Top 20 Cherry Framework Themes for WordPress

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If you’re hoping to launch a new website on a relatively small budget, we have good news for you. Using an open-source content management system and a pre-designed theme for it, which will not cost much, you can create a website faster and cheaper than you ever hoped.

Why Use WordPress?

More than 70 million websites today are based on WordPress, and each day around 100 000 new users start building their websites on this platform. Here’s why WordPress is so popular.

Absolutely Free

WordPress is an open-source platform, which means you can install and upgrade it at no cost at all.

Easy to Use

This CMS is known as a user-friendly and simple one, so you can manage your website yourself, even if you don’t have much experience and expertise in this field.

Fast and SEO-Friendly

WordPress-powered websites are known to load fast, and the platform offers great opportunities for search engine – optimizing your website.

Very Functional

Hundreds of plugins are available for WordPress (either for free, or at affordable prices), so your website can have nearly any functionality you like.

Great Community and Support

The WordPress community is large and supportive, so if you have any difficulties, you are sure to get good advice and help there.
Why Use Design Themes for WordPress?

We have selected 20 great pre-designed WordPress themes that will make your website look professional and tasteful. Here’s what you will like about them.

Faster and Much Cheaper

A custom design for your website will cost you much more and take more time to create than a pre-designed theme. A ready-made template will not cost more than a hundred dollars and will not take more than a week to install, set up, and customize.

Flexible and User-Friendly with Cherry Framework

All 20 themes are based on Cherry framework, a unique framework that makes the theme much easier to manage and more flexible. A Cherry-based theme will have the benefits of Bootstrap functionality and mobile compatibility.

Ready for Mobile Devices

The themes in this post are mobile-ready: Cherry framework allows creating responsive designs that automatically adapt to the screen sizes of mobile devices. With a responsive theme, your website will not be driving away the visitors who use smartphones and tablets for browsing it.

A Large Choice of Designs

All these themes are provided by, the largest collection of design themes online. So if you don’t find the right design among these twenty, you are sure to find it on the provider’s website.

Assistance and Support provides 24/7 support for all its customers, and if you need someone to install and customize the theme for you, you can order these services as well.

So now, let’s have a look at the collection of Cherry-based themes and see if the perfect one for your business is there.

Creative Photography – Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

This purple big-resolution design is a stylish choice for a photographer’s portfolio, with a prominent lightbox for displaying the works.

Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

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Clean Elegance – Management Solutions WordPress Theme

This clean design uses a classic color scheme, but the unusual lightbox make it look original. It will be a good choice for a management solutions business.

Management Solutions WordPress Theme

Details | 

Unique Jewelry – Jewelry Responsive WordPress Theme

This stunning responsive design with beautiful images in the lightbox is created to impress. This will be a great theme for an online jewelry store or a website on jewelry.

Jewelry Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | 

Organic Vegetables – Farming Business WordPress Theme

This theme is pretty simple, but the interesting lightbox and attractive images it uses give it a fresh look. A website for a farming business will look great with this theme.

Farming Business WordPress Theme

Details | 

Glossy White – Consulting Services WordPress Theme

A clean and sleek design that looks a little high-tech – this is exactly what a modern consulting services company needs.

Consulting Services WordPress Theme

Details | 

Your New Home – Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

This trendy flat design has a creative subtle background and a big lightbox, which is great for displaying the offerings of a real estate agency.

Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | 

Top-Notch App – IPhone Applications WordPress Theme

This stunning big design uses a lovely landscape image as a background, and the rest of the page looks clean and uncluttered. It is a perfect theme for a mobile app website.

IPhone Applications WordPress Theme

Details | 

Green Golf Grounds – Golf Responsive WordPress Theme

With lots of green and eye-catching lightbox images, this trendy big design conveys the atmosphere of an elite golf club on a summer day. This is exactly what a golf club needs for its website.

Golf Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | 

Neutral Green – Golf Responsive WordPress Theme

This golf club theme is very different from the previous one. It has the advantage of looking neutral and tasteful, with its simple olive background.

Golf Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | 

Original Corporate Design – Investment Business WordPress Theme

This primarily monochrome design looks pretty traditional, but several bright and creative details keep it from being too conventional. A young investment business will find this theme perfect for its website.

Investment Business WordPress Theme

Details | 

Light & Slim – Weight Loss Responsive WordPress Theme

This light flat design with pleasant green details is perfect for a website on healthy eating and weight loss.

Weight Loss Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | 

Feel Safe – Security Responsive WordPress Template

This dark flat design looks pretty impressive and professional. It’s a good fit for a business that offers security services.

Security Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | 

Sleek Blue – Marketing Services WordPress Theme

This clean big-resolution design uses lots of white and a fresh shade of blue. It looks sleek and would be great for a professional marketing services company.

Marketing Services WordPress Theme

Details | 

Smart Recruiters – Employment Recruiting Search Firm WordPress Theme

With light gray and dusty orange, this design looks smart and professional. It would make a great website for a recruitment firm.

Employment Recruiting Search Firm WordPress Theme

Details | 

Black Diamonds – Jewelry Responsive WordPress Theme

Darkly colored, this design makes the images of jewelry items shine even more. It’s a perfect choice for a website on jewelry or a jewelry e-store.

Jewelry Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | 

Modern Architecture – Architectural & Design Projects WordPress Theme

This dark design looks very stylish with its background of dark wood. It uses simple lines and big images, so it looks amazing with photos of modern architecture.

Architectural & Design Projects WordPress Theme

Details | 

Fun Parties – Event Planner WordPress Theme

This big pastel design looks very pretty and clean. It’s an excellent choice for an event agency that wants to looks tasteful.

Event Planner WordPress Theme

Details | 

Deep Blue – Water Responsive WordPress Theme

With its deep blue color scheme, this design is immediately associated with water, so it would be good for any business that supplies water filters or drinking water.

Water Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | 

Alternative Energy – Solar Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

This dark design uses warm natural shades and lovely images that make it a good choice for a website on ecology and alternative energy sources.

Solar Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | 

Glossy & Professional – Financial Planner WordPress Theme

This glossy design will be a great choice for a business that wants to look professional, like a financial consulting company.

Financial Planner WordPress Theme

Details | 

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  1. Thanks to Piyush Mathur, for sharing this on the Internet marketing social networking site –

    About this piece, Efoghor, it’s very well presented. It’s good to not just see the list of the themes but also a little bit of info about them, particularly the different niches that they can be used for.

    I also like how you provided links to more details and links to the demos for each of them, making it easy for someone to visit and check them out.

    Once again, niece piece!

    • Kingsley, thanks for having the patience to read my post and for finding it helpful. I do hope you buy one of those themes for your blog if you decide to make it look different in the future.

      I would be writing about more frameworks and plugins on my new blog in the next few weeks.

      Do have a productive and lovely week.

  2. WordPress is probably the best thing to create programs with. All the themes look great, and now I have even more to choose from. I usually just choose the first one I see, now I have more to choose from. Thanks for sharing.

    Spencer recently posted..Wearng Sexy Clothes Makes Me Feel GoodMy Profile

    • Spencer, thanks for stopping by and for leaving a valuable comment. I am happy this post has provided you with choices, and that choosing the next theme for your blog would no longer be a problem.

      It’s good to choose just the first, but whereby you have several quality products to choose from, you should take your time to look through before making your decision.

      Do have a lovely wee.

  3. Hey Joseph,

    You are definitely right, WordPress is the way to go and you should never just use a free theme. Invest in one so that you’ll have a lot more leeway with setting it up.

    I’m not in the market for a new one but I’m sure there are always people looking to find an attractive and affordable theme.

    Great share and enjoy your week.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Grab The Attention Of Your Target AudienceMy Profile

    • Adrienne, thanks for the visit and for the valuable comment. I love your blog. You sure have a nice looking one, and am sure you really love its look.

      Sure, there are always new people coming into blogging every minute of the day. They would need something flexible and beautiful to run their new blogs. Such person would find this highly useful.

      I appreciate your visit, especially for making time out of your busy schedules to see us here. Do have a lovely and fruitful week.

  4. Hi Joseph !
    I love the look and feel of all the these themes that you’ve shared with us .These all themes are well suited for any kind of blog niche and am sure the Cherry Framework has inbuilt modules to ensure that the theme is complete . Thanks for sharing these beautiful themes with us brother .

    Pramod recently posted..3 Best CDN providers for WordPress | Joomla | MagentoMy Profile

    • Pramod, thanks for stopping by. It’s been a long time. I am happy you are here again.
      Thanks for appreciating the post and those beautiful themes. The themes are great and actually very useful in case you need to build a new blog or change your existing theme.

      Thanks for your valuable contribution. Do have a lovely weekend.

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