How to Make Money from Home; Here Are 10 Guaranteed Ways

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Are you satisfied with your income level at the moment? Are you comfortable waiting till end of every month before receiving salary from your employer? I am sure you certainly aren’t happy with the vicious circle of living from hand to mouth. Now, what if I revealed to you strategies that would help win this rat race? Won’t you be happy?

Making money from home has been in place for a very long time and people who know this have always capitalized on the opportunities. Learning how to make money from home does not require any special skills. The only thing you need is to have the information required. I have heard many people say that before you make money from home, you must start something on your own and be the boss of such. They did not know that there is also the possibility of earning money from home as an employee.

how to make money from homeMajority of the home money making opportunities are based in the online or internet world. But this is not to say that there are no other sure ways through which you can make money from your house in an offline or real life way. It all depends on initiative. Now here are some of the ways to break the dependability on monthly salary as your only source of income:

Forex trading

When you consider how to make money from home, you will discover that the number one method is through Forex trading. This is one of the methods that can even make you a millionaire overnight, without moving away from your domain. Just get a Forex trading account, your computer set and internet connection and the funds to trade with. Another good thing about this method is that you can begin with practically any amount you can lay your hands on. This makes it very easy for people who do not have much money. It is a system that can help you earn millions overnight if you learn the rudiments and make use of the necessary software.

Web design

The next method to use in making money from home is through web design. The arrival of the internet made the use of the websites and blogs a necessity for business and individuals who must get information about themselves and their services across to the public. Many of them are in need of websites, but they do not know how to develop, design and manage such. You can make money from this if you have the expertise, or you can try and acquire same. When you do this, you can make huge amounts of money simply by sitting in front of your computer set at home and designing websites for customers.

Freelance writing

If you want to earn cash from home, then you have to look at freelance writing. This is similar to the aforementioned, but here, we are talking about crafting of articles, product reviews, eBooks, essays, academic content, and even blog posts. The owners of websites and blogs are regularly looking for people to help them write contents that they place on their sites. If you are a good writer, you can make millions doing this from home, just with your computer set. You can also offer offline writing. People need letters, books, resumes and proposals written for them. You can offer these services from your home.

Recently my friend Enstine Muki showed us on his blog how to write business proposal letters. I really gained some insight into how to do it successfully. Would you like to take a look at those sample letters? Now head over to Enstine’s blog and read them there using this link:


Blogging is the next, and it has created numerous millionaires from home. I know a lady blogger in Nigeria who makes millions every month from home. Get your own blog and start building your brand. Focus on a particular product. It can be for sports news, education, religion or even social and news blog.

When you have this, you can register with any of the marketing websites so that you become their affiliate. You place their links or ads on your blog and they pay you when anybody clicks the ads. Other firms can also place ads on your blog and pay you for such. Besides, blogs are great tools for doing product reviews, which also fetch handsome amount of money.

Virtual assistant

There are numerous firms that are completely based online, while there are other firms that are based on land but will like to have online virtual assistants because it is cheaper for them. Here, you are employed by these firms and work from home, you will work online for them, organizing their data and correspondences and other secretarial works.

working from home

Customer service staff

Many firms are also employing staff to answer phone calls for them and provide answer to their customer complaints. This is another way you can earn money from home. Here, you are either provided with a number, or it is roamed to your number or you can even do it online. They pay you every month for answering their customer calls and taking care of their complaints.

SMS marketing

If you ask me of some of the easy ways of making money from home, I will tell you that one of them is through SMS marketing. Yes, because of the competition that abounds in the internet business world, many firms are looking for professional SMS marketers. It will not take you 3 days to learn the act of SMS marketing. When you have done so, you can do the marketing for clients by offering them units, composing the messages for them, generating opt-in lists for them and sending these messages to their customers. This pays huge money.

Home snacks making

Are you knowledgeable about food and snacks? You can start a chef business in your home. Just start by making few cakes and placing them for sale in front of your house. If you are good at it, this will explode when people keep eating. Once you have a strong customer base, you will be invited to bake snacks for parties, supply to schools, offices, banks, etc. It is a sure way of earning regular income from home.


Another method that I advise people who want to work at home to use, is to make money through stock buying and selling. This can be done also with your computer set. Just place orders for buying or for selling and you will be making your money. However, you have to know the parameters before you succeed here. If you have the money but don’t have the skill to buy stocks, you can employ the services of a stock broker to do that for you for a small fee.

Be a nanny

Making money from home also includes doing home teaching or nanny job. We all know a lot of people who put up adverts for home tutoring for kids or as a nanny. These kids are brought to you by the parents before they proceed to work in the day, only to come and pick them back in the evening when they are back. You earn big doing this.


Working from home is a flexible way to make money online. It affords you the opportunity to work at your own pace and without the pressure associated with secular jobs. Besides, you make money from home by working for different employers at the same time. The only thing you need to do here is choose your jobs well and manage your timetable efficiently.

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Efoghor is a Registered Nurse turned entrepreneur, freelance writer and blogger. He currently lives in Bonny Island, Nigeria.

He started blogging in December, 2009 and ever since has not looked back. He has been sharing his knowledge in various fields with his followers online. He is a Platinum Expert author on Ezinearticles.

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  1. Hello,

    Well all the money making method seems really cool method to earn money. Blogging is indeed a favorite method of mine. But I’d like to invest in forex trading too in upcoming days.


    • Samir, thanks for stopping by and for adding your voice. Blogging remains a portal through which you can earn endless incomes. Blogging in itself does not really earn you much; but the other money making programmes you add to it make it an ATM machine of sort.

      Thanks once again for your valuable comment. Do enjoy your weekend.

    • There almost as many ways to make money from home as there by working for somebody else at their location. In doing our research for our website noted above, we have found some very interesting ideas which we will be addressing on that website in more detail as we go. By the way, you might be interested in the power of that old saying, “Never Give Up”…because it was after I bought my last losing lottery ticket, I went on the internet started trying to find a quick way to make some extra cash money. After a few hours, I discovered that there were thousands of merchants offering cash referral fees as a means of generating new business…and guess what! There was no single place to find them all! So we decided set up that single source and it is now live on the website noted above!

  2. Efoghorjos- well home snacks making is a new one to me 🙂 I’m surprised that more and more customer service jobs are done from the home now too. Interesting list Efoghorjos. I would add house cleaning and yard work too.

    • Hi Lisa, great to see you here again. It’s been a long time. Working from home presents every possible opportunity to make money. Yes, snacks making is a good way to make money offline. Once you can bake delicious and attractive snacks, you don’t need to look for an office. people would always place orders for your products because they are sure you can deliver on quality.

      The home has become a virtual office and you can run any office from there. All you need is your internet connection and you are good to go.

      Yeah thanks for adding house cleaning and yard work. The list goes on and on. Don’t you think nobody really has any reason for failing to make money, Lisa?

      Thanks for your valuable contribution. Do have a pleasant weekend.

  3. nice points!! i like it…and freelancer, blogging is my passion and love to work on freelancer ….thanks for awareness of SMS marketing and stock marketing. by the way nice theme

    • Ajay, thanks for admiring my theme and for finding this post helpful. It’s good to know your passion is in blogging; working with passion will sure bring you the desired success. As a freelancer, I am sure you are making some buck, aren’t you?

      Yes, SMS marketing makes a lot of money because people would always organize birthdays, church programmes, political meeting, school parties, etc. So they need a platform to disseminate information.

      Stock market has a lot of prospects too. If you are lucky to buy viable stocks, you are bound to make a kill from them.
      Thanks once again for the contribution. Do have a lovely weekend.

  4. Efoghorjos:

    Your list of potential opportunities offer many workable options. Although I must say a friend has tried his hands at Forex trading and it’s more than obvious through his results to this point that, he definitely will not be quitting his day job anytime soon!

    Thus far, all he’s managed to do is pad his brokers pocket! Can’t say for sure why that is, but he’s far from being competent enough to make that option his main source or evena part time source of income!

    But who knows, hopefully that will change down the line!

    • Mark, thanks for stopping by, and for your valuable comment. Making money requires knowledge, action and smartness.
      Forex trading is about the riskiest thing to try one’s hands on. Without the proper training, one could lose one’s life savings in a twinkle of an eye. To succeed in this sphere, let your friend get a forex trading coach to work him through the various platforms and possibly how to use the available software too.

      Most times those brokers would never tell you the truth; they just feed fat on you. But if you learn the ropes, you can do it yourself.
      Thanks for your contribution. Do enjoy your weekend.

  5. Hi Efoghor,

    You’ve listed many ‘online’ and ‘offline’ money making opportunities in this article! 🙂 My personal point of view regarding such home based jobs is that they offer time flexibility. And based on the skills one possesses, the income can be surprising enough!

    Talking about the entries on your list, I can see some familiar ones! Forex trading is a good method. Personally, I’m not much into it. But the concept is good. My Dad is into it. With the right skills and strategies, Forex trading can help one earn good money!

    Freelance writing and blogging are also some activities that I’ve been though already. I must say that they are great opportunities for people irrespective of their age and gender. All that matters is skills!

    Good list. I found the link to it on Kingged.


  6. I am sure the ideas shared here would answer a lot of questions for many bloggers. These 10 ways guaranteed to make money online from the home. However, I must add that for anybody to succeed in any of these ways, he must put in his best and take reign of them as a “business manager”.
    This comment was shared in where this article was found.
    Sunday – contributor

    • Hi Sunday, you are absolutely right. For anyone to make money with any method, no matter how reliable, one must be ready to work hard. Taking the approach of a business man in anything you do would help you to get success as early as possible.

      Thanks for the visit and for your valuable contribution. Thanks also for sharing on Kingged. Do have a lovely day.

  7. Nice article, but am against some ways like “Forex Trading & Stock”. You need some high level of knowledge before you can venture into them. I never do forex before but i learnt some people do trade successfully but it’s not a means of making money i can advise someone to venture

    Blogging is cool but not a instant way of making more, it is more for those that are patience and willing to blog the right way.

    Freelance writing, webdesign are something visible i love, you just need to acquire the necessary skill to get started.

    Learning Web Graphic + CMS like wordpress/joomla is a easy way to get started as web developer. In this field your earning is in your control, you level of expert + marketing skill will do the justice.

    Thanks for this article once again. Hope to always come around. Have a nice weekend

    • Olamosh, Trading Forex requires skill; but this skill can be learned as well to put you in a better position to make money from this highly lucrative business.

      Investing in stock has been made easier with the existence of stock brokers that can easily handle this for you and ensure you don’t run at a loss.

      Other methods highlighted here are reliable too. For website design, it is a quick way to earn fat income if you get the right clients.

      Thanks for your valuable contribution. Best regards.

  8. Enstine Muki says:

    Hi bro,
    I tried Forex in the past and got so confused. It appeared so complicated to me so I left it and never returned 😉

    Now, I often don’t consider blogging as a way to make money. Blogging in itself does not generate income. It’s monetizing it that does. I think blogging is just putting together a marketing where you can make money in different ways – affiliate marketing, banners, paid post, etc. I think you mentioned this too 😉

    • Enstine, you are right. Forex is a little complex for newbies; only those trained in the act of forex trade should get involved otherwise you could easily lose your hard-earned income.

      That’s true also; blogging in itself does not make you any money except you add money making avenues like the ones you have just mentioned.There are other methods to make money on blog like selling e-books, paid membership, consultation, and other services.

      Thanks for your regular and valuable contributions. Do have a productive and lovely day.

  9. Shamsudeen says:

    Hello Joe,

    This is really coming at a time many people are struggling to find their balance in internet marketing, making money online from home is becoming more easier than it used to be.

    As more sophisticated tools are coming out regularly, things are getting more easier to accomplish and sitting at the corner of your bedroom and doing almost anything concerning your business of the day, is just what I called “Freedom”.

    Thanks Joe for sharing this at times like this and do have a nice day. Found this post on and followed down here to read and join the conversations.

    • Shamsudeen, The internet has brought about a great level of financial freedom to a lot of persons. These days you can make money from home whether you own a website or now. Once you have the right strategies in place, you are good to go.

      Thanks for your usual support and constructive comments here. Do have a pleasant day.

  10. Nice post!

    You have just listed a few of many open home-based money making opportunities. These ways that you have listed on how to make money at home are surely beneficial for anyone who desire to work home-based.

    I’m familiar with some method like blogging and freelancing. Any of these methods are guaranteed effective as long as you are passionate to work on it.

    Have a nice day!


    By the way, I found this post shared on

    • Ann07, thanks for stopping by. All the methods I have listed here are known to work well and are really reliable sources of making money from home. Blogging and freelancing are popular among bloggers but other methods are also well known by people not into blogging.

      You can try your hands on any of the methods and see how much you can make from them.

      Thanks for your contribution. Do have a pleasant day.

  11. Great info for any one who is been yearning to work from home but I have never been a fan of Forex, it does require years of experience and skills to do well in it. alot of people have lost through it..

    Web designing, blogging, freelancing are also good ways to make money online for blogging there has to be a lot of patience, a lot of resources have to be committed and immediate returns are not expected

    In all earning online is a long road for the strong-willed, it does pay not just pay but handsomely….Thanks for sharing on

    • Princewill, you are completely right. Forex trading requires training, some funds and patience for one to do it successfully. However, it can started with very little amount of money and then you grow the money gradually.

      Bogging in itself does not earn you any income, but with monetization, blogging can be a great source of revenue.

      Everything requires perseverance and experience. Once you know the right thing to do, making money online becomes relatively easy.

      Thanks for sharing on Kingged and for leaving a valuable comment here too. Do have a lovely day.

  12. Efoghor, I recall my Forex days so well 😉 Plenty of highs and lows. If you have patience, and discipline, you can rock out Forex. I prefer my current day blogging, freelancing, and I’ll add my cash gifting prosperity stream to the list, because Forex was a bit too hectic to me. Awesome list here. Many readers new and old can expand their prosperity consciousness using your approaches. Thanks!

    I found this on kingged(dot)com and voted it up 😉

    • Hi Ryan, it’s true that Forex trading can be a little tricky and complex. It therefore should be reserved for those who have the requisite skills and knowledge. One can still make money from other areas listed here without any stress.

      Like you rightly said, blogging and freelancing are great ways to make money from home. However, other areas should not be left unexplored as they also have great potential to earn reasonable income.

      Thanks for your valuable contribution. Do have a great day.

  13. I like that you can take anything and make it work for you online (even snacks). I started out knowing very little about online marketing, but learned as I went and eventually built my own business. It’s really not hard if you are committed to learning. Now I help other people do the same and start their own business. I’m a coach and simply share what I have learned and what to avoid. We all have to start somewhere!

    • Mark, thanks for stopping over and for your contribution. There is only a slim margin between marketing online and offline.
      Yes, the right word is commitment; if you are committed enough and willing to learn new tricks, you can do virtually anything and achieve great results with it.

      Do have a pleasant weekend.

  14. I must have a large budget to make money trading stocks, FOREX is not for everyone, I’ve seen many people crying on forums, they lost money because they follow some guides, these days are at every step and corner. Don’t believe that crap. Digg about it then make your move. “Don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose” you’ll meet this line very often.

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