What Everyone Ought To Know About How to Write Good Guest Posts

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The concept of blogging is gathering momentum by the day and many people are delving into such. Now, we have all seen that achieving success with your blog does not end in making good posts and publishing them on your own blogs.

The real thing also comes by liaising with other bloggers and linking with them. One of the main methods of doing this is to understand how to write a good guest post and posting it on their blogs. However, apart from being a blogger who is looking for links, one can also write a guest blog post on a blog that treats topics and issues or niches that he or she is simply interested in.

But you must know that guest posting does not end with just writing an article and dumping it on any blog you come across. For your guest post to be successful, there are a few things you must put in place in order to be sure you get the best out of your post. So what are those things to take care of?

Target audience

When you want to write a good blog post, you can start by following this cardinal rule and it is, make sure you are writing for a target audience. This is one area many writers have been getting it wrong. Don’t just write because of technicalities, and never write for the search engines. They will only crawl and will never read or comment on your post. These posts are meant to be read.

So, whether you are doing it for the link or because of interest, you have to write guest blog posts for humans. Make what you write as natural and readable and exciting as possible.

Make a site survey

The next thing is for you to make a survey of the blog. There are always widgets that are showing the most popular guest blog posts on the site. It can be all time most popular, most popular for the week or the popular ones for the month. Get these, read them through, look at the topics, the sentence structure, the content, headings and everything about them. This will give you clues about what the audience needs. With this, you will know what to write.

Another advantage of the survey is for you to discover the area that has never been explored in the blog. There might be a branch of the niche offered by the blog which has received less attention. You can capitalize on this and make the subject your base.

Write rich, juicy, trendy and ad rem guest blog posts

This is another aspect that you must pay attention to. There is the possibility of knowing what to write on, without knowing what to write about it. Here, you have to read wide, so that your guest posts will be rich and filled with relevant information. Check out the trending facts and make them known. You can do well here by visiting competitor blogs, and reading all their posts to gather ideas and facts.

Get an edge/competitive advantage

When you must have stolen the ideas and facts presented in your competitors blogs, you now have to give your own an edge over theirs. You don’t just go and give same information as theirs without adding a thing or two that will make yours better than theirs. This is where research comes in. Yes, Google news, bing news, mamma.com, Reddit, YouTube and Topsy will offer you ideas that are update and never used by others. With this, you can make the difference.

Now, having gathered all the information, the next thing you have to know is how to write the post itself.

Number one rule here is that you must use very simple words. Yes, the topic is already complicated, so bringing down your explanations to the 5th grade level is the ultimate, so that anybody at all can comprehend.

Make sure all the essential details of what you are proposing or explaining are contained in the post. If a visitor will have to visit another page or read another article to understand what you wrote, then you have not nailed it. Though you might link or hyperlink for some SEO purposes, the entire guest post must be detailed. Let the post have a goal it sets out to accomplish and ensure that the goal is accomplished in all who read it. The ‘how-to’ blog posts are still the best as they teach people about things.

Another thing that makes your guest posts great is the links. Make sure it comes with both internal and external links. These will sell your other works and those of the blog owner’s.

You also have to create conversation with your guest blog posts. Write in a way that you talk to the reader, incite thoughts in him or her and call upon him to tell you what he or she thinks. This is where the comments come in. If you do this well, they will comment and subscribe, because they can’t resist such.

Another thing that makes your guest blog posts great is when you fill it with facts like statistics, research, quotes and numbers. This will show you as an authority in the field and not just a shallow writer.

One other great aspect in writing the best guest blog post includes giving the best headlines to your post. Those persuasive headlines that will continue to disturb the visitor until he clicks and reads are always necessary.


To master how to write a good guest post is one of the ways to create awareness about your brand, as well as driving targeted traffic to your blog. But your post must be written in such a way as to achieve your set dream.

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