How to Do Email Marketing the Professional Way and Triple Your Sales

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The bane of people doing email marketing is that they do not know the difference between one type of email and the other. Most of them go ahead to send same types of email to all customers. This is bad. You need to get it right if you must succeed and make profits.

There are many factors you must consider if you want to know how to do email marketing the professional way, so as to triple your sales rate. The first one is to know what it is and what it is all about. When you have information about this, many other things will fall into place.

how to do email marketing

Avoid cheapness:

Make use of an approved email house. There are numerous email marketing sellers out there. Before you make use of any of them for your job, make sure they are using the approved mail houses for their services. If you are doing the marketing on your own, make sure you go for email houses like AWeber, Constant Contact, iContact, etc. There is an avalanche of benefits that you will derive from this. All emails sent through them are guaranteed delivery inside the receiver’s inbox. They are not blocked and marked as spam because they are recognized authorities in the business. You must avoid going for services that are cheap but do not deliver on quality.

Other benefits include the fact that when you use these, they will also serve as your data base, by retaining the email lists in their mail house server. This server has enough security and backup, so you have your lists and data always secured with them. With these, you can also categorize your clients according to the particular goods and services they fall within. This makes marketing very easy and effective for you.

Be professional:

The next tip to do email marketing the professional way is by the use of professional copywriters. The fact is that you are good in what you are trained at. There is no way you can get it right more than the experts. It will be a waste of time if you send very appealing emails in design, with contents that cannot help your brand, your professional image or even sell your products. It becomes a defeated aim. these professional copywriters will help you with masterfully crafted copies that will come with the right keywords, proper customizations, correct logos and colors and the correct subject and titles that will make your emails look classy and yet human and compelling enough to achieve the desired results.

Do a double opt-in:

Another way to professionally do email marketing is by capturing email lists with double opt-ins. Many people will not understand what double opt-ins mean, but I am going to explain here for the sake of those who really want to triple their sales. You do this by allowing the system to send a confirmation request to all the email addresses that were submitted in your list. In the request, they are demanded to click a link through which they will confirm that they own the address and are really interested in being in the list. You need 100,000 active and conscious subscribers more than 500,000 inactive ones.

Another way to do this the professional way includes making sure that all your emails are branded with proper call to actions. Follow the call to action links, and contact those who clicked and those who did not with particular emails that is due for their situations.

Go mobile:

You will also need to be mobile conscious. The truth is that many of the internet users of these days access the web through the mobile devices. Whenever you are designing your email, you have to be sure that they are designed with features that will also make them accessible and easily readable through the mobile platforms. The links and call to actions must also be ones that can be accessed through mobile interfaces. With this, you can also target specifics like locations and correct times.

Segregate your list:

The most important way to triple your sales by doing email marketing the right way is by making sure you send the right emails to each group of recipients. You can categorize this according to products or according to the status of customers. You must know that promo emails, marketing emails and customer retention emails are different and must be sent to different and appropriate set of customers or prospective customers.

Reach out:

It is imperative that you also reach all your customers no matter where they are. Online marketing makes it easy for goods and services to be sold to people wherever they are and you must leverage on this. Ensure that your ads are placed on networks that are accessible to the whole world. The social media is the best way of doing this at the moment. Again try and place banners, call to actions and opt-in lists that are not blocked in some locations, areas, countries of zones.

Maintain growth:

The last but not the least is not to be content with any number in your list. Continue to grow your list all the time. Get all who subscribe into your customer list to fill sign up form on your site. Welcome the new ones with auto-responders. Let them know about your products, and push them back into your site for more business.


Email marketing remains the fuel that drives the engine of your online marketing campaigns. Knowing how to do email marketing professionally ensures you maintain a list that helps you keep in regular contact with your customers and eventually ease the sales process. Following the suggestions made in this post would help you make regular sales without really doing extra work.

Over to you

This write up was not intended to be exhaustive; I might have omitted some important points here. So, you are free to add your own voice using our comment box below. What email service are you using to build your list? How regularly do you make sales using your list?

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  1. AWeber seems to be the right solutions when it comes to email marketing.

    Different people need different approach, that’s for sure a reality, nurture relationship is the key to success with email marketing.

  2. Hi Daniel,
    Aweber is great for email marketing; but a lot of people can’t afford the price.

    You are right here. Relationship building can go a long way at helping to get you success in your marketing.

    Thanks for your addition. Do enjoy your weekend.

  3. well, you are right aweber is a good choice for email marketing but all the problem is money, but if you want to earn well at a good level then you have to spend…hmmm good post

    • That’s true, ajay. To make money, one must be willing to invest some money too. But if one starts with Aweber and one is unable to continue the subscription due to financial constraint, it would be disastrous. I think one should be prepared before embarking on such project.

  4. Email marketing still remains one of the reliable methods of making money online. Therefore the need to do this professionally becomes important.

    Professionalism in email marketing means maintaining standards with the design, contents and customization.

    Most premium email subscription services can provide the blogger or webmaster professional platform to provide standardized email marketing.

    However, tripling an income with email marketing is a function of how well the emails solve problems for subscribers!

    I have left this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

    • You are absolutely right. To make something reasonable out of your email campaign, you be professional in your approach.

      And making money with email campaigns also means that you must provide solutions to the problems of your readers as well as be able to connect those solutions with your emails and the follow ups.

      Maintaining regular updates and building a healthy relationship with your list are also necessary if you must make something good out of your campaigns.

      Thanks for your usual visits and for the valuable comments too. Do have a great new month.

  5. Hello Efoghor,

    Well when we talk about email marketing I always feel that its really complex strategy all of blogging things as I’m really weak in these stuff.

    Thanks for wonderful tips

  6. Mind Blowing tips to tripple our sales through Email Marketing. Definetely email marketing can increase our sales if we do it right. You have done a great Job indeed

  7. Professional tips shared I guess. I’ll be implementing these tips on my upcoming campaign. Email marketing is obviously a great strategy for reaching to more customers.

  8. Thanks for this informative article, It’s very useful for readers. Email marketing is the best way to triple our sales.
    Thanks for sharing…..
    Great job!!!!!!

  9. nice to see your reply, and i am totally agree with you that in beginning Aweber is disaster

  10. Hi Efoghor,

    Indeed, email marketing is very important in making money from blogs. In addition to Aweber, I know about ininbox, but I have yet to understand it further. I often get such information. However, I have not done it yet. I’ll do it when the time comes.

    Thanks for sharing this informative article with us, Efoghor.
    It’s helpful for me. 🙂


    • Nanda, thanks for the contribution. There are actually a lot of email marketing providers; one has to try them out or rely on information from those who have used them to know the best one to go with.

      I have not use Ininbox either, and I don’t have an idea how it works. I have only tried other ones like Getresponse, Rapidresponsebot, MailChimp, etc.

      Do have a pleasant New Month.

  11. Thanks for this wonderful piece and i quite understand a bit. But my question now is for a novice like me who doesn’t know anything about email marketing and affiliate marketing and wish and willing ti start, how do i get started? I believe it’s the professional way of doing email marketing that leads to venturing in to affiliate. So as an expert in it which you are, how can i get started?

    • Asaolu, you need to take some lessons in both affiliate marketing and email marketing before you can perfect it well. You can start by joining the mailing lists of the pros in your niche or other niches to see how they communicate with people on their lists. You need to study the way they share their thoughts, the regularity of their mails, etc; by so doing, you will be able to understand how to write newsletters, updates, pre-sales, etc.

      In addition, you need to also learn how to build mailing list, and then choose an email house like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailerlite, Mailchimp, etc. Always better to go with paid providers; but whereby you don’t have the money, you can start with free providers and later change to paid ones.

  12. Hi efoghorjos
    Email market is far away from its full potential in online world. It is still used as a branch of online market though it is itself a full fledged discipline of marketing.
    You pointed well that you can achieve your desired results with awesome marketing tool if you don’t follow a proper strategy. You can make it with simply selling your products. First you need to fully convince your readers you aim to email them for their benefits and guidance. After developing this impression in their minds about you then you can refer and recommend products and services to benefit them and equally earn commission if they buy your recommended products.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post that do have worth of bookmarking.

    • Muba, you are absolutely correct. The starting point to making gain with affilliate marketing is to make your readers trust you. Once they can trust you, they will be willing to buy products you recommend for them.

      This happens gradually through relationship building. Once your willing buyers are there, then you make recommendations to them and they will buy through your link.

      Thanks for your invaluable contribution. Do have a pleasant weekend.

  13. Hi Joe,
    It’s been a while …. great post as always my friend. I am late in email marketing stuff and just thinking to start it. Thank you for the post, you just give an inspiration for me. Wish you have a great week.

    • Okto, thanks for stopping by and for your comment too. It is good to start email marketing if you have not already started; the benefits are quite enormous.
      Do have a pleasant weekend ahead.

  14. Hello efoghorjos
    Your article really helped me a lot For started My Email Marketing Business.Thanks For Sharing These information.Can You Suggest Me More….

  15. Atif Mansoor says:

    Hi Joe, really useful tips for email marketing, but I have tried email marketing but was not succeeded with it. But now I think i should need to start work on it once again.

    • Atif, thanks for the visit. I am glad you found this post helpful.
      It is always good not to easily give up. Just try a new strategy and your email marketing could be a great success.
      Do have a great weekend ahead.

  16. Great about email marketing article.. Asa beginner i can able to understand easily.. Thanks for posting such a informative article..

  17. These points will help a lot in email marketing.. Thanks for posting.. Keep posting article in email marketing..

  18. I found your blog through Enstine Muki and I like what you’re doing. As an Internet Marketer, I would say anybody who aims to succeed online should build a list from the very first day. You can give out a valuable freebie for the purpose. Once they’re on your list, build a relationship with them. And then sell stuff to them. That way, it doesn’t really feel like selling but you tend to make a lot of money. Relationship marketing. That’s the name of the game.

    • Hi Iyabo, I am so glad to see you here. First of all, let me quickly say a Happy New Year to you. Enstine has been a very good friend; and i enjoy visiting his blog and those of other friends and colleagues.
      Like you rightly said, building an email list is inevitable.Yes, freebies help a lot because people love free things. If what you offer them is valuable, they would freely sign up to your list.
      Thanks for your contribution. I really appreciate. I love to see you again.

  19. From your blog! I can understand the concept of being professinal yet taking assistance from experts is the key. Email marketing generally starts with a minimum amount of expenditure, but the process has to be rightly followed. Yes! if we have some success then we have to jump on to new templates, designs which becomes mandatory for users or consumers to look authenticated. Great insights Eforghorjos! Cheers


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