Interview With Holly Hanna of “The Work At Home Woman”

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Welcome friends to our interviews section! In fulfillment of my promise to keep featuring quality bloggers, internet marketers, freelancers, etc, today, we have a professional business consultant and a work at home mom as our special guest.

Holly Hanna has been helping women discover their business skills and also helping to reposition dying businesses online. She is very experienced in her field, attending to several hundreds of work at home moms yearly to realize their dreams of making money online. I spoke to her recently about doing an interview here and she willingly accepted to grant this interview. Please relax yourself and make sure to digest every advice she presents here.

Qs: Hello Holly! You are welcome to Business Success Guide. Could you please introduce yourself to my audience?

Ans: Thanks for having me. I am the founder of The Work at Home Woman, an online business resource that advocates telecommuting and home-based businesses that empower women to balance life on their own terms.

Qs: What does it take to be a work-at-home mum?

Ans: To be successful as a telecommuter or home-based business owner, you need to have certain personality traits and skills that are conducive to a home office environment. Qualities like critical thinking and self reliance are crucial since you’ll be working alone, and don’t have the luxury of a team to support you physically. And since you won’t have a boss looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re on task, you’ll need to be self motivated and not easily distracted by chores, family members, or household comforts like the television.

Qs: How many mums has Holly Hanna directly influenced with her programme?

Ans: I can’t say for certain how many women I’ve helped, but I do receive a lot of emails from women who have found jobs, started businesses, and gained valuable knowledge from the site.

Qs: How are you able to handle both family and an online business?

Ans: It’s been an ever evolving challenge. When my daughter was younger, I would work when she napped, but when the naps ended, I had to enroll her in a part-time pre-school program. Now that she’s in elementary school, I have more available hours to work. It’s all about prioritizing and following a schedule that fulfills you personally, and for me that’s having a flexible schedule that allows me to be readily available for my daughter.

Qs: What is the greatest challenge you have faced trying to work and earn money online?

Ans: Having enough time to do everything. Like I said above, my number one priority is my family, so in my business I use a virtual assistant to help me with administrative tasks. This way I can focus my time on money making activities, which allows me to spend more quality time with my family.

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Qs: What has been your greatest source of strength and encouragement?

Ans: I’m very fortunate to have a super supportive husband, as well as friends and colleagues who are always there to cheer me on.

Qs: What is the best work at home programme that has made more money for you?

Ans: I do really well with direct ad sales and affiliate marketing.

Qs: Are you comfortable enough to forgo any form of secular job?

Ans: Besides publishing The Work at Home Woman, I also work from home as a social media manager for AWAI. What I do for them fits in really well with what I’m doing on my site, it’s a great synergy.

Gs: For you, running the family and making money, which one takes priority?

Ans: My family is my priority. You only get to experience these tender years for a short period of time, so best to take full advantage of them now.

Qs: How much time do you spend daily on the computer?

Ans: I spend about 6 hours a day on my computer, but then I also check my email and social media streams throughout the day on my iPhone.

Qs: How successfully are you able to get new customers from home?

Ans: I’m heavily involved with social media, so I find it relatively easy to connect with new clients. I will say that I do make it priority to market myself a little bit each day, that way I never hit a dry spell, because I’m involved in a continuous process.

Qs: How much support should a woman render to the family financially?

Ans: I think this is something that each family needs to determine on an individual basis. There is no one size fits all answer.

Qs: Does Holly Hanna see the men folk as competition when it comes to making money online?

Ans: Each individual brings their own unique personality, experiences, and skill set to the table, so I’m not worried about other men and women. There is more than enough room for all of us to make money in our own special way.

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Qs: How much is your programme able to accommodate younger women?

Ans: The information on the site, the community forum, and my e-book, Blogging Success are all free. I want all women (and men) to have free access to high quality career and business information.

Qs: What are your guiding principles when it comes to working from home?

Ans: I live by my daily to-do list and day planner. Without these I would be lost. When you work from home, you not only have to be organized physically, but mentally as well, otherwise you’ll never get anything done.

Qs: How much money are you able to save monthly?

Ans: It varies depending on how much I make and what my expenses are for the month.

Qs: Is working from home tedious or without stress?

I don’t find it tedious, or stressful. I love that I don’t have to jump in my car each morning and deal with traffic, or office politics, or finding the perfect business casual outfit.

Qs: Who do you think deserves to be interviewed on this blog? Why do you recommend him/her?

Ans: Kristi Hines of Kikolani, or Meagan Paullin of Sunshine and Sippy Cups. They both have great blogs and are making full-time income from them.

Qs: Any special advice for women who are out of job?

Ans: Don’t give up, keep taking one step forward each and every day. Before you know it you’ll start building momentum which will eventually propel you into a new job, but you must continue to take action.

Thank you Holly Hanna for granting our interview. Remain blessed.

Well you have heard from Holly Hanna herself! Hope you are motivated by this interview to work from home? Do you have any questions for Hanna? She would be very much around to answer your questions. Please leave your questions using our comment box below.

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