How To Make Money Online in Nigeria; 10 Tops Ways To Get Your Own Share

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I was over excited when I made my first $20 online, and it was like ‘whoa!’ so I can make money online after all? I had come to the internet world with lots of expectation; I had thought the internet was a place where money flowed endlessly and everybody had his own share unrestrictedly. But I was soon to realize that money making on the internet was not as easy as I had been made to believe.

Do you want to know how to make money online in Nigeria? The arrival of the internet and the proliferation of the things you can do with the internet made it a world of its own, such that people’s lives are now completely defined through or by what they do online. There are many ways you can make money online in Nigeria. While some of these might be general and obtainable in all other nations, some are particular to some countries. There are different ways to make money online in Nigeria, and these ways come with their different levels of income.

Online importation

Many people might be surprised to see this in the list, but the truth about it is that given the situation of Nigerian economy, you can make a lot of money via online importation in Nigeria. Nigeria is an economy built mainly on the strength of its population and services, and not on manufacturing. Because of this, most of the goods and services consumed here are imported. You can take advantage of this to go into online importation with very meager amount because of reduced shipping costs, absence of import duties and huge clearing and forwarding charges. This will make you to have the goods at a cheaper price.


There are many online marketplaces that are into the outsourcing of internet and affiliate marketing services. These firms can also be accessed and used from Nigeria. The types of job that you can do here through outsourcing include, content development, web design, maintenance and management, search engine optimization, registration of domains, graphic design and research.

You can also work on your own without using any platforms. These services can be provided for both Nigerians and non-Nigerians, and you earn good money doing this. This is what I do, and sometimes I make a lot of money. At least I also know of friends who make up to $10,000 from a project of two days. You can take advantage of this to make money online in Nigeria.

Virtual staff

There are many firms that are in need of virtual staff, both in Nigeria and abroad. They employ staff to take care of phone calls, email correspondences, data management and other office assistant works online.


To answer your question on how to make money online in Nigeria, the next great way I would love to talk about is blogging. Yes, in Nigeria, we have a lady that makes millions of dollars online through blogging. Many new businesses are springing up in Nigeria and people are embracing the internet life.

This area really has great prospects for young Nigerians. At the moment a lot of Nigerian youths are already taking advantage of this huge income potential by building highly educative and busy blogs. If you have a well built and nurtured blog, many people will pay you huge money for adverts and banners. You can also use your blog for affiliate marketing or even for the direct marketing of your goods and services and that of others.

Let me quickly say here that blogging in itself does not make you any money. What actually brings in the money is the monetization of your blog. So having a busy blog and adding income making avenues like Google Adsense, sponsored reviews, sponsored links, affiliate products, membership, e-books, personal products, etc would bring in the money. So, when thinking about blogging, think about monetization as well because that’s where the money lies.

Google Adsense

Many Nigerians are now making money through Google Adsense. It is very simple; get a blog and sign up for a Google adsense account. When you have this, you can place Google advert in forms of banners and pop-ups on your blog or website. Whenever a visitor clicks on the ad, Google pays you some money. Many Nigerians receive their check every month. You too can do this.


We know Amazon as one of the biggest online marketplaces that sells almost everything. There are many affiliate marketing programmes that also allow you to place their ads on your blog, to be paid if anybody clicks the ad. However, the amount you earn depends on the number of people that click on the ads, and the number of people that eventually went go to buy the goods through your blog. You can comfortably do this in Nigeria. You can make more progress here by using plugins that enhance these services.

Paypal Services

As more and more Nigerians join the online business, so also do the needs for a way to process payments on their website, and the ways to pay for goods and services increase. Paypal as the most trusted online payment processor does not accept Nigerians. However, if you can provide Nigerians a way of opening and maintaining their Paypal account, or if you can help them withdraw their online earnings, you are sure to earn reasonable profit from it monthly as there are only a few people doing that right now.

Sales of software and eBooks

I am sure that having read up to this point you already have a clue on how to make money online in Nigeria. Another way to do so is through the sales of software and eBooks. The internet is a very recent development here, so there are not too many people offering these services. You can sell peoples eBooks online and get commission both from the buyers and the publishers. You only need to place a link to the eBooks, and your commission will be coming. There are also some software for data management, mobile devices, internet connectivity, etc which are needed by firms and individuals; you can make money selling these to them.

Bulk SMS

The next is through bulk SMS businesses. Many firms are going into SMS marketing here, and they need bulk SMS. This is a very lucrative angle. I make money here by selling the SMS units to them, setting up the bulk SMS websites for those who can’t do this on their own, sending the bulk SMS to their customers for them and sourcing of email contacts for their email lists.


Another way to make money from home in Nigeria is through YouTube. If you want to do this, you have to open a YouTube account. On the account, specify your specialization, either as a music director, producer, singer, songwriter, picture producer, movie producer, etc. When this is done, go ahead and start adding videos on your account.

Improve as you add, as you might get it wrong the first time. Continue adding videos, especially the viral and hit ones. When you add up to 500 videos, apply to YouTube as a partner, and they will start paying you according to the number and strength of videos added.

Niche Sites

Do you know you could make a lot of money from building niche sites? As more and more Nigerians join the online business world, the need for personal blogs and niche sites they could easily launch and start running also increases. If you can build niche sites and sell them to this ready market, you are going to make a lot of money. For instance, you can build the site and make it search engine friendly, then sell it for like $100.

I am already thinking of doing same. With the successful launching of my first niche site at Garden Pest Control, I am set to start rendering this service to people who would need this kind of blogs. I will be building the blogs on different niches, not necessarily garden pest control. They would be based on what specific individuals need.

MySpace, Reddit and Twitter

Many people will be surprised to hear that they can earn decent income in Nigeria through these. The truth is that any media site that allows you to make a lot of friends can give you money in Nigeria. It is called information marketing. Apart from using them to advertise other people’s goods in affiliate marketing, you can use these sites to sell goods and services that you do not have. When you advertise these goods, you take orders from people, get supplies from the manufacturers and then send to the consumers, making huge commissions out of it. You sell turkey men’s shirts even when you can’t afford to buy and stock them.


I have revealed how to make money online in Nigeria using 11 proven methods. The amount you make depends on the information at your disposal, the marketing strategies adopted and the effort you put into marketing whatever you sell. With an estimated population of 160 million people, Nigeria is a sure place to make money.

Over to you

Are you making money online already? What services do you render, or what goods are you selling? What has been your marketing strategy? What challenges do you have as an online marketer? Please share your experience with us.

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