Blog Commenting – Misconception About Driving Massive Traffic

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My very good friend “Otunba Adeyinka Damilola” posted this on his Facebook timeline;

“For those bloggers who think comment is nothing, trust me comments are currency for your blogs!”

FaceBook Comment By Otunba
FaceBook Comment By Otunba

After I read this post on shoutmeloud and also Efoghorjos Joseph blog post on blog commenting I decided to share my personal view, benefits and most importantly, the misconception of blog commenting for driving “MASSIVE” blog traffic.

In the picture above, Otunba Adeyinka Damilola did ask me to give reason for my opinion. So I decided to write fully about it and share with everyone who easily concludes that regular blog commenting will eventually take their blog to the next level.

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is the interaction between the author of a post and the readers through a comment box at the end of the blog post. It’s a way for readers of a blog to easily voice their opinion on post they’ve read.

Blogs get social and more interactive when readers are given opportunity to leave their thought and opinion after reading a post. This process is known as blog commenting. It doesn’t matter either you go against the author’s view or in support of it. Just be constructive in your argument and don’t attack or abuse other contributors.

*Read my take on this issue to the end and make sure to leave yours in the comment box below. Remember, you don’t have to go with my view, just be constructive in your criticism and don’t sit on the fence.

The benefits of Blog Commenting.

No doubts about it, there are many benefits to gain leaving comments on relevant niche blogs.

Personally, I have gained lots of friends in the blogosphere just by leaving remarkable comments after reading their blog post. – Asaolu Andrew, Emmanuel, Jon, Nate, Susan Coper, Ryann just to mention a few.

Regularly leaving comments on blogs would expose you to other bloggers and establish good relationship if you do it right and who knows, you might land your biggest break in the blogosphere in the process.

It helps build your own profile as a blogger, as people who read your helpful thought on the post would certainly look up to you as someone with lots of experience in the field.

Guest posting is one of the major benefits that you gain through commenting. If you’re a regular reader of a particular blog and always leaving valuable insight on posts, it gets more easier to ask for guest post opportunity from the blog owner and if you write something worthwhile, your post get published which could eventually open gates to so many benefits.

If you’re looking for an example on how to land guest post through blog commenting, look no further; this guest post you’re reading is a product of commenting on bizsuccessguide that transformed into a relationship with Efoghor Joseph.

Due to your helpful and regular contribution to other blogs, you might as well receive some occasional blog traffic. Other blog readers will start checking you out which are good for your exposure. As more people get involved in the interaction that happens on your blog; so the popularity of your blog and the encouragement you get to continue blogging.

Bloggers feel discouraged after publishing a post and no one leaves comments on it, it gets bored and you feel lonely.

How Blog Commenting Works.

Blog Commenting based on my experience so far, it’s more of give and take game. – Except for Authority bloggers. Mostly, bloggers are the ones that leave comments on blogs. In nature these people are very busy people. They work all day managing their blogs.

When you go all out leaving comments on as many blogs as you can, it’s definitely not going to be more than a few blogs. This few bloggers you’ve paid visit in turn visit your blog too, read your latest post and in turn, leave valuable comments.

I tried an experiment last months; I decided not to leave comments on blogs. I read and just walk away without saying hello, to the authors. Those that leave comments on my post, I decided not to return the favor.

The result proved about 50% of “bloggers” who read and leave comments on my post where doing it because I had previously visited and left comments on their blogs. – except for bloggers who are looking for back-links opportunity.

It’s a give and take game, and definitely that won’t skyrocket your blog to start driving “MASSIVEtargeted blog traffic.

In rare cases, few of their blog readers would visit your blog through the Commentluv plugin enabled comment box which allows commenters to have their latest post alongside their comments.

My Arguments.

Blog commenting, in my opinion, is a very good way for bloggers to start their blogging career hunting for targeted free traffic but on the average, will only yield average result and nothing spectacular or significant in terms of “consistent” traffic generating channels.

It is known for those occasional blog visits and never bring in that kind of massive blog traffic that could amount to taking your blog to the top 100 0r 50 on Alexa.

It’s like adding 1+1+2+1 each day to the progress of your blog. It will need lots of daily consistent hard work to achieve great success relying on blog commenting to make your blog work for you.

Let me make this clear; nothing is ever wrong in depending on blog commenting to drive blog traffic, but be ready to work extra hard and know this, it will take a long period to see the result you want.

If what you want is quality blog traffic that increases your chances of making a living on online living full-time on your blog, then you need to start…………

1. Writing Quality content.

Every known strategy in the blogosphere would become a waste of time, energy, and resources if you can’t produce good quality information that solve readers problem.

Write quality articles free from grammatical errors, (I understand no one is a master when it comes to writing good English, including I) but you can do better.

Write quality information that resonate with your readers and solve real life problems, and above all, write your content for human not search engines. Remember, it is the human that will visit and connect with your blog.

Identify your readers, understand their wants and provide them with its solution is the basic foundation to producing good quality content all the time.

Optimize your content for search traffic, but do not depend on Google traffic as your main source of traffic channel as this may end your business on the internet without any prior notice.

With many Google algorithm changes over the last couple of months, it’s now glaring ever than before why you shouldn’t depend on Google to send you traffic and that’s one of the reasons you should consider doing……..

2. Guest post on other blogs.

This should be one major reason you’re leaving comments on other blogs. If you’ve done your blog commenting strategically, getting guest post opportunities shouldn’t be a difficult task for you.

Find relevant blogs with the kind of blog readers you want, a blog with huge traffic like bizsuccessguide closely related to your blog topics and pitch the blogger behind it for guest post opportunity. Your cordial relationship with the blogger through blog commenting should make it easier to have your guest post approved and published.

One good strategy I used in pitching a blogger for guest post is; I already have my guest article written and ready for publishing before emailing the blogger. In my email, I usually tell them what the headline is, how many word counts and if there is a video in it and any other attachments.

I also let them know I’ve been reading their blog and well familiar with their style and type of audience. This strategy has been working for me till this moment.

And just before all these, I try to make friends with them on Facebook, follow them on twitter and constantly visit their blog and try my best to read, understand the post and leave my comment. This helps me get closer to them before making the move for guest post opportunity.

But you don’t have to leave your blog destiny in the hands of another blog readers, or better put another blogger to send you targeted traffic and the major reason you should…………..

3. Build Your Email List.

Have you ever heard of internet marketers saying they could drive targeted traffic on demand?

Yes, you too can drive free targeted traffic on demand only if you start today building your email list of blog subscribers. At the end of each blog post, have an email subscription box to have readers subscribe to your blog RSS feed. It costs nothing to set this up.

You can start with feed burner to have people join your blog feed and each time you update your blog, they receive instant email notification with a snippet of daily post and a link to the post on your blog.

It is a good strategy to give away something in exchange for the prospect email address. You can give away free downloadable products such as themes, eBook, plugins, software, etc. This helps entice readers to join your email list.

Though feed burner doesn’t offer this feature for now, it is still a quick easy way to get started with blog subscription.

There are many benefits that come along with having a healthy email list of loyal subscribers. You drive targeted traffic on demand, making money online becomes easier since you have an already targeted audience to market your product to.

You could easily promote your affiliate links to the list and make more money in the process. Making special announcement for the commencement of a new products or launching of a new blog.

The benefits are endless.

4. Join Bloggers Communities.

Take your blog commenting further by joining popular blog communities both free and paid communities. There are many of them on the internet today; Blog engage is a premium bloggers community that has different accounts for bloggers.

Bizsugar is a free community where you could easily submit your post for maximum exposure and get free quality traffic. As a new member joining bizsugar, your post will get into moderation queue before approval.

All these places have high page rank and impressive alexa traffic rank which help you build back-links profile and expose your post to a larger crowd which you might not have otherwise reached .

5. Interview An Expert on Your Blog.

It doesn’t have to be Michael Jackson or President Obama, find someone with reputable authority and great followers in your niche and arrange for an interview on your blog. Be polite in your question and make it short and straight to the point.

Send that influencer an email requesting for a special interview. Tell him your blog readers will be delighted to know more about him and it would help great if he could grant your request.

Featuring expert helps spread the word out of your blog like wild-fire; people want to hear what they say. Their names attract large crowd and you could tap into their already existing audience.

This strategy was at work when Samuel Gilbert of viarlwriter published a post on his blog titled “45 experts reveals their monetization strategies”. That post went viral and got over 100 comments and rank top for the keyword “monetization strategies” within hours of hitting the publish button.

Rounding up and Over to you…

You could see that most of what I listed above are much harder to do compared to blog commenting. The truth is when something is easier to do, many people will start doing it and a major reason most bloggers achieve same result and they eventually quit blogging.

Something you spend a day working on is likely to yield average result compared to something you spend a week working on toward achieving success.

If you want massive blog traffic that could lead to making decent money on your blog, then you’ll need to expand on your blog commenting strategies and take it to the next level. Start doing any of the above listed or if you want to be fully aggressive, you can start working on all together.

Okay, am done with my reasons why blog commenting is not enough to build a profitable blog and why you should be more aggressive in your blog marketing.

How has blog commenting helped build your blog to where it is today and what are your experiences so far with how blog commenting works?


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