What To Look Out For When Recruiting For Your Small Business

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Recruiting personnel for your small business can be daunting especially when there are several millions of candidates available for employment. You do not want to employ just anybody for your job. Do you? That is why all necessary care must be taken to ensure you employed the right candidate and have a good return on investment.

Oftentimes recruiters make the mistake of not making their recruitment process open and competitive; as such they leave out the best hands and settle for mediocre. But taking a thorough step to shop for employees helps to get the very best among the best.


Why recruit new employees?

Companies are bound to employ new employees (whether online or offline), as they grow and need to expand. There comes a time when just one or two persons would not be able to adequately cater to the needs of your business. New hands would be needed to attend to your teeming customers, man new offices, handle and operate new machinery, etc. At this time, recruiting workers becomes inevitable.

However, if you must sustain the new tempo of your expansion, quality hands are needed to take up the available responsibility and keep your business in contention. This is either done manually or using automated software such as the softgarden free recruiting software.

Using an automated software enables you post your job to your site’s job board, relevant sites, facebook page, etc; get the best candidates to apply, do a proper screening, track and keep proper appointment with all prospective employees.

Who should you employ?

Like I rightly mentioned from the outset, not all candidates who apply for a job are qualified to be recruited. There are a few things you must find out about your prospective employee before arriving at a final decision to or not to employ him/her. Some of the points that should help you in decision making include but are not limited to the following:

1. Qualification:

Does the candidate meet the qualification you are looking for? You may not be necessarily looking for a university graduate to hire. If you are looking for one with vocational skill, ensure the person being recruited meets the right qualification for the business. Experience really matters.


What kind of person is applying for the job? What has been his record on past jobs? Possibly, a check should be done on the past job to be sure your new candidate had a clean record, and was not sacked from his job.

3. Availability:

How soon would the candidate be available for the job if hired? A candidate that is thousands of kilometers away and needs to arrange his travel documents might not be right for a position that requires to be filled in a matter of one week. A candidate that is shuffling between school and job might not have the full concentration for your small business if hired for the job. You need someone who would have enough time for your business.

4. Flexibility:

Flexibility is important because a candidate might need to do more than the actual job he’s primarily employed to do, especially for a small business running on lean budget. One with extra skill and ability to adjust might be considered ahead of others.

5. Relationship:

Does the candidate have the ability to relate well with co-workers as well as with customers? You sure do not need a person who does not know how to work with fellow workers or put up a smile in the presence of a prospective customer.


Recruiting new employees for a small business demands that the best hands be brought on board, and certain qualities must be met by prospective candidates to ensure that the company gets a good return on investment.

Over to you now! What kinds of candidate did you employ for your small business? How were your new employees recruited? Did you end up getting what you think is the best candidate or you feel the person you employed wasn’t good enough? Please share your opinions with us.

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  1. Hi Efoghor,

    Being a relationship expert is huge. I would rather hire an affable, easy to work with worker with zero experience than an arrogant, difficult to work with guy who has awesome skills.

    I have seen this on jobs; people who work seamlessly with others learn the skills necessary to succeed and become successful. People want to help them. On the other hand, people who are arrogant, and see themselves above others, even though they are skilled, are punished by their hubris. Most get fired.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..How Do You Treat Unruly Blog Readers?My Profile

    • Ryan, you are absolutely correct. Relationship is very important when it comes to job and success. Those who have learned to relate well are faster to succeed. Anybody who sees himself as an island and becomes arrogant definitely suffers in the long run. Other people have a way of contributing toward making us what we eventually become; so learning to work in a relaxed environment is important.

      Sometimes people lose their jobs when things get so bad for a company and later get re-employed too when situation improves. But for those who never relate well with others, it is usually the end of the road for them should things turn the other way round.

      Thank you so very much for your valuable contribution. Do have a pleasant week.

  2. Really informed tips, thanks Joseph for the publication. hope those tips also applies to big and multinationals? as the basic principles is outlined here.

    • Emmy, thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Yes, multinationals also need people with character, skill and good interpersonal relationship to work for them. They even care more because they are established brands that wouldn’t want anything to destroy their standard. Everybody needs to keep his good image, maintain standard and sustain growth.

      Do have a wonderful and lovely week

  3. Hello efoghorjos,

    The first thing to check while recruiting for small business is character and relationship which would help to make the employee work hard and bring good results. The tips are really informative.

    Samir recently posted..Some Best Android Applications for daily lifeMy Profile

    • Samir, thanks for stopping by and for leaving a valuable comment too. Character and good relationship are actually vital to the success of any candidate in any establishment. It would be difficult to make a positive impact when these two attributes are missing.

      Do have a pleasant week

  4. Hi Joseph,

    Tough job. The employer, himself, must have some qualities in order to be able to find the one he (she) really needs. If you are not so good at relationships, how will you be able to identify a person with social skills?

    OK. The first criterion ( in my opinion) is experience. Is the candidate able to do the job? Diplomas, papers etc are of little importance. Next, the experience must be proved somehow so the candidate must have a record with things done in the past.

    Last, but not least, you must be able to evaluate the moral level of the candidate. Is he (she) an honest man (woman)? Can you trust him?

    If you want to increase your chances to find good employees, you must hire a recruiting specialist and work together. It will cost you some money but it is more profitable on the long run.

    Have a wonderful week
    silviu recently posted..Exceptional Bloggers and their Wonderful HeartsMy Profile

    • You are absolutely right, Silviu. A person without the right qualities or without the knowledge of what the right qualities should be cannot demand them from someone else.

      Yes experience is very important for a candidate to be able to thrive or deliver on the job. The only way to prove that you have the needed experience is to provide a portfolio of your past achievements.

      Morality must never be brushed aside. If it is lost, then your business is at stake.

      Recruiting specialist? Oh! I never even thought about that. Having had the experience of hiring people, they know the right kind of persons, the right questions to ask, what to look out for in a potential employee, etc. They are really very important.

      Thanks once again for your valuable contribution. Do have a relaxed and lovely weekend.

  5. The biggest quality I look for when recruiting a new employee is a wide range of skills. In a small business, I think it’s important for everybody to be able to wear many different hats.
    Chuck recently posted..Should Your Business Accept Bitcoin for Payment?My Profile

    • Chuck, you are quite right. Small businesses that are working on a lean budget should look out for potential employees with multiple range of skills. When employees have different skills, the cost of running the business is reduced as each person is able to handle different assignments at different times.

      Thanks for your contribution. I wish you the best of 2014.

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