Special Awards To Our Best Users on Business Success Guide in 2013

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The year 2013 was a great and favourable one for me and Business Success Guide. This success wouldn’t have come were it not for your efforts. During the year, some of our readers did excellently well; they performed better than others (though everyone tried). Like you all know, there is always a reward for excellence. So to reward those who did very well, I am writing this post in their honour and I would be giving some awards in appreciation for their excellent performance.

When I look in retrospect to what was achieved here I feel the more obliged to roll out the red carpets to honour you. I am not trying to be sentimental or bias here. I am doing whatever I feel is ideal to do for those who distinguished themselves. Though the prizes may not be huge, I plead with you to see this as a token of appreciation and not just giving you all that you really deserve.


For everyone whose name does not appear on this award list, I wish to say that this is not an indictment on poor performance on your part. It’s just that in every contest, there would always be winners and losers too. I encourage you to do better this year and get rewarded too. Your efforts are much appreciated too even though they do not attract prizes for now. There is always an opportunity to do better.

Who were our best users?

I will be talking about 10 categories of awards for our distinguished members of this community who excelled in 2013. I have struggled to create these categories to ensure that several persons were recognized. So here is the list of the 10 categories that made us proud last year:

Most Active User:

This prize goes to Harleena Singh of Aha-Now. Harleena was the site’s most active user for 2013. She paid visit almost everyday throughout the year; and not only that, each time she visited she had something useful to add. She was always the first to wake up and visit new posts. It looked like she never had time to sleep at all. There is no other better way to recognize her contributions than to give her an award. Congratulations Harleena!

Most regular user:

This award is slightly different from the one above. Harleena was the most active. Her presence was felt everywhere. But the most regular user’s award goes to Pramod Choudhari of Techwayz. Pramod was regular throughout the year and so gets this award. Congrats Pramod!

Best male commenter:

If you read my previous post titled Blog Comments: Do They Reflect Blog Quality?, then you would understand why this award is significant. Our best male commenter of the year 2013 was Silviu Constantinescu of NetMarketSuccess. Take time to look at his comments on this blog and see the quality they are made of. His comments are always analytical and complementary. Congrats Silviu!

Best Female commenter:

I guess you already know who’s going to win that award. It goes to the “Comment Queen” herself, Harleena Singh. What surprises me is the fact that she comes here earlier than anyone else, reads the posts and leaves a detailed comment coming from the bosom of her heart. She even finds the time to do same on several other blogs daily. Harleena is truly awesome. Congrats once again Harleena!

Best technical supporter:

On a few occasions, we ran into technical issues that I couldn’t fix myself. On those occasions, there have been some friends who lent their support to get those issues resolved. This buddy has helped in both customizing my menu bar, moving files to hosting company, improving my site speed, etc. This special award goes to Bashir Ahmed of Ajnabii. Congrats Bashir!

I must also not fail to recognize the great role bro Obasi Miracle of 3ptechies has played in rendering technical helps sometimes too. Thanks a million for your assistance, bro Obasi

Best Guest Author:

There were several guest posts during the year,. But one of them performed best in the social media. That post garnered a total of 209 flares. This post Social Media Suicide: 7 Ways You Are Driving Your Followers Away written by Ken Myers earned him the award of the best guest author of the year. Congrats Ken!

Best Sponsor:

Our best sponsor award goes to Brian Belfitt of Blogengage. He has been one of the main sponsors of our giveaways here. Last time he gave away 5 Standard Blogengage Accounts to winners here, etc. He has also promised to sponsor more giveaways here this year. Congrats Brian!


Best marketer:

Our best marketer award goes to someone who has helped in no small measure to share our posts and updates on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. She has even promoted this blog more than I have done myself. This special award goes to no other person than Harleena Singh. You are really wonderful. Congrats Harleena!

Best encourager:

Encouragement is part of what we need in order to succeed in whatever we do. Somebody has always been there providing encouragement for me. He has taught me, he has counseled me and has even sponsored a giveaway here, providing software and e-books to winners. The best encourager award goes to Patrick Ogidi of WealthLifters Concept. Congrats Pat!

I must also not fail to mention my friend who has been quite helpful from time to time. He has always come in with his advice when it seemed nothing was working. My special thanks goes to Enstine Muki for been there for me in the midst of those challenges. God bless you Enstine.

Most popular interview:

We have been running series of interviews here to promote fellow bloggers. One particular interview has performed better than the others in terms of comments, flares, etc. This award goes to Atish Ranjan of TechTricksWorld. His interview got a total of 36 comments and flares 193. This is closely followed by Harleena Singh with 34 comments and flares 106. Congrats Atish!

Special announcements

Guest posts:

I wish to announce to us that this blog is open to quality guest posts this year, and that anyone who is interested to submit guest posts should contact me using our Contact form. Important areas to focus on include small business, startups, finance, real estate, make money online, etc. However, only quality posts that meet our standard would be accepted.

Regular authors:

One of my plans for this year is to expand this blog to a multi-author blog. So interested authors that can help write regularly should get in touch with me so we can put our heads together to see how we can grow together.


All our users who do well will always be rewarded for their performance. Those who did extremely well in 2013 are remembered today for their hard work. You have another opportunity to get recognized; try harder this year and you will be amongst those to be honoured at the end of the year.

Each of our winners this year gets two special plugins from me. They will each get the Pop-up Magic and Azon Discount Finder plugins. Please be free to let me know if you already have them so I can replace them with another plugin. God bless you all.

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