as well as your opinions with us. Do make sure to share this with your friends if you love the post.

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