5 Certified Tips To Blogging Your Way to Success

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Let me quickly welcome you to a new month dear distinguished BizSuccessGuide readers.

I celebrate you all and wish you more success in this promising month, one that has promised me and I’m sure some of you if not all, an unlimited success. 😀

I want to appreciate Joseph for giving me this unusual opportunity to Guest Post on his blog, even when Matt Cutts has just recently played down Guest Posting. Thanks boss!

Back to business as usual.

“Sam, how do I blog my way to success?”

Good question! Actually there are several ways of blogging your way to success and several blogging experts have spared no effort to sharing it. If you look deeply into the archives of this great blog, you will most definitely come by it.

Today, I will be coming in with a little twist and I hope you find my tips very useful as I did.

So guys, today like you’ve read from the headline, I will be sharing with you some tested and certified tips of literally blogging your way to success.

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Okay here: How to blog your way to success- 5 Tips

Tip 1. Be Yourself

It amazes me how some bloggers started blogging without knowing the purpose to which they blog. A lot of them started a blog owing to the fact that their friends are blogging.

And it has so affected them to the extent of losing themselves and trying to be like others.

Take my advice: Don’t ever try to be like Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh, Jon Chow, and Brian Clark, I mean name them.

If you try to be like these people by making use of their dreams, voice and stuffs, I’m 100% certain that you would fail.

Don’t get me wrong, you can of course have them as role models and apply their strategies but do not try to copy them. Trust me the end result is always harmful.

BTW, the last time I spoke to Joseph on Mark’s Facebook, he advised me to make sure I always write in my own unique style. Common, couldn’t count how many times he said that to me that night.

So just be yourself dude, huh?

Tip 2. Be Helpful

By being helpful I mean being accessible. Help as much persons as you can. Doing this will position you in the direction of actually blogging your way to success.

I am not yet a Pro blogger but it is funny how lot of folks email me every day, asking me different questions.

Was I able to help them all? Of course not but I’d tried my best each time to proffer solutions to their problems.

Sometimes those folks might be too demanding, but help you must. I know you don’t want to look like a charity person, fine but once again take my advice: Try render as much help as you can muster; the help can be as tiny as taking five minutes of your time replying to their mails.

See, you never know how much you would have helped some of them merely by doing this.

Babanature once again today, while chatting with him on BBM emphatically reminded me of his usual advice. “Sam, make sure you always help others.”

Guys, if you don’t know, Babanature was the one who created my blog and made me to be an active blogger.

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Tip 3. Be a Networker

As a blogger you should know that if you are ever going to be successful in this blogging race, you’ve got to provide great contents and build quality relationships with other bloggers, plus your readers.

Listen BSG readers, by network I don’t mean creating accounts on social networking sites and pasting your blog’s URL everywhere.

No! Simply put, I mean connecting with people. Those people could be your blog readers, fellow bloggers, I mean anybody, and you never know when such connections might yield dividends.

A lot of bloggers always get this technique twisted. When we say connect. We simply mean 1) be open 2) be generous 3) be equally helpful when you connect. And lastly be plugged-in as Nosa rightly puts it here.

And common mateys, don’t ever try bogging on the people you’re connecting with.

Also, don’t be too self-centered while attempting to connect with them. Be willing also to help and you would be surprised with what you get thereafter.

Tip 4. Be Quality Driven

I’m sure this is a no brainer, isn’t it? You’ve heard this from many different bloggers. I was told too.

But one thing however befuddles me, I mean most bloggers know these tips, they are familiar with that magic word “quality content” yet they are not willing to apply it. Is there a problem with that? I don’t think so, at least for some of us.

However, some other bloggers, especially newbie bloggers might find it difficult to come up with quality contents. And that could actually be dealt with but that would mean working your butts out and really knowing your stuffs well.

Another challenge for creating quality contents is when your priorities are set upon the “get rich quick” schemes. This mindset really impedes bloggers to habitually come up with quality contents.

Secret Unveiled! Would you believe if told that up till now I have not started making money? Oh yes it’s true. It’s cause I’m not too concerned but for some of you who know me, you know that when I finally start to, it will be some intimidating figures, don’t you? 😀 😀 😀

Now, the annoying thing about those “get rich quick” bloggers is that they don’t even care about providing quality or working hard; all they care about is reaping even when they’ve not sown. What a life! Well, I know a lot of them but you won’t hear that from me.

Perhaps stealing other peoples content or not providing quality contents could have worked decades ago, I don’t know. But if you’re trying to do that now, in 2014, you will blatantly fail.

Truth is your content will speak for you and the quality of your deliveries would make you an authority. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

Tip 5. Join a Community

A community? Yes, blogging communities. Do you know that the success of a blogger is determined by the friends and the association he’s into, that is, the community he belongs to.

I will not dwell much on this because one of the associates on Techy Tyrants has just written it about it on the blog. Go check it out here.

Your Turn.

Now if you’re still wondering whether or not you can actually become a Problogger, I have given you some very crucial ways to become one.

The tips I’ve listed above are actually the “qualities” of a Problogger. These qualities will help you to naturally earn the Problogger status than you trying to “acquire” it yourself.

So guys, I hope this article really worth your while? Feel free to tell me if you don’t enjoy it by using the comment box below.

Do you you think there are several other unmentioned ways of you blogging your way to success that I didn’t mention? Why not just take 2 minutes to leave me your thought.

You are also free to say hi to me and let’s get to know ourselves more. That’s after all one of the secrets of blogging your way to success. 🙂

Thanks for your time!

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