5 Surefire Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

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Freelance writing has become a major source of employment for many people, take it or leave it. The era of depending completely on government to provide jobs for everyone is gradually phasing out. Many people are now making money through freelance writing. It will be very bad if we do not acknowledge the fact that the arrival of the internet has also made freelance writing a boosted part of the economy, which employs millions of people. Now, being a good writer and earning a lot of money does not only consummate in knowing how to write or being intelligent. There are things that will help you make money as a freelance writer.

However, there are two main ways of working as a freelance writer. You can be writing online for blogs and websites. Here, you will mostly be doing product reviews, articles, blog posts, eBooks, academic contents, essays, etc. You can also be an offline writer, and here you can write everything ranging from common letters, speeches, proposals, adverts, banners, resumes and business plans to a lot of books. Some might even combine both, so as to put more money in there.

Evolve as a writer

The first way to make money as a freelance writer includes evolving as a writer. Just like I said, the fact that you have written some eBooks and some articles does not settle it. If you really want to make huge money writing, you have to evolve and learn the writing tips, strategies and methods that are in vogue. It is not just about the information you pass that pays you, but you earn good money if you pass the information the right way. The technicalities of writing must be learnt and applied by you all the time.
You may love to read this post by carol Tice on ways busy freelancers can keep marketing. Remember we are talking about how you can make money as a freelance writer? Of course good marketing is one of such ways of making money. Now here is the link to Carol’s post: http://www.makealivingwriting.com/5-ways-busy-freelancers-can-keep-marketing

Be a good reader

You are what you write, and that means you cannot give what you don’t have. A good reader is always a very good writer. The truth that you must imbibe here is this: whenever you are not writing, get hold of works that are ad rem to the niche you normally write on and read. Constant reading will make you to be full of ideas, and thus ensure that you give the real information when writing. Now, when you are reading, you will notice that there are some works that influence you more than others. Get the works of successful writers and read not only their ideas, but their methods of writing.

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Here’s a post by Amandah Blackwell on Harleena Singh’s blog. On this post, she provides vivid advice on how to win a writing contest. The idea here is not to prepare you to win writing contest, but to make you a better writer with a business mindset that would enable you make more money as a freelance writer. Check out the post here: http://www.aha-now.com/secrets-winning-writing-contest

Be a consistent writer

The next way to earn income doing freelance writing jobs is to write consistently. Yes, if you want your voice to be heard and the dollars to roll in, you don’t have to quit. Just keep writing. Even if the funds are not coming at the moment, time shall come when they will start rolling in. A friend of mine said that you must continue to write until your imagination fizzles out. One thing that comes to mind here is the fact that writing must be your passion, so that you will not grow weary soonest.

Accept complaints and make corrections

If you want to make cash as a freelancer, you must be disciplined and tamable. This is because when you are writing for clients online or offline, there will be loads and loads of corrections that they will point out. Lack of self discipline might make you fall out with your customers along the way. And when this happens, you will loose your customers. Remember, to gain one customer is very difficult, so you must not loose any of the ones you already have. Making money with home based jobs is not that easy; a lot of people are scrambling for the limited spaces. So you must learn to treat your precious customers with love, care and respect.

Get a proofreader

Another surefire way to work from home and make money as a freelance writer is by ensuring that you have a proofreader. Many people will regard this as a second or third eye. There are cases where you make mistakes that you cannot make consciously. There are slips, both of the eye, pen, etc. When you allow the second and third person to proofread and edit for you, you will be sure to present great works to your clients. And of course the more great works more money you make.

Another way is by letting people know what you do. Make use of the social media and many other advert tools to let people know that you are a freelance writer and you will experience a lot of people coming for your services through these. With this, you make a lot of money.

Don’t forget to add a little of your ad in form of your portfolio display on your personal blog. The more people visit your blog, the more they understand who you are and what you do for a living. This has a way of refreshing their memories no doubt.

Being smart and full of ideas is one sure way to win the competition and earn more dollars. Margaret Mcgriff wrote a post on how one fashion blogger wins freelance gigs with style. You definitely have one or two things to learn from post: http://beafreelanceblogger.com/fashion-blogger

I have said much and should give you an opportunity to share your mind with us. What has contributed to your making more money online freelancing? Are you really making any cash? We want to hear from you; tell what you think is holding some freelance writers back from earning good income in their career.

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