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Today, in our interviews section, we will be giving attention to a wonderful kid blogger from India. Our guest is a 12 years old blogger with much accomplishment. Divyansh Peswani is the owner of

When I contacted him to do an interview here, he gladly accepted to be featured in front of my readers. He has fulfilled his promise and I am glad to introduce Divyansh Peswani to everyone of you! So we go straight to the interview.


Hello Divyansh! Welcome to Business Success Guide. Would you please introduce yourself to the readers of this blog?

Ans: Hello to all the Biz Success Guide readers! This is Divyansh Peswani from Find Web Apps. First of all, I wanna thank Efoghor for allowing me to share my blogging techniques and experience in the form of an interview. I am an Indian and live in Agra with my small and lovely family.

If I have to introduce myself, I would always love to be named as a blogger son of a blogger mommy. Shiwangi Peswani; my mommy is a successful blogger and content writer since 2007.

You are barely 12 years old and yet you are blogging. What is your motivation?

Ans: As I said, my mommy is my motivation. She is my role-model, and I gained all the blogging traits from her – Divyansh Peswani. She is a passionate blogger and so you can now call it as a hereditary trait in me. LOL

How did you really become a blogger?

Ans: My first ever blog was a Blogspot project and then slowly I learned about WordPress and now I am a decent enough WP blogger. Blogging is something which you can do only if you have an interest in it, I mean you can’t blog if you don’t love doing it. I used to watch my mommy blog, and this slowly developed an interest in me. Also, she always tells me about the successful bloggers in the blogosphere which inspired me even more.

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What do you think are your prospects as a blogger?

Ans: Mmmm…Prospects are not actually planned yet, but yes someday I want to create a big blogging community online. For now I am blogging just for fun and of course to live up to my passion. Never thought about the future prospects or say I am too young for it now.

How do you combine blogging with your education?

Ans: I am a sixth grade student and always give my first preference to my studies, blogging comes next. I blog only when I am done with all my homework and studies. You can call me a part time blogger for now but would surely love to be a professional blogger in the future.

How do other students in your school treat you? Any preference as a blogger?

Ans: Nahh…Actually I never flaunt about it. I blog because it’s my passion, and I never believed in the show off. Most of my school/classmates don’t even know that I am a blogger and those who know treat me as a normal student only. I guess they don’t actually know what blogging is all about :D.

Which of the bloggers has influenced you the most, and how?

Ans: This is a real tough question mate because the list is too long but if I have to name a few; I would say Harsh Agarwal, Anand Khanse, Harleena Singh, Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, Brian Belfitt and Amit Agarwal influenced me the most. I read and follow the SEO techniques of Neil Patel and Harsh Agarwal and am a big fan of writing skills of Anand Khanse (The Windows Club), Amit Agarwal (Digital Inspiration) and Harleena Singh (Aha-Now). Brian (Blog Engage) has a wonderful blogging community and Darren Rowse (Pro Blogger) is an all-rounder, and I love his writing style as well as his SEO tactics. He is just too good.


What do you love most about blogging?

Ans: A tricky one. Can you pick any favorite body part of yours? I don’t think so! Same is the thing with me and blogging. I just love blogging and everything about it.

Do you have blogging friends? How do you relate with them?

Ans: Many!! I am an active member in most of the blogging groups on Facebook/G+ and also keep in touch with them through mails, comments and guest posts.

Who was the first to discover Divyansh Peswani as a blogger?

Ans : Hahaha same question again and obviously the answer is also the same; My Mommy.

Do you make money from your blog? How much do you make on the average monthly?

Ans Yeah I do. I have monetized my blog with Google Adsense and Infolinks. My blog makes around $99-199 monthly.

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What do you hope to achieve this particular year?

Ans : As mentioned earlier no set prospects but yes I strongly believe that my blog will attain >10K Alexa Rank this year which I usually dream about.

How much influence do you have on your age group?

Ans : I am nothing to influence anyone sir. I am just a student and a part time blogger and how can that influence anyone?

Do you have any plans to specialize in any particular niche?

Ans : Yes. I want to specialize in Blogging niche so that I can help the newbies. Actually I want to create a blogging community like Blog Engage, but not getting enough time to execute my plans.

How do you take care of your income as a minnow?

Ans : Being a child, I don’t need money as such. All my needs and desires are very well taken care of by my parents and so the earnings from my blog go straight away to my Mommy’s bank account.

Does anybody edit your posts before they are published?

Ans : Initially Mommy used to proofread my posts but now she is very much busy in her blogging and content management so I publish them on my own, and I guess I am doing pretty good ain’t I ?

How does Divyansh Peswani hope to sustain the popularity of his blog?

Ans : I will keep updating my blog with useful content and also will be active on social media. This is all we need to sustain the popularity of a blog. Correct me if I am wrong.

What do you have to say to teenagers who intend to start a blog?

Ans : Hahaha I myself am not a teenager but yes for those who want to start a blog, all I want to say is “Follow your passion while blogging”. I should never blog for money. If you have a good blog with useful content, it will automatically bring money.

Thanks for granting our interview. God bless you Divyansh Peswani

Ans : The pleasure was entirely mine Sir. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my views with your valuable readers.


Now, over to you. You have heard from the 12 years old blogger. Hope you are motivated/challenged by this whiz kid’s success story? Do you have any questions for him? Divyansh Peswan would very much be around to answer your questions. So drop question using our comment box below.

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