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There are numerous hosting sites out there, and many people find it very difficult when they want to choose a hosting site for their blogs and websites. The write-up here is meant to give you some good clues about these five hosting sites which have been adjudged the best five at the moment. With this, you have a basis upon which you can hang on and choose the one to use, depending on the type of hosting you need, your budget and what you are doing with the hosting.

The goodness of the websites is all measured according to what they offer, and it was discovered that each of them is at least the best in one particular area. This makes the ranking the best you can ever get, as it gives you the best site for whichever type of services you are seeking.

Disclosure: It should be noted that these sites are not mentioned in their order of performance or reliability. Having used some of them like Bluehost and Hostgator, I am making my reviews based on personal experiences and also based on reviews gathered from friends and members of some of the forums I belong to. This is not a direct endorsement of any of the sites. I am an affiliate to one or two of the sites, but that does not in any way dilute my personal opinion of the sites or make for a biased review. Your buying of a hosting package through any of the links means that I will receive some commissions from the company.


The first website hosting company here is the BlueHost. This is seen as the best website hosting company that satisfies all purposes. It has high performance when it comes to speed and availability of services. Its server uptime is 99.9% most of the time. BlueHost has been around since 1995 and has relatively mastered the hosting business.

Their web hosting interface is very easy to handle. It is customer friendly and does not have difficult technicalities. Beginners who are new in the business and have not used websites before are always comfortable with their platform. With the simple control panel you man your account and set up your website, blog, email account, shopping cart and others.

The features available include cPanel hosting, WordPress and Joomla installations, shared hosting, free domain, great customer care service, free CDN, etc.

However, some of their bad sides include High pricing in the second year, limited CPU resources, no VPS and dedicated servers, web hosting not unlimited. Apart from these, Bluehost offers great service and relatively reliable especially for blogs and websites that do not experience excessive page views per day.


The next is Arvixe, and it is the hosting company for personal use and for blogs. Two main things that this comes with include the numerous and rich features, coupled with its low cost nature.

The reason why many reviewers tag this the best for them is because its interface and panel is very easy to use, and it offers great customer service that will leave all customers satisfied. The features and tools will give you the leverage to maintain, modify and adjust your hosting account and services the way you like. If you don’t have a huge budget, this will do for you. Arvixe won the award of the Best Cost effective Web Host 2011 Q1. Their web hosting plans range from $2.80 to $3.50, making them very affordable.

Their average server uptime is 99.9%, making them completely reliable, with good cPanel hosting. They also have a secured server, good cPanel hosting, unlimited bandwidth, good file hosting, etc.

However, the customer service is not as good as the hosting. This is because their customer care was outsourced to Indians, which has led to a reduction in quality of customer care service. If not for this average customer care, every other thing is great.


This is considered as the best of the website hosting companies for you when you are developing your own site. They are mainly good for small business websites. They have a shared hosting plan that many people marvel at. This comes with all necessary features for small businesses, and it is very affordable and reliable. Among all the web hosting companies, Siteground is the best when you want to make your own site, whether for small businesses or individual use.

The pricing is relatively moderate at $3.95 per month. The site boasts of 99.9% uptime, and great server security. Other features include unlimited bandwidth, clear usage policies, advanced caching, free domain, free CDN, cPanel hosting, great customer support, etc. The site has even recommended on the Google blog, for adopting the latest hosting technologies.

A few downsides of Siteground include limited cPanel backup of 500MB, and no window hosting (no Apart from this major two, siteground is relatively great hosting company with excellent services.

InMotion Hosting

This is another web hosting company that is doing great. Here, you will get perfect services for your business websites. However, it offers this not only to small businesses but also to very professional heavy websites. Things like payment options, shopping carts etc are taken care of. It also has a customer service which is second to none, because business users will always contact for issues and problems. It has never failed in this. Though it costs more than its competitors, it is very reliable and does well under heavy traffics and loads.


HostGator is the web host that is known for speed. It provides services both for businesses and individual sites. It is the most popular hosting company, with over 8 million domains. The internet page load speed and performance it gives is second to none. In fact it is very fast in loading. The shared, dedicated and VPS plans are all hosted on their SwiftServer platform and solid state drives. If you need speed and quality service, this is where to be. It can substitute for any of the above mentioned.

HostGator’s customer care is great and reliable. Their features include MySQL, cPanel, WordPress, PHP, Joomla, Drupal,Wiki, Magento,, backups, moderate pricing, unlimited bandwidth, free SiteBuilder, Green hosting, etc. Server uptime is 99.9%, though it has had a few downtimes recently.

Available packages include Hatchling, Baby package, VPS, Reseller, Dedicated servers plan, etc. HostGator has a reliable customer care service that is unbeatable. They have garnered more awards than any other website host on the internet.

These are the 5 best website hosting companies, and you have to choose according to what you need. However, you can also get better reviews about these companies from webmasters and internet users or customers before choosing any of them to host your blog or website. This will further buttress the review I have done here.


The quality of the website hosting companies you choose determines the performance of your site in terms of speed, uptime, available bandwidth, etc. So choose to host your blog after proper research. The 5 hosts I have mentioned in this write up are great and have good track records. However, there are still other web hosts that you can use for hosting your website.

Over to you

What hosting company or package do you use for your site? How affordable and reliable is the hosting company? What are the troubles you have faced with the site so far? Please share your experience with us and this could help people who are looking for reliable companies to host their blogs and websites.

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