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Business Success Guide is set to become a multi-authors blog in the next few days. If you have never heard about this plan before, it is time to let the cat out of the bag. Well, it was never really a big secret because I mentioned it in my second post of this year that I was preparing to accept more guest posts to make this blog a multi-authors one.

The blogging journey here so far has been so great, enjoyable and full of challenges . You have been the reason why this blog has enjoyed the popularity it enjoyed all these while. Some of you have asked for more; and it has been my desire to give you more to satisfy your appetite. I have been a good writer no doubt (many of you attested to that) but there is need for a little adjustment to be made to this blog.

But why multiple authors Joe?

I have reasons for wanting to do what I am about doing right now. My decision really is anchored around you, believe me. I simply want the best for you. Well here are a few reasons for going this way:

1. Regular updates:

I have become much more busy these days (of course you know about my other projects like Tweetlow, Mygigerr, Pluginspalace, etc), and this is making it a little cumbersome to update this site regularly. But having come this far, and having gathered much popularity, I wouldn’t want this blog to fail any of you. I don’t want you to come here and keep seeing the same old stuff for weeks. If possible I want to have a new publication everyday.

2. Variety:

Variety they say, is the spice of interest. I want you to be exposed to different authors with different backgrounds and varied knowledge on different subjects. This would make you have more knowledge from different people that would enrich you. I don’t want you to have a moment of boredom here at all. Trust me!:D

3. Authority:

I want this blog to be an authority blog where you can get whatever information you want. This can only be made possible if I bring in knowledgeable people to handle more areas so you are glad coming here. Authority blogs are blogs that provide trusted, highly researched and informative posts. That’s exactly what I want this blog to be.

4. Niche specific:

In one of my previous blog posts, I talked about the need to build niche blogs in 2014 because it is one of the areas that bloggers are to flourish. You need to check the 10 Surefire Ways to Make Money Online Successfully in 2014. This blog was specifically built with the dream of making it a business blog. So by the time it becomes an authority blog, it would be sharing everything business, small business, startups, affiliate marketing, etc. So authors that are knowledgeable in these areas would be an asset to us.

What kinds of authors do we need?

Specifically, authors in the areas of Business, Small business, Startups, Affiliate marketing, Social media marketing, Real estate, etc are needed to join us. We love all other aspects of blogging and blogging tips, but our major areas should be the afore-mentioned. If you are very good in those areas and you are interested to join us, please indicate interest. But let me quickly say here that we don’t need “Hit and run” authors who would publish one post, leave their Adsense bloc and disappear. We only need serious author who are interested to publish at least a post every week.

multi authors for BSG

Joe, what do I get for joining you?

I expected you to ask that question 😀 First, let me say that there are incentives for joining this team. But at the moment, there is no salary for interested authors. What then should motivate you to join us?


Every blogger or freelance writer needs exposure to be able to make an impact in the blogosphere. Bizsuccessguide is one place that can help you get that exposure. With the popularity it has gathered, it would be good for you to leverage on this to get your voice across to a larger audience. Writing for us would give you an opportunity to showcase your CV if you don’t have your own blog. It would also help you connect to your twitter handle, social media profiles and improve your Google Authorship if you already have your own blog too.


All authors would have their Adsense blocs added to their posts. This will automatically ensure you make money with your posts if they are great and attract readers. Besides, if you use your personal connection to bring in a sponsored post, sponsored text add or any other form of ad that gets approved, you get 50% of the money paid for such advertisement. Isn’t that good for you?


All authors would be given a free Tweetlow account and receive 10,000 free retweet credits monthly to promote their personal tweets. This will help improve your personal blog’s exposure on Twitter.

Monthly awards:

Any author with the best posts in terms of quality, tweets, facebook likes, Google+ sharing, Stumbleupon sharing, etc in each month would receive monetary or other forms of compensations to motivate them.

What we will not accept

The following will not be accepted from authors:
Copy and paste from other sites
Posting one or two contents and disappearing thereafter
Poor quality content
Promoting affiliate links
Unnecessary links to your website, except a link adds more value to the content you are providing
Asking directly or indirectly for people to click on your Adsense bloc
Trying to divert our traffic by tricks
Hope that is okay for all of us?

How to join the team

If the above terms are okay by you, just shoot me a mail on efoghorjos[at]gmail[dotcom] or on admin[at]bizsuccessguide[dotcom] and provide me with your desired username and email address. I will create a contributor’s account for you. Thanks

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