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Hello friends! Welcome to our regular interviews section once again. This time around, we will be featuring a young Nigerian Tech blogger who has been making waves in the blogosphere, and helping fellow bloggers to achieve their dreams of making money online.

Joseph Josylad Adediji is one of the few Nigerian bloggers that are highly successful online and have projected the name of their country positively to the outside world. He has been a friend of this blog and has dreams similar to ours – helping young, new bloggers discover their feet to succeed online.

When I contacted him to do an interview here, he obliged. And so, today he’s here to share his expert experience with us and encourage us on our journeys as we seek to discover various ways of making money and becoming highly successful online. So settle down and read this interview with Joseph Adediji.

Qs: Hello! You are welcome to our Interviews Section. Could you please tell us your name and where you hail from?

Ans: Hi, I am Joseph Adediji; I am a Nigerian Blogger, SEO Enthusiast and Technology Fanatic. I own, a blog which was born out of my desire to help bloggers from every corner of the world to build successful and money making blogs.
I live in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria. Apart from blogging and Internet stuffs, I love watching movies and hanging out.

Qs: Should it suffice to call you a blogger or a freelance writer?

Ans: I am a blogger. Freelancing is just a side job that comes with blogging.

Qs: What is the difference between blogging and freelance writing?

Ans: Blogging is about writing and publishing contents for your fans, community and followers while freelancing involves writing for third parties with or without getting credit for your articles.

As a freelancer, usually, your content takes the image and name of someone else but as a blogger, you take full credit for your own articles that you have on your blog. So, freelancing is working for someone else while blogging is working for youself!

Qs: Apart from blogging and freelance writing, what other jobs do you do?

Ans: Apart from blogging, I am into building of niche sites and a bunch of Internet Marketing flicks too 😉

Qs: What is your greatest motivation as a blogger?

Ans: My greatest motivation is to help people! I feel very happy and on top of the world when I get good response from people who have benefitted one way or the other from my blogs.

I know a couple of bloggers that have told me they started blogging or they became a better blogger after reading my blog. This is a great motivation for me and it encourages me a lot.

Qs: You were a nominee for the Online Youth Achievement Awards 2013. Why do you think you were nominated?

Ans: I think I got nominated because they saw my stuffs and loved it.

Qs: How many e-books have you written till date?

Ans: I have written 2 eBooks till date. Your readers can grab their FREE copies too.

Qs: How does Joseph Adediji get inspirations to blog?

Ans: Blogging is a part of me, so it doesn’t take long for me to get in the mood! The only place where I get stuck is getting started, once I overcome my state of inertia and I get started, every other thing becomes fun!

Sometimes when am not inspired to do anything, I just take a break, go to my bed and have some sleep! 😀 it works well for me!

Qs: Would you say Nigerian bloggers are really doing well?

Ans: Not really, but they are trying. I have discovered that most of Nigerian bloggers only care about the money and nothing else but it is not actually their fault, rather it is the economic situation of the country.

Most of them think blogging is an overnight success thing or a get rich quick scheme but unknown to them, it’s a long term, hectic work with great perks at the end.

Qs: How do you handle maintenance issues on your blog?

Ans: Usually, I do maintenance during the weekends, I hardly write during weekends so I use those spare times to clean up my blog and get prepared for the coming week!

Qs: If you were to advise someone interested in starting a blog, what niche would you advise him/her to go into and why?

Ans: Hmmm.. This is a canny question! A niche should be a matter of choice, but if am to out rightly recommend a niche to someone, I will gladly recommend the “Technology Niche” because this niche is hot and you have a lot of opportunity to make money from it.

Also, you can never get tire of topic to write on in the tech niche, everyday, a lot of gadgets, PC and tech updates are released, so you can never run dry of content ideas!

Qs: Could you please tell us a little more about your new forum?

Yea, glad you brought about a question about my forum. The forum is a community for bloggers, it is a place to learn, Connect and Interact with other bloggers.
I got inspired to create this forum after searching endlessly for a whole day to find a forum that is active and dedicated to bloggers but unfortunately, I couldn’t find one. So I thought why create one, why not create a place for bloggers to meet, hang out and learn new stuffs for FREE and that lead to the creation of the Bloggers Forum.

Qs: With Google’s clampdown on poor quality sites, do you think link building is still relevant?

Ans: Of course, Link building is still relevant and it will always be relevant!

The most important thing is to create unique quality contents, if your contents are unique and of high quality, you will hardly get into any trouble with Google. And when you are building links, build links from save neighborhoods with high Page Rank and in small quantity.

Qs: If I were to hire you to do a proper SEO for my blog, how affordable would your price be?

Ans: My charge for SEO depends on individual requirement, but I don’t usually charge more than 3 – figures for SEO, especially if you are a fellow blogger.

Qs: Where do you spend more of your time, on article writing or on promotion?

Ans: I try to balance the two, but believe me; I will rather spend more time on promotions and marketing than on writing. But due to time factor, I am automating some part of my promotions which I think is a great idea.

Qs: How often do you take a break from blogging?

Ans: I usually take regular breaks form blogging but it also depends on my mood. When am not in my blogging mood, I forget about blogging and I do other things like watch movies and hanging out.

Qs: Is your blogging partner at Blogging Tips Today on a salary?

Ans: Talking of my blogging partner, I guess you mean Tojola Bolaji. Well right now, the great guy is not on a salary but he gets some perks for his job. 😉

Qs: How can you possibly partner with us to promote other young bloggers?

Ans: Hmm…. I love to encourage young bloggers and help them stand up and that is what I have been doing on my blog, if you have any unique ideas about this, you can always PM me.

Qs: Any word for upcoming bloggers?

Ans: Yeah!
My advice to bloggers has always been the same.

• Create Great Content
• Market Aggressively

• Build Relationships
• Avoid Short Cuts and Black Hat Tricks.
If you can do all these, you will surely have a successful blog.

Thank you Joseph Adediji, for granting us this interview. God bless you.

Ans: It is a pleasure to share my insights and knowledge with your readers and community.
I wish you all success in your blogging journey!


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