How to Get More Subscribers With Optinskin premium plugin

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Optinskin premium plugin enables you to fully test all elements of your opt-in form. Change button colours, form text, eBook covers, box colours… you name it. Then optinskin will tell you which one is convincing more of your visitors to give out their email addresses.

Fully customize optinskin`s 18 default designs.

Every single element of optinskin`s default form designs can be customised by use of optinskin simple editor. Change box gradients, the fonts you use, the colour of your opt-in buttons and the text you use to talk to your visitors.


Draw attention to your opt-in forms with `fade`.

Besides making optinskin premium plugin highly attractive, it helps you get more subscribers too.
Optinskin fade feature allows your form to simply fade into your content to catch visitors’ attention.

Why your form has to be seen.

Numbers have to be accurate when changing designs based on conversion data. Optinskin! only counts impressions if a site visitor scrolls to the part of your page when your form is impressive enough.

Optinskin can power your custom designs.

Not only does optinskin comes pre-loaded with 18 customizable opt-in and sociable designs, you can also use it to power your own designs. Code up your dream designs in HTML and CSS by just giving the codes and the rest is done.

Place skins anywhere on your blog with one click.

By using optinskin, never again will you have to hunt through theme files or learn HTML just to put an attractive opt-in form on your site. The one-click placement feature offered, means you can be up and running in minutes.

Make more money with an optional affiliate link.

To add more flavour, you can add a small `powered by` link to skins anywhere on your blog and make 50% of every Optinskin sale if you enable this option. All this is however, optional.


Works with all email marketing services.

Optinskin plugin works with all major email marketing services like Google feedburner, Aweber, MailChimp, iContant, InfusionSoft, GetResponse, and many others offered in the market. Just one click and optinskin will integrate with your specific mail provider.

For smart bloggers who want to get more visitor sales, they have to bear in mind that subscribers are the silent sales machine. They also increase your visitors but at first you need a web form where people can subscribe to your newsletters.
Optinskin is the answer to create awesome and stunning looking lead capture form.

Optin skin`s split test.

This a feature offered by optin skin that enables you to test all elements of your option form. You will know which elements of optin form convince your visitor most to part with their email.

How to make money with optin skin.

Once you install optinskin plugin to your WordPress then you can insert your clickbank ID.
Optin also offers a click placement affiliate linking 60 days 100% money back guarantee.

It is worth noting that optin is not a fully-fledged email marketing service rather it has to include some third party email marketing services so as to function fully.

To get your own copy of optinskin, Click Here!

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