Top 50 Friends of Business Success Guide in 2013

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The year 2013 is gradually winding to an end, and soon it would be completely gone to allow for the ushering in of 2014. The year has been full of memories of successes and some failures as well. The good memories are to be remembered while the unpleasant ones should be discarded as much as possible.

As the year fades away, there are friends that need to be remembered for the positive contributions they made in my life. Here in Business Success Guide, there were those who made great contributions to my success story, and my story can never be complete without a mention of their names.


It is time to say a Happy Christmas to them and also wish them a successful, productive, trouble-free, lovely New Year ahead. You all made us proud; and this is my little way of appreciating you for your regular visits, your valuable comments and for sharing my posts with friends. Some of you went the extra mile to share our posts on some great social network/bookmarking sites. I cannot thank you enough.

I sincerely believe 2014 will be better. I hope to improve on the quality of our relationships, add more value to this blog and also get more quality interviews and giveaways for the readers of this blog. You are truly awesome. You deserve nothing but the best.

By the way, I would need new writers/contributors in the New Year. If you are interested to be a regular contributor here, please let me know so we can get things in place for the New Year. I would need writers in the areas of “Small business, bloggingtips, social media, and finance”.

So who were our best friends in 2013?

The most outstanding friends of this blog for 2013 are as follows:

1. Harleena Singh:

Harleena is the owner of She’s no doubt the best contributor to my blog this year. She was always here as one of the first persons to leave a comment on new posts. She was also outstanding in sharing my posts on social media. Thank you Madam for your immense contributions and share of love.

2. Silviu Constantinescu:

Silviu is the brain behind Silviu has been a very active subscriber. The most interesting thing about this young man is his comments; they are simply engaging, intelligent, complementary and constructive. He is a great source of motivation for me.

3. Bashir Ahmed:

Bashir owns He has been a source of help and strength for me and for this blog. I remember calling on him several times when in some distress with my blog. When I ran into trouble while trying to change my host, he was there to help move my folders even when ipage was unable to do anything. I really owe him a lot. Thanks man! You rock.

4. Kharim Tomlinson:

Kharim has been another source of help and inspiration. Apart from giving me the opportunity to publish guest posts on his blog, he was also one of the persons who sponsored a giveaway on my blog. He is the owner of Thank you so very much Kharim. I appreciate your help.

5. Patrick Ogidi:

Patrick is one person who has made a great impact in my online/blogging career. He was there to give some guidance when I was still young in the blogosphere. Pat is a social media guru and information products marketer. He also co-sponsored one of the giveaways on this blog this year. You may connect with him here Google+.

6. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai:

Mustafa is the brain behind the great and popular blog MyBloggerTricks.comwas the very first person to publish my guest post online. This year again he gave me the chance to submit another guest post on his site. You all know how difficult it is to get a space on a top level blog like his. I am really grateful to you Mustafa for the love and help.


7. Brian Belfitt:

Brian is the owner of He was one of the first people to give me the opportunity to be heard online. He gave me the chance to publish one of my early guest posts. Some months ago, he gave out 5 Standard Blogengage accounts on my giveaway to 5 lucky winners. I am grateful Brian. God bless you.

8. Miracle Obasi:

This young man has really been supportive to me. He has been a regular member of my blog community. Miracle is the owner of He was interviewed here some months ago, and has also helped in promoting my other sites like and . Thank you so very much for your unflinching support.

9. Enstine Muki:

A lot of you know Enstine very well. He’s one of those who have supported this blog. Enstine has been there for me on several occasions when I needed help. He is the owner of I have learnt a lot of new things from him. Thanks for all your assistance. God bless you.

10. Adrienne Smith:

Adrienne has been a source of inspiration for me. She has indirectly taught me how to leave meaningful comments on blogs. I also learnt from her how to improve upon existing relationships and how to share other people’s content. Adrienne is the owner of the highly interactive ing blog You are truly wonderful. God bless you madam.

11. Andy Bailey:

Andy is the owner of and the developer of the popular Commentluv plugin. He has encouraged me in different ways, amongst which were giving me a chance to publish a guest post on his blog and also giving away Commentluv Premium Licenses on my blog.

12. Theodore Nwangene:

Theodore has been a good friend and has encouraged me at different times too. He even gave me one of the themes I am using for my new blog. He is the owner of Thanks man!

13. Atish Ranjan:

Atish also deserves a mention for his contributions to my success story. I knew more about him when he was interviewed on my blog. Responses from his friends showed he’s a man that cares about his friends. Atish is the owner of

14. Lisa Buben:

Lisa also falls into the category of friends who help to share their friends’ contents on social media. She has been there several times to encourage others with her valuable comments on my blog. Thank you so much Lisa; you really strengthen me with your presence. Lisa is the owner of You may visit her at your spare time too.

15. Tesur Rajan:

Tesur Rajan is the owner of He is a true friend and supporter of Business Success Guide. He has at one point co-sponsored one of our giveaways. Thanks Rajan for being there for me, and for the support for my blog too.

other friends

Time would not permit me to give details of what everybody has done and how they affected me positively in 2013. But I must try and give a mention to several friends, even though I am unable to mention all. The other notable contributors include:

16. Don Caprio:

17. Oluwaseun Babajide:

18. Tim Bonner:

19. Francisco Perez:

20: Okto Hakim:

21. Pramod Choudhari:

22. Sue Neal:

23. Jane Sheeba:

24. Shalu Sharma:

25. Zac Johnson:

26. Desmond mavtrevor Nwosu:

27. Babanature Yakubu:

28. Kulwant Nagi:

29. Celina Conner:

30. Chitraparna Sinha:

31. Lahaul Seth:

32. Valentine Belonwu:

33. Adesanmi Adedotun:

34. Adesoji Adegbulu:


35. Susan Velez:

36. Erik Emanuelli:

37. Barry Wells:

38. Daniel Scocco:

39. Ken Myers:


40. Oscar Frank:

41. Asaolu Olubayode:

42. Nosa E. Nosa:

43. Akaahan Terungwa:

44. Shathyan Raja:

45. Kuldeep Khatri:

46. Shamsudeen Adeshokan:

47. Usiere Uko:

48. Gautam Kumar:

49. Temilola Globalwalyy:

50. Idaerefagha Allison:

To all other friends who did not make the list, you are not in any way less important. Your contributions are well recognized and I appreciate you also for your love and contributions. I will remember you for your care and support. God richly bless you.

I wish you all HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS 2014! Remain blessed.

About efoghorjos

Efoghor is a Registered Nurse turned entrepreneur, freelance writer and blogger. He currently lives in Bonny Island, Nigeria.

He started blogging in December, 2009 and ever since has not looked back. He has been sharing his knowledge in various fields with his followers online. He is a Platinum Expert author on Ezinearticles.

Efoghor hopes to do his best to give you the information he has and leave you to leverage on them to take your business to the next level of success. He tries as much as possible to give you great and unique content that would reposition you in whatever area of interest you have chosen to ply your trade.

You love my blog? Keep coming and make sure you tell your friends about Business Success Guide. I love you and I will do my best to make you happy here. Remember to subscribe to my mailing list to get all updates and promo announcements.


  1. Hi Joseph,

    What a lovely post to honor all those who have been part of your blog :)

    I loved the crown and shall place it right on my head, as it’s come from you. Thank you SO much for the kind and warm words. It’s an honor to be mentioned along with so many other wonderful bloggers, and yes – always here to be part of your blogging journey dear friend.

    We need to thank you too for sharing such wonderful posts with all of us, not to mention giving us a platform like TweetLow as well where we can meet new bloggers and share our posts with others. Yes, I know you keep working on a lot of things, and I wish you all the best and every success in your new and old ventures.

    Thanks once again for all you do. Have a love Christmas and Happy New Year as well. You just made my day a lot brighter. :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..How to Take a Break from BloggingMy Profile

    • Harleena, You’ve once again proved me right by being the first to leave a comment on this post, and for sharing it on Facebook, Google+ and twitter.

      Yes, it would be nice to place the crown on your head, and I wish I could come over to India to take a snapshot of you wearing it lol.

      Thanks for being a regular user of this blog and for the sharing, comments, encouragement, etc. You are indeed a source of strength for me. Your regular visits and constructive comments have also helped a lot of persons visiting here. Thanks a million for showing your love to us.

      As for my other ventures, I depend on God to see me through, and also count on the support from all of you to succeed. Tweetlow wouldn’t be where it is today if people like you were not there from the outset. I hope to do more in the new year by His grace.

      Thanks once again for the care. Compliments of the season.

    • No-one deserves the crown more than you, Harleena – I’m delighted to see you at the top of this list – congratulations!

      Joseph – this is a lovely way to celebrate the year’s end and I’m very grateful to you for including me in this list of awesome bloggers.

      Many thanks – and I wish you every success in 2014 :)
      Susan Neal recently posted..Why Blog Posts Are Like Christmas GiftsMy Profile

      • Susan, thanks for stopping by. It’s been a little while, but I am happy you are here again. Yes Harleena deserves to be first. But you also deserve a mention on the list for your contributions.

        I am looking forward to a day when someone would overtake her, but I know it would not be easy lol.

        I wish you God’s blessings in this season of love.

      • Thank you for saying that Sue, but I think Joseph is just being too kind with his words and placing me right on top :)

        I think we all are here whenever our time zones allow us, and I just get a little earlier than all of you….either ways, great to be mentioned here with so many other awesome bloggers :)
        Harleena Singh recently posted..How to Take a Break from BloggingMy Profile

  2. Thanks so much for the mention Joseph! I’m truly honored :)

    And good to see a great bunch of my blogging friends too! Congrats to everyone.

    And I wish you all a very Merry Christmas (if you celebrate) and a Happy and a Prosperous New Year :)
    Jane recently posted..SEO Mistakes That Even Professionals Make Without RealizingMy Profile

    • Jane, thanks for your regular support. You truly deserve a mention because of your contributions to the growth of this blog.

      Yes, a lot of your blogging friends are here because blogging has actually evolved into a global community. We are more of a family now.

      Thanks for your care. Compliments of the season.

  3. Wow! thanks Joseph. I really appreciate your kind effort in including me on your list. Well deserved at Harleena Singh, i use to feel her comment a lot and to my pal +Obasi, i appreciate you guys. Thanks for the mention and may God bless your hussle.

    • Robinson, you’ve been a good friend and so deserve a mention. I love to recognize people for whatever they do and those who do something (no matter how little) would always get accolades and those who have not done anything are encouraged as well.

      I wish I could mention everybody and not just the 50 on this list alone. But I want everyone to know that their little efforts are recognized.
      Thanks for your prayers. God bless you.

      I wish you a Merry Christmas a Prosperous 2014.

  4. Hi Joseph,

    I’m grateful to you for including me in your list, you ‘ve been so awesome over the years, your blog has also been a very nice source of inspiration to me.

    Visiting and sharing these awesome contents here over and over again is one way I can use to appreciate the good works you are doing here already.

    You have already made my day with this mention buddy. I love the crown, looks awesome too.

    Tweetlow and Mygigger are great start-ups, who will not like to share them anyway? I did ‘cos they were awesome and deserved to be noticed by bloggers and internet marketers that do frequent my blog from time to time.

    Do have a great day and a great season buddy, it’s been an awesome year for us already.

    • Obasi, you are a true friend. I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support. You have been there all through the year, both at times of celebration and at times of need. You deserve a mention.

      I appreciate the sharing, comments, and even the technical support each time you’re called upon to help out with issues here.

      Tweetlow and Mygigerr are great startups, no doubt. But not everyone is there to support such dreams. You have been around to help publicize them without asking for anything in return. You are awesome. I appreciate all the kindness.

      I wish you peace, love and success now and in the coming year. God bless you.

  5. Thanks a lot for the mention, Joseph!
    I really appreciate it! :)

    It’s great to see many names I know in this list.

    My best wishes for great success in 2014!
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted..How to become a Google Plus rock star with Circle SharesMy Profile

    • Erik, thanks for being a friend. I am honoured by your regular presence. I appreciate your support.

      You are doing well on and I wish you success with the project.

      God bless you for your love and for sharing my contents with your friends. I wish you Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2014.

  6. Thank you so much Joseph for the mention on your list. I’m honored to be included here with the crown among some great bloggers. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful inspiring 2014!
    Lisa recently posted..Blogging in 2014 to Blow Your Readers Out of the WaterMy Profile

    • Lisa, thank you so very much for the season wishes. I must say I am more honoured being associated with you and other bloggers. I appreciate all the great things I have learnt from you, and the contributions you have made toward the success of this blog.

      I wish you joy, grace, love and peace in this festive period and in the new year. God bless you.

  7. Hi Joseph that’s awesome of you to add me on the list! I wish the best success to you as well in 2014. If you want to do another giveaway I’m always interested just shoot me an e-mail.
    bbrian017 recently posted..Immunity Multipurpose Theme by MyThemeShopMy Profile

    • Brian, I am glad to be associated with you as a friend. I am proud of your support and the encouragement.
      Oh! That’s cool. I will be organizing one giveaway by January but I will inform you officially. Thanks a great deal for the offer. God richly bless you.

      I wish you the very best in this season of Christmas and in the New Year.

  8. When I saw this post shared on Facebook I didn’t think I would be in this list. Feeling great to be mentioned on your cool blog Efoghorjos. You indeed a great and hard working person.

    Being mentioned with great bloggers gives a great feeling to me. :-)
    Atish Ranjan recently posted..My Love StoryMy Profile

    • Atish, you are one of the bloggers I have found to be great. Your interview here proved that to me. You sure deserve to be mentioned with the other great bloggers. I know you are also a hard working guy. Keep it up man!

      Best of the seasons to you.

  9. Hey Joseph,

    Why thank you so very much for the mention and the kind words you said. I’m always so thrilled when I hear that someone has taken what I’ve taught, put it into action and gotten results. I think that just makes me so very proud and honored that I’m able to help you as a blogger.

    I’m also very thrilled to be among this great list of bloggers as well. I know several you’ve mentioned here and of course I agree that Harleena should be at the top of this very long list.

    Keep up the excellent work Joseph and sounds like you have big plans for next year. I wish you the very best and I’ll be back around to check out what you’ll be sharing with us.

    Thank you again and enjoy your weekend. Happy Holidays too and have a Very Happy New Year!

    Adrienne recently posted..How Facebook Is Slowly Killing Small BusinessesMy Profile

    • Adrienne, I am quite happy to be learning several new things from you and other bloggers too. I believe putting all these discoveries together would make me a better blogger.

      You’ve made much impact in my blogging life and sure deserve to be mentioned here. This list would not have been complete without a mention of your name. Thanks for your positive contributions to my life.

      Yes I am planning some new things for the new year and pray that God gives me the grace to achieve my dreams. Thanks for the best wishes.

      I wish you more success, joy and peace. Compliments of the season.

  10. Good List of active bloggers Joseph :)

    Glad to see Atish’s name here, yeah such a great guy who is well known in the blogosphere with his helping attitude.

    I know most of the bloggers which you’ve listed here, thanks for sharing this with us :)
    Nirmala recently posted..A Basic Tablet Buying Guide For YouMy Profile

    • Nirmala, I sincerely appreciate your valuable comment. Atish is actually a blogger that impacted so many others in his little way. I remember the responses his interview drew here when it was published. Such a blogger should never be ignored. He has been a true friend of this community and so needs to be appreciated.

      Thanks for your comments. Remain blessed.

  11. Hi Joseph,

    Many thanks for the mention and including me in your great list.

    I have the honour of knowing many in your list and agree that they’re great friends indeed.

    It’s been great connecting with this year Joseph and I look forward to building on that in 2014.

    Have a great Christmas and a very happy new year. All the very best for 2014.

    Barry Wells recently posted..Reflecting On 2013 The Good The Bad and The HelpfulMy Profile

    • Barry, you are highly welcome to my blog. I appreciate the little connection we made in 2013 and sincerely believe it would grow better and bigger in 2014. My dream is to expand on my relationship with other bloggers in 2014. Thanks for your support.

      Compliments of the season.

  12. Hi efoghorojs,

    I really appreciated you taking your time to compile this list and the mention as well. Am glad to have been mentioned among the leading bloggers such as Adrienne smith, Obasi, Adesoji, Neal, Bonner, Johnson, Desmond, Nagi, Myers, Harlenna, Erik, Jane, Brian and other that made this list, am indeed very happy and this really worth a Christmas gift for me and my colleagues. Thanks for this write-up bro!
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted..6 reasons why Pinterest is for marketersMy Profile

    • Adesanmi, there is this saying that “When a child washes his hands clean, he dines with the elders”. You played your cards well, you worked hard and so deserve a mention among the leading bloggers. I will continue to appreciate everyone who does well here.

      Thanks once again for regular visits and and for your comments. Remain blessed.

  13. Hello Joseph,
    This is indeed a good way of ending the year. Giving out love to friends and colleague in the blogging industry :).
    Thanks for mentioning my blog as well. Do have a good week ahead and oh… Happy holiday :)
    Babanature recently posted..Content Creation – How You Crowdsource Your EffortsMy Profile

    • Babanature, you are highly welcome. It’s indeed a great way of ending the year and making all our reading transit into the new year with memories of love and unity. 2013 wouldn’t have been complete if I did not appreciate those who contributed to the success of this blog.

      Thanks for all your love and support. Compliments of the season!

  14. I really appreciate you for mentioning me on this wonderful blog. you’ve personally been a source of happiness in blogging to me this year and i’m sure you desire more crown because if i’m to write an article about you, is not even worth more to appreciate you. All i have to say is thank you.

    • Asaolu, I have a place for everyone, both pros and newbies. If you contribute in your small measure you will surely be remembered. So your mention here is as a result of your participation and for adding a voice to the comments area of this blog to make it an interactive blog. Thanks for being there for us. Thanks for appreciating the little way I have affected you as a blogger.

      I wish you the best in your blogging career in the coming year.

  15. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year Joe,
    You have a very great list here indeed Man and, I’m very happy and honoured to be included, thanks a lot :).

    Business Success Guide is a very awesome blog and, I’ve also learnt a lot from you overtime man which I’m very thankful for. I’m really proud of you, keep up with the good work here.

    I don’t really have much to say but, i just want to thank you and also encourage you to do more in 2014……YOU ROCK:).
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted..How to Increase Your Twitter Engagement Beyond your ExpectationMy Profile

    • Thanks for the compliments Theodore, and thanks for being a reliable friend of this blog. We all learn from one another because no man is an island of knowledge.

      No matter how little you have seen your contributions here, they have never gone unnoticed. Thanks for all your support. God richly bless you.

  16. Hi Joseph,

    What a lovely way to spread your appreciation. I heartily agree that Harleena belongs at the top of the list.
    Such a warm and sharing person who always finds the positive to commend and comment about.
    I notice the many thanks she gathers every where she goes, given in exchange for her words of enlightenment and encouragement.

    • Cararta, thanks for stopping by and for leaving a valuable comment. I should appreciate everyone that contributes in one way or the other to the success of this blog. It’s not easy to abandon your schedules to come and read my posts and leave comments. Such efforts on the parts of our readers need to be appreciated by me.

      Harleena has done remarkably, and everyone seems to agree she’s the most qualified for the position of the best friend of this blog. I hope to do better in terms of rewarding the readers of this blog in 2014.

      Thanks once again. I wish you the best in this festive season and in the New Year. God bless you.

  17. Hi Joseph,

    It’s great for me to know that I’m on the list :). No other word than thank you very much I can say. Let’s prepare for the next year. All the best for you and everyone here.

    Thanks my friend
    Okto recently posted..How to Use Marketing Automation to Promote Your BlogMy Profile

    • Okto, you sure deserve a crown because you are one of the most reliable members of this community. Your contributions have been quite outstanding and there is no other better way to acknowledge your contributions than to give you a glorious crown. Thanks once again for your regular visits, comments and support.

      I wish you God’s divine blessings, joy, peace and fruitfulness in 2014

  18. Hi Joseph,

    Thank you very much for including me among the best friends. You have placed me after Harleena Sing and before big names like Adrienne Smith or Andy Bailey. WOW!! I am not that big, yet.

    I must say that you are the first who wrote a whole article about me and offered me that gift with the two plugins as a reward for my contribution to this blog.

    I was the first in that series you created especially for this purpose: to reward contributions to the blog and encourage new bloggers to come and participate.

    Great idea Joseph. When the time will come I will apply it, too. This is the mark of a vivid imagination and of a high level of creativity.

    Now, you are doing it again offering us a crown, the crown of friendship. Thank you for making me one of the comment kings. :) Great gift from a great man.

    Now, I want to say a word to the readers of this post. Efoghor Joseph is an awesome blogger and a very experienced internet marketer. Years of hard work and dedication have made this blog one of the most influential in the blogosphere.
    He is now an authority and soon the world will recognize him as one of the leading figures in the whole online business world. Follow him. You have nothing to lose but you have everything to gain.

    A Prosperous and Happy New Year!
    silviu recently posted..When A Wonderful Woman Tells Her Story: Graphic Designer Angela MccallMy Profile

    • Silviu, thanks for your regular visits and for the valuable comments too. You may not understand how big you are; we the observers should be in a better position to tell you how valuable you are. I keep saying it over and over again that I will recognize contributions made by people here. It’s purely without sentiments. When you do well, I should say it out for others to know how well you have done. It is my sincere desire to see everyone grow as I grow too. So whatever it would take me to help others to grow and be recognized, I will do it.

      You are one of those who made me proud in 2013; your contributions are part of what have taken us to the level we have attained on Business Success Guide. So why should the glory go to myself alone? You all deserve to share in the glory too. My dream for 2014 is to improve upon those areas where I didn’t do too well in 2013, including giving more rewards on a regular basis.

      Thanks for the endorsement. Thanks also for your sincere prayers. I look forward to the day God would answer that prayer and add me to the leading figures in the online business.

      I wish you the very best in your blogging career in 2014.

  19. Hi Joseph !
    I always enjoyed reading your posts . You always share unique and well crafted content that makes me visit your blog . I hope , you’ll do this forever . Thanks for considering me as a friend and happy new year !

    • Pramod, I am glad to hear you enjoy reading my posts. You are one of those people who have given me the needed strength to keep going. As for your request, I will try my best to keep delivering quality posts to make sure you and other readers get value for your time. Thanks for being there for us at all times.

      I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  20. Hi…first time visiting your blog. Good to know that my cousin Atish contributed lot in many’s achievements. Also he is trying his best placing me high. Proud to be his sister. By the way very nice write up.

    • Shiwangi, good to know you are a cousin to Atish. He has been a very close and nice Pal. I can see you have a fairly new, but already interactive blog too. It’s nice to meet you.

      Thanks for admiring my write up. You are officially welcome to the Business Success Community. I wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2013.

  21. Awesome list! I also know and acknowledge a few of them. I really wish i knew all these blogs but i only know around 10 of them all. Weird right? Yea i know :-)
    Samuel Adeniyi recently posted..Glo Magic SIM – Browse Free Using Your Glo SIM 2013My Profile

    • Samuel, thanks for stopping by. Yeah! You may not know everyone at the moment, but with a little more effort, I am sure you will get to know many of them this year. You can note down their blog URLs and start to pay their blogs visits one at a time. If you visit at least 2 a day, in the next 1 month you already have gotten in touch with all of them.

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