Top 10 Affiliate Programmes To Profit from in 2014

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It is no longer news that people earn money from affiliate marketing; the only thing a lot of people are concerned about right now is the best affiliate programmes to join in order to make more profit or ensure steady income generation.

Bloggers and even folks without any websites are earning recurrent passive income from different affiliate programmes out there. The question I should be asking you is, are you making money from affiliate marketing? What affiliate programme are you promoting? If haven’t started making money yet, it’s time to give it a thought.

top 10 affiliate programmesThere are a million and one affiliate programs that one can enjoy online. But like the title of this post says, we are looking for programmes to benefit from. This means that we are talking about profits and gains. If this is the case, then we are going to narrow the programs to the ones that come with benefits.

The affiliate programs that come with earnings online are the ones that involve affiliate marketing. There are affiliate programs for people who want to foster education, there are some for charity and there are others for climate change awareness, cancer awareness, etc. But all these are non-profit and therefore are not what we are looking at. We are looking at programs that will put some real bucks into your pocket.

We know there are several affiliate markets out there, but here is a list of the top 10 affiliate programmes that are likely to pay you reliable, stable and reasonable income this year:

Google ad sense

Of course whenever you talk about affiliate programs, the first thing that comes to your mind is Google. This is the engine room of whatever that is done online. Everything about search and research is done mostly through Google. Because of this, many businesses run their adverts through Google and pay Google huge amounts of money. Google on its own looks for people who will help them with these ads so that it will get to across the globe.

If you have websites or blogs that have enough traffic, register with Google and they will give you an Adsense account. With this, ads and banners will be placed on your blog and website and you will be paid as visitors click on these.


This is obviously one of the greatest affiliate programmes that you can make money with in 2014. Many people see this as overused of all the programs. But the truth is that Amazon has whatever it takes to work with and pay any amount of affiliates that registers with it. Just get your blog or website up and running, make it an authority by getting huge traffics, register with them and they will be sending ads to your blog. Anybody that clicks on the ads makes them pay you some money.


EBay is another marketplace, and many people can benefit from the eBay affiliate. This affiliate program works exactly the same way the amazon affiliate works. They buy ad spaces from you, but only pay you when people click on those ads from your blog or website.


This is another affiliate marketing platform from where you can earn money in 2014. But one good thing that makes this better than the aforementioned two is that it has its own branch for all countries, which is dedicated to the country. This makes it easy for local marketers and affiliate members to earn money easily. You can be part of this by creating your blog or website and advertising for them.

Disclosure: It should be noted that these sites are not mentioned in their order of performance or reliability. Having used some of them, I am making my reviews based on personal experiences and also based on reviews gathered from friends and members of some of the forums I belong to. This is not a direct endorsement of any of the sites. I am an affiliate to one or two of the sites, but that does not in any way dilute my personal opinion of the sites or make for a biased review. Your joining any of the sites through any of the links here means that I will receive some commissions from the company.

Freelancer is the world number one online content marketplace. It has a lot of affiliate programs that will help you earn money this year. When you register with them, even if you are not writing contents for clients, you can be referring new users. Any new user that signs up through you will put some commissions into your pocket. You can earn as huge as $10 per referral.

HostPapa Affiliates

HostPapa affiliates is one of the programs that you can leverage on in 2014. Their main function is to run adverts for firms. If you have a blog or website, you only need to register with them for them to place ads on your blog. However, one good thing about this is that they give you ads relevant to the niche you run on your blog. This brings about easier conversion rate, because the visitors are people who are already looking for information on what they are offering. A referral here can earn you up to $200.

JustHost Affiliate

Justhost is a web hosting firm and they work with bloggers to get customers. Here, you are paid up to $60 for each user that you refer to them. Their affiliate programme is very transparent, in the sense that you have the chance to check the click through ratios, and this gives you information on the amount you will receive before the paycheck arrives.

HostGator Affiliate

This is obviously one of the most popular web hosting firms, and it has been offering great hosting for a very long time. Their affiliate program is also a very exciting one. One thing here is that because of the reputation they have built, it is easy to get customers to sign up with them. Their pay package is also wonderful. If you get 1-5 customers for them in a month, you can earn as much as $50 for each sign up. But, if you get up to 200, you can earn up to $150 for each sign up. This is good money.
website hosting companies

BlueHost Affiliate

You can make reason amount of money from BlueHost affiliate in 2014. You are paid $65 for each person you refer to them. Unlike some hosting companies, they do not force you get referrals within a timeframe in order to get paid. You are likely to get referrals easily by using your blog or website, since a lot of bloggers trust their hosting services.

Indeed Job Affiliate Programme

This is the affiliate programme that deals with jobs. It is in fact the type that will give more money to Nigerians because of our unemployment issue. When you refer job seekers to this program or when they click through the job adverts that are placed on your blogs, they pay you good commission for that. All these are workable and can give you good money if you work hard.


Making money online has been made much easier with the presence of affiliate programmes. In order to get what you want, make sure you do your thorough research to know which programmes pay the best commissions, and which also guarantee payment of commissions without any hassles.

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  1. I guess affiliate marketing is really awesome method to earn money in short time. Some of the methods listed here seems really new to me.


    • Samir, yes affiliate marketing is really an awesome way to make money fast online. If done well, it can provide an endless stream of recurrent passive income for you.

      Thanks for your valuable comment. Do have a lovely day.

  2. Of course there are lots of programs that would give the affiliate the leverage to make money. The examples shared here are top spot programmes. However, I am skeptical about the reliability of OLX and HostPAPA in this list!

    This comment was shared in where this article was found.

    Sunday – contributor

    • Hi Sunday, thanks for your contribution and observation. OLX and Hostpapa are reliable, and people are making some cool cash from them.
      You may try them out and if they don’t meet your expectation, you can discard them.
      Thanks for sharing on Kingged.

  3. Thanks for the comprehensive list of affiliate programs. Some I had not even heard of. If done effectively affiliate marketing can ve very lucrative for anyone. My all time favorites are hostgator and google adsense.

  4. This is indeed a great way of earning money online, it is kind of a Win-Win Situation. Make sure that you have also tried that product before advertising it , so that you know more about that product.

    Payoneer is also a good Affiliate Marketting Source. It has also huge market especially for the people coming from Asian Countries like India , Pakistan , Japan etc.

    I came from and I kingged this post

    • Thanks for your contribution. It’s actually a win-win situation.
      Thanks for adding Payoneer affiliate. A lot of people are also making money from them too.

  5. Really nice information Efoghor. I knew most of the affiliate programmes but I didn’t knew about Hostpapa hosting or Hostpapa affiliate program…I never gave try to ebay and I think that it is really a good way to earn by becoming an affiliate for ebay..I think you will definitely try out all the affiliate programmes which you have listed in this post……

    • Mohit, sometimes, we don’t know everything; we come to know of new ones through interactions with people. HostPapa is good and you can try it out. eBay is equally a reliable way to make extra cash too. Thanks for your contribution. Have a great day

  6. Affiliate programs are great ways to make money online. I was introduced to it accidentally. But to honest, I just love this mode of monetization!

    Talking about the list of high paying affiliate programs, I can say that some of them are familiar to me, with me making use of some of them. And some others are new.

    Hostgator affiliate program is something that I’ve always trusted and making use of. As of now, I’m not making use of it due to time constraints. But in the past, I used to make decent revenue out of it. Glad to see it listed here among other top payers.

    Amazon is another program that I’ve tried out. Not pretty successful in that endeavor though! 🙂

    Good list! I found the link to this article on Kingged.


    • Arun, those who have mastered the art are making a hell of money from affiliate marketing.
      Like you rightly said, Hostgator is a trusted affiliate programme. The only stress they have is that they make get a new referral within a specific time frame or lose the bonus.

      Amazon is also great in its own say.
      Thanks for your contribution. Do have a lovely day.

  7. Olamosh says:

    Nice article post, but to be sincere i never heard of OLX, Indeed Job Affiliate Programme & Hostpapa affiliate before. But it will have been nice if you add the direct links to each of this afiliate programmes.

    One of the best and easiest way to make money as a blogger is indeed affilliate. I do always advise most blogger in the blogging niche to work very hard towards earning from affiliates because most of their visitors are geek and they will never click on contextual Ads like google adsense, chitika or ….

    Efoghor, You’ve done a great job and research in compiling this list for bloggers and internet marketers looking for the best affiliate programme to join.

    Kindly keep up the good writing and hope to always come around to read more interesting articles on your blog

    Have a nice weekend

    I found the link to this post on Kingged and i have also kingged it on

    • Olamosh,Thanks for your contribution. OLX, Indeed job affiliate programme and HostPapa are all nice performing programmes that are trusted to earn you passive income. You are free to try them out and see how they work. If you are not satisfied with their performance, you can discard them. Please remember to use my link should you decide to try them out.

      I decided not to use direct links because of recent issues with Google and their backlinks policy that is giving us headache.

      Do have a pleasant weekend.

  8. Hi ,
    Affiliate marketing is indeed a great method to generate income without having your own product and make money selling products for 50 -75% commissions.
    It’s an wonderful idea.We refer good products to our readers and help them, they buy it and thus helps us make some money 🙂 Eventually after trying the stuff we referred they get good results 🙂 Good plan 😀

    I just started a new blog a month before and I’m just into affiliate marketing. I was searching for some cool affiliate programs and there you are with this amazing list.
    Thanks a lot 🙂 Keep writing. I’ll be around !

    • Sudhi,
      It’s good you are already thinking of how to monetize your new blog. If your promote quality affiliate programmes, you are likely to make money soonest as long as you build relationship and trust into your blog.

      If you do not have your own products yet, at least you can promote other people’s products and make some commissions.
      Have a lovely weekend.

  9. One wouldn’t be wrong if he says the money is now in Affiliate marketing. I am not a big fan of Google Adsense though as accounts could be banned without any reason at all.

    Olx is some kind of making some waves in my country as well. Blazing on all radio stations. I think it will be prudent if I try them out.

    Please this is one post I found on!

    • Hi Emmanuel,
      You are completely right. There is much money to be made in affiliate marketing these days. Even in the past, it made a lot of bloggers and internet marketers rich.

      Google Adsense seems to be the most popular of the affiliate programmes (I never like them that much because of the strictness and also for the fact that it is slow at making you real money).

      Olx is waxing strong, and it would be wise to give it a try now that it is not yet saturated.

      Thanks for your contribution. Do have a pleasant weekend.

  10. Ella Rich says:

    Great resources. Affiliate marketing model offers extremely low start-up cost compared to any other business models. Marketing is really very beneficial and effective.Trust is a very important factor whether you are doing affiliate marketing or any other type of internet marketing. I would like to thank you for sharing this post as it has really helped .

    • Ella, thanks for your contribution. Affiliate marketing remains a cool way to make recurrent passive income. Apart from marketing, the type of affiliate programme one chooses determines how much one makes in the long run.

  11. Each and every affiliate program is very good and some guys are banking serious money because they have the type of traffic that convert well. It’s all about type of traffic, I’m sure you’ll find the best monetization solution once you know what traffic you have, use Google Analytics for more insights.

  12. To be since Mr Joseph, i’ve always wanted to learn the art of affiliate marketing but i have not gotten a mentor on that. From what you said in point 1and 2, is it that people should just click on the affiliate links or banner alone? Or for one to buy the product?

    • Asaolu, for you to make money as an affiliate, your site visitors need to click on your affiliate link and buy the product. It’s only Google Adsense and a few affiliate programmes that pay users for just clicking on your affiliate links.

  13. Swapnadip Chakraborty says:

    Hey Efoghorjos, Really a great post, Now a days, Affiliate Marketing is the key way to earn money from blogging. Here I know some of affiliate programme which you have discussed but your post help me to know more about some interesting affiliate programme. Thanks again.

    • You are right Swapnadip, Affiliate Marketing is a great tool to earn money from any site if well done.
      New affiliate programmes are coming up from time to time. So it’s good to test some of them and stick with the very good ones.

  14. Bro I like amozon Affliate program but now a days every one is using amazon Autopilot ,is it better to use

  15. anurag kumar says:

    I don’t think google adsense is an affiliate program. It is advertising program. However others that you have listed are really great site to make money like blue host and host gator.

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