Blog Comments: Do They Reflect Blog Quality?

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One thing you cannot take away from blogging today is the fact that blog comments have become an inseparable part of blogging. People try to measure the quality of a blog by the number of comments such a blog generates. In as much as comments are an indication that a blog is interactive, we must also remember that there are other things that add up to its quality.

I have come across blogs with great contents but with few comments, and also those with contents that cannot be said to be great but they enjoy high responses from their readers. However, there are those with a balance of content and interactivity.

Recently I did a survey of some blogs and was shocked at what I discovered. On some blogs were what I would term several worthless comments. Some of those blog comments were in their hundreds. At a point I almost panicked because of what I felt was high blogger-readers interactivity until I took a closer look at some of those comments.

blog comments

Would you like to know what I saw? I saw a lot of comments capable of destroying the reputation of such blogs. On some of those blogs, over 90% of the comments were actually spam – No gravatar images, contributions were tailored to fit into any post, and they perfectly fit into the characteristics of spam comments. Surprisingly, they were approved and even responded to by the owners of those sites. If you have not read my post titled How to detect a spam comment on your blog and unmask the person behind it, please try and read it. It would actually help to weed those useless spam from your blog.

How I group blog comments

After going through some of those websites and personally reading a lot of those comments, I decided to group comments into three major categories. There may be other categories, but these are the ones I feel sum up the various types of comments we see on blogs:

1. Spam comments:

If you read my previous post on spamming which I referred to above, the characteristics of these comments fit into this group. Usually, spammers come to your blog to get backlinks and care less about the health of your site or what Google could do to you. They are faceless, their contributions are done through bots, comments are tailored to fit into any content, no avatar/gravatar image, they don’t make any specific reference to the topic of discussions because they never read posts, in most cases they repeat what others have said, they use keywords in place of their names, etc. If such exist on your blog, then you need to weed them out before they ruin your reputation.

Check out this post on commenting by Adrienne Smith. It shows you what would make your comment on her blog to be unacceptable. And those points agree with what I have just said about spamming. The post is titled My New Commenting Rules. That post currently has 276 quality comments as at the time of writing this post. Most of those unacceptable practices are the hallmark of a spam commenter. It must be avoided like a leper.


2. Poor comments:

These are close to spam comments but slightly different. The commenter does not have the time to add comment of real quality but just wants to add his voice because others are contributing. He does not have the patience that others have; so he ends up leaving a line or two. His comment hardly adds value to the blog post. But the intention here is what differentiates him from the spammer. He is not contributing just to get backlinks, he wants to belong. Others have read the post and left a feedback, he too wants to leave a print for the blog owner to know he visited. If his contribution has no value, the blog owner should decide either to leave it or delete it.

3. Quality comments:

This is my opinion of what blog commenting should be. It adds quality to the post. Other people benefit from what the commenter is saying. In most cases, they complement the post; they add useful ideas that the writer might have forgotten to add. They answer questions that the blogger has not had time to answer. They make the community a place where you can get value for your time. They proffer solutions to questions asked by fellow readers. They have no desire to spam or visit you just to get backlinks. Even if they want to get backlinks, at least they contribute their quota to making your blog valuable and then get rewarded with a few backlinks.

Read this post by Harleena Singh and at least get an idea of what I mean by quality comments. The post has 113 comments as at the time of writing this post, and only 3 of those comments are without gravatar image. But they did not fall into the spam comment category because they were specific to the topic of discussion and their real names were used instead of keywords. The post is titled How to Take a Break From Blogging. You need to have a look at it.

We have seen three main categories of blog commenting; and they fall into the following:
Spam comments
Poor comments
Quality comments

How to improve your blog comments

It is not just enough to look for quality comments on your blog. There are no people specially assigned to do the job like professional mourners would always mourn for the dead. Commenting should be the work of every blogger. It should be complementary. If your blog is lacking in valuable comments, here are a few suggestions I have for you:

1. Be a commenter yourself:

There is this saying that ‘Kindness begets kindness’. This is true for most of life’s endeavours, including blogging. If you want to have quality comments on your blog, you need to step up your commenting pattern on other people’s sites. You tend to get back the same quality that you give. I observed that since I started toeing the steps of Adrienne Smith and Harleena Singh and started leaving quality, complementary comments on people’s posts, the same started coming to mine. It is natural that same thing you give migrates back to you through another direction. If you visit Adrienne Smith’s or Harleena Singh’s blogs you will see there are hardly spam comments or poor comments because every commenter is subconsciously forced to give the same thing that they receive from these persons.

You need to go the extra mile to help people with problems to get those problems solved. When you do that for your blog reader, be sure you have him coming back to your blog regularly. Now read this post by Barry Wells about Lisa Buben. The post currently has 72 quality comments. It is titled Blog Commenting and a Blogging Superstar.

2. Start the interaction:

If you want feedbacks from your readers, you must learn to kick the ball rolling by asking questions and persuading them to leave their opinions. Find out if your post was helpful, if they have issues they don’t understand or if they need special help in understanding the message you passed across. Asking questions would make people come out of their cocoons to share their minds with you.

3. Remove monotony:

Monotony kills interest, but variety is the spice of interest. Don’t keep giving your readers the same stuff all the time. At a point they get tired of same thing and stop leaving their comments. This is partly because they no longer read or enjoy your posts, and also because they don’t see any reason wasting their time to drop comments on posts that are hardly useful anymore.

This post by Lisa Buben is a typical way of removing monotony from a post and making it interesting. Apart from the content, is has an infographic that is visually appealing and provides the readers with something different from what they are used to daily. It is titled Blogging in 2014 to Blow Your readers Out of The Water. Make sure to read it and see the response from the readers too. The post has 90 comments as at the time of writing this. All commenters have gravatar image and you hardly see a comment of one or two lines.

Besides, monotony could come in the form of listening to only one person from season to season, with no variety added in form of guest posts or featured posts. Apart from not hearing from different authors, you should do your readers the favour of minimizing the act of talking to them instead of sharing with them. They get bored if you keep talking alone without giving them the opportunity to contribute. Make sure your posts are presented in such a way that your readers understand that some forms of feedback are needed from them.


4. Share people’s content:

There is love in sharing! Don’t try to be an island. Blogging is not a place of competition; it is a place of sharing in love. When you share other people’s content, they would naturally want to share yours too. This is one area I have not done too well these years and hope to improve seriously in the New Year. If we all improve in this area, our content would go viral at all times.

5. Provide quality content:

Nobody wants to share content that is useless. Everyone wants to be proud of sharing what he thinks would really benefit others. In the same vein, if you provide poor quality content, you will hardly get anyone to comment on it because nobody wants to associate with what has no value. The better your content the more feedbacks it would get.

6. Reward your readers:

Is there a way of telling your readers that their comments are worth it? Do you have a way of encouraging them to leave more comments? For example using Commentluv plugin provides you the opportunity of having the “Top Commenters” displayed on your sidebars. This has way of making the commenters displayed know that their comments are really valued. Moreover, it has a way of spurring the less active ones into action. It somehow creates some competition between commenters in order to maintain the top spot.

Furthermore, you can give awards to your top commenters to let them know you value the time they spend on your blog and for the comments they leave after reading each post. I do this here on this blog periodically because I value my readers and their comments.

Once again, to improve the comments on our blog, we need to do the following:

1.Be a commenter yourself
2.Start the interaction
3.Remove monotony
4.Share other people’s content
5.Provide quality content
6.Reward your readers

Blog comments do not necessarily equate to blog quality. Only when comments have quality to add to a blog post should we see it as improving the quality of that blog. A thousand worthless comments would rather kill the reputation of a blog than improve it. But a hundred high quality comments would add more value to a blog and improve its integrity in the sight of readers and advertisers.

Blog commenting is not magic! Taking positive action on your part, and encouraging your readers in one way or the other would help improve the level of comments on your blog. Trying to do things in isolation would never help; rather it would make things worse. Help others the way you wish to be helped and your blog would start getting the feedback you desire.

Have I left out any important point? Did I speak your mind as a blogger or as a reader? I would like to hear from you. Share with us what you think should be done to improve comment quality on our blogs. Do you think blog comments reflect quality? Let us know if you agree or disagree with this topic.

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  1. To advertisers, i think they feel it reflects on a blog’s quality. Though it is a way of denoting that a blog houses lots of readers; but i really do not feel it distinguishes between the quality of the blog and one that has no value.

    • Robinson3d, Thanks for the regular visits and for the valuable comments as well. Yes advertisers need blogs they are sure would give them good ROI. To them, more comments on a blog is an indication that the blog has an active community and as such would expose their ads to a lot of users. But that is just number. Quality comes from those comments that have something useful to add to your blog. Only quality comments improve the value of a blog; spam comments help to destroy the reputation the blog has.

      I wish you a prosperous 2014.

  2. Hi Joseph,

    Wonderful post indeed, and you surely have said it all there is to blog comments in this post :)

    Let me start by thanking you for the kind words and the link to my post. I didn’t realize that post’s got so many comments, though there are many I still have to reply to, which I will at my own pace for sure, so it would become more then I guess.

    Yes indeed, there are such kind of blog commenters and I think most bloggers would agree with your list. It’s sometimes very tough to do away with spammers, and the faceless people. But sometimes I approve such comments IF I know the person from before and he/she wants to hide his/her identity, or might have changed their email ID, or if the comment is worth sharing because I give the little benefit of the doubt that new bloggers sometimes don’t know about Gravatar etc., though I ensure to let them know about it in the comments or even email them at times.

    Oh yes…those one liner comments, or people wanting to comment and say something just because others are saying it and if given a choice they might not want to comment other than for leaving their links….don’t we know them all!! I get a few of those too, but when I see that it’s kind of their style to do the same at all blogs, I let them pass. The real quality commenters are surely the ones who add value to your post, say something additional, or join in the conversation. They are the people we value and wait for, don’t we?

    I strongly feel that if a person spends time to read your posts, they’d surely spend time to leave a meaningful comment related to the post, which is the way it should ideally be. And sharing IS caring – I am glad you mentioned that in your post, something I see very few bloggers do, and I wonder why? There are SO many ways to show that you care, and every small deed and way matters, doesn’t it? More so, our blogging community is very small, and if not we, who else will share our posts. Also, if we can help other bloggers by sharing their posts with our readers and followers, we only help them without losing anything at all. I hope this message reaches out loud and clear to people.

    Loved the tips you mentioned about writing quality comments, and you are very right about comments bringing in comments too. I see many bloggers leave short comments or one liners at other posts, and somehow that’s what they get at their posts too, especially if they leave short ones on their own blogs, while those who leave long comments, or really ‘talk’, will get one liners even sometimes trying to leave longer comments than 1-2 lines, which I feel is a great effort from their side. I know of 3-4 bloggers who have risen from the level of leaving 2-3 line comments to writing 1-2 paragraphs of meaningful comments, which is commendable because they have worked on themselves. So, if they can do it, anyone can, it’s just a matter of being determined :)

    Thanks once again for the kind mention along with Adrienne, who’s taught me a great deal too about blog commenting. Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Keep Moving Forward – My 3rd Blog AnniversaryMy Profile

    • Harleena, thank you so very much for your contribution. You have once again demonstrated why you are the comment superstar. One can hardly differentiate which is the original post between my post and your comment. There is no doubt that anyone who reads your comment would have something tangible to take home. Everyone who reads the post would also understand what valuable comment is. Though we all don’t have to make our comments as lengthy as yours before it can add value to the blog. But you have delivered a message that nobody can ignore. It is obvious you took the time to read through the entire content and hence could share your mind on each paragraph.

      Yes, occasionally I approve comments by faceless people too, especially if I know them in person, or if their comments are topic-related. Sometimes, I watch to see that they are not generated by bots and if they have one or two things to add to the post, they get my nod.

      I agree with you that anyone who spends the time to read a post would also spend some time to leave a comment. There are just some who are always in a haste to peruse your post, drop a few lines of comment and off they go to another blog. Time is really scarce and only good time managers make good use of it. We get some of those few lines approved sometimes too.

      Sharing is caring! Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people share my content. When they do that, it shows they love me. If that makes me happy, I should also be able to make some other persons happy by sharing their contents too. I shouldn’t be the only one benefiting from other people’s love and generosity; I should be able to share love to others too.

      Yes, leaving quality comments on other people’s blogs bring quality comments back to your blog too. I am grateful to you and to Adrienne Smith for showing me how to leave quality comments on blogs I visit. They have really helped to change my world.

      Thanks once again for your valuable contributions and for those posts that have helped to reshape my blogging experience. I wish you peace, love, joy, good health and prosperity in 2014.

  3. Efoghorjos, You make some excellent points about blog commenting and the ones that are spam or even LOOK LIKE SPAM. I only approve a handful that do not have a gravatar because I know them, otherwise they go into spam. I’ve gone back to some old posts and removed some old ones that were spam before I really knew what spam looked like. I think we get more picky as time goes on too. Comments don’t always reflect quality – it could be that the blogger is an awesome networker on social sites. But quality comments can add to a post for sure! Great topic and thanks for the mention too. (Your trackback ended up in spam but once I figured out where it came from I approved it.) Have a wonderful day and a Happy New Year. Hard to believe 2013 is almost over.
    Lisa recently posted..Great Customer Service The Twitter Way at The Speed of LightMy Profile

    • Lisa, thanks for stopping by and for your valuable comment too. We need to sort out the comments according to the categories they belong for the sake of the health of our blogs. Yes, I do also approve some comments without gravatar if I know the persons or if the comments are not tailored to fit into just any post. If the person uses his name and not keywords, I also approve them. We cannot be 100% rigid at all times.

      It’s a good practice for you to periodically check your spam for comments that shouldn’t have been there. This helps to minimize the number of genuine comments getting trashed. And like you rightly said, things change from time to time and our interpretation also change.

      Yes, those who share their contents on social networks could get a lot of comments; but what is unhealthy about the whole thing is if those spam comments become overwhelmingly much for the blog. Then it becomes expedient that they be filtered out.

      I am happy you were able to find my trackback from the spam and get it approved. It’s all because you were observant. Thanks for your usual contributions and for those posts I referred to, especially for going the extra mile to see that your blog users are satisfied.

      I wish you God’s blessing, love, favour and prosperity in the year 2014.

  4. On a more serious note, Mr Joseph you really did a great job to make commenting clear to newbies. Harleena also wrote a wonderful post on that too.

    Well to me, I’ll say that blog comments really add quality to once blog because if you have reasonable number to comments that are not spam on your blog, it showed that your blog posts are valuable.

    Another thing that I noticed with the people that have good contents but fewer comments is that they never took their time to promote their blog. Little is what search engine those to commenting this days, but the technical know-how of how you can promote your contents really matters a lot.

    And the issue of gravatar or so, I actually tried using intensedebate as a commentluv comment box, though it worked perfectly well and all of a sudden, I wasn’t seeing my gravatar image again.

    Thanks for this wonderful post Mr Joseph, you are simply the best.

    • Asaolu, thanks for your contributions. I am glad to hear that this post is helpful to you in some ways. It is true that quality comments add value to your blog; but they must be quality and not quantity. Spam comments are completely out of it because they help to bring down the reputation of your blog.

      Promoting your blog posts is one of the ways to increase your blog comments. But we should realise that promoting to a set of audience without participating in their communities would hardly get you a tangible result. Even if you promote to a social circle, you must also learn to participate in those circles too.

      You must have noticed that your comments here get approved even though you have no Gravatar image. This is because one, I know you personally and am sure you are not a spammer. Two, your real name is used instead of keywords. Third, your comments are topic-specific. They mention issues that are under discussion. Once a commenter meet these qualities, I will get his comment approved even if he has no picture.

      As for the Intensedebate and Commentluv, I think there must have been a bug or the system might no longer be supported. But try and do some research on how to get it fixed. I would also suggest you migrate to WordPress when you have the resource to do so because it is easier to use avatar on WordPress blogs than on Blogger.

      I wish you a successful and productive 2014.

  5. Heru Prasetyono says:

    Blog comments is important for me. But everyone must make use of it wisely.
    Showing real name and picture will be better to have good conversation.
    Don’t say something rude or give bad comments. Speak politely and give critics in good manner.
    Don’t do spamming. This is very annoying and useless. It can hurt other’s mind.
    Heru Prasetyono recently posted..How To Make A BlogMy Profile

    • Heru, thanks for the visit and for your valuable comment too. Yes blog comments are important because they add up to increase your blog worth. I agree with you that comment must be used wisely.

      Use of one’s real name and gravatar image are necessary because they make you look real. Using keywords in place of names look more spamming in itself; and this should be avoided if possible since the Commentluv plugin has a way of showing the last 10 posts on your blog. Yes, observing comment ethics are also important to make the place decent.

      Thanks once again for your contributions. I wish you a prosperous 2014.

  6. Hey mate,

    Lovely write! Personally, I think commenting is important BUT if you want to comment, make sure you leave some good stuffs in it. It can be short but make sure it is sardine packed with lots of information.

    Thanks for sharing and have a Happy New Year!
    Reginald recently posted..The 10 Best Of The Best Mailing List Tools And Plugins For 2014My Profile

    • Reginald, Thanks for that contribution. Comments are valuable and an integral part of every blog. Like you rightly said, every commenter must strive to leave good stuff on the blogs they visit. Any comment that has no information to offer, or does not contribute to the health of the community does not really add any value to the blog. So they are not valued by the blog owner and even by other members of the community.

  7. I know from past experience that if you do a lot of commenting on the blogosphere, many come and comment on your blog. However you could be using that time to create more great content for your own blog, so it is a trade off in terms of your time.
    Jon Rhodes recently posted..Comment on Write a massively popular blog post by changing your mindset by Erik EmanuelliMy Profile

    • Jon, thanks for your valuable contribution. You are absolutely right. Everything we get has some form of sacrifice we must be willing to make in order to get them. We must decide what our priority is, whether getting a lot of comments or adding some valuable posts to our blogs at a specific time. If we decide to carve out time to comment because we need more comments too, it must be done in such a way that it does not completely rob us of the time we should use for creating content. But if we have the content and it seems nobody is reading them, then there is trouble too.

      To make things work and have a balance between great content and an interactive blog, we have to plan our time and be sure to utilize the time given to both writing and commenting.

      Thanks once again for your valuable contributions. I wish you the best of 2014

  8. Lovely blog commenting post which covers all possible information about it.

    I truly appreciate your effort to bring this post live Joseph :)

    Yeah, I would say that if your blog has no comments then it has no readers and you’re not caring/encouraging the readers.

    I too strongly hate of concept of leaving comments just for backlinks. I never do it and I won’t approve the single line comment for my blog posts.

    I suggest the bloggers to leave worthy comments on other blog posts saying what you’ve understand from that post. if you’re familiar with the information given in the blog post, just share your views/experience and avoid saying “Nice post, thanks for sharing, keep posting” like that.

    No words to describe the comments of Harleena. She is awesome in writing :)
    Nirmala recently posted..Experts Tips – Chris Guthrie from Entrepreneurboost.comMy Profile

    • Nirmala, thanks for stopping by and for leaving a valuable comment. Thanks for appreciating this post as well; I am glad you picked something tangible from it.

      You are absolutely right; any blog that has no comment has no readers and it has no community. It is the comments that make any new visitor understand that the blog is lively and not dead. If you visit a blog and there is dead silence there, you will not be able to spend more than a minute there.

      Yes, commenting solely for backlinks is not healthy for any blog; and all bloggers who do that hardly get the respect of other bloggers. They soon get known for what they are. Sharing your mind and adding your own points where necessary is the best way to make a blog interactive. You get noticed as a contributor when you keep leaving useful comments.

      To be frank, I think Harleena is the best of all the commenters I have come in contact with. She has no match for now – always there on time to read and share her opinion, taking time to share your post on social media, etc. Sometimes I even wonder if she has the time to do other things apart from helping people.

      Thanks once again for your valuable contribution. I wish you God’s divine blessings, peace and love in the New Year.

  9. I don’t believe the length of a blog comment determines its quality as well, a comment could be a question from a reader for better clearity, it could be a contribution to a portion of the article he felt you didn’t cover much or just his mere contribution to whole article stating exactly what he thinks.
    A blog comment can as well be a reply to another commenter’s comment or a general reply to all the comments. If you analyze the anatomy of a quality blog comment it should be straight to point devoid of unnecessary points and long enough to convey the commenter’s mind.
    But then i won’t deny that there are smart human spammers who won’t bother to read the post and simply write a general view maybe from the point they gathered from earlier commenters or they skimmed the article and write comments that are not related to the content, i simply remove such comments and save my blog from Google’s wrath.
    You have indeed covered blog commeting in details on this post and i must say it is informative and resourceful, keep it up.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted..Display your PC screen on TV Wirelessly with AirTame Wireless HDMIMy Profile

    • Desmond, you are quite right. The length of a comment may not necessarily determine its quality. But what we are not comfortable with are those few words like “keep it up, nice post, I love this post, I will visit again, very helpful post, what blog theme are you using”, etc. Those words don’t say anything, they are prepared to be added to any post and you would think the person actually read your post. It might interest you know that those comments are actually delivered by bots. One way to prove this is to instal “Anti-spam” plugin on your blog. It automatically stops those bots from dumping those comments they are fed with.

      Comments should be specific to what you are discussing. And like you rightly said, they should either ask related questions, answer other readers’ questions, share personal opinions based on the subject of the post, or remind you of what you forgot to add. When a comment has none of these element, it is worthless then.

      Thanks for your valuable contribution. I wish you the very best in your blogging career come 2014.

  10. I trash 100s of spam comments daily but one thing I didn’t care much which is not having a gravatar. If I see a useful comment and whether if it has no Gravatar but real name then I do approve but I think I should keep this in mind as well. very well write up Efoghorjos. Enjoyed reading.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted..TechTricksWorld – 2013 HighlightsMy Profile

    • Atish, spam comments are a great problem especially on WordPress. I was getting many of them until I installed “Anti-spam” plugin on my blog. It then became clear to me that those comments were actually generated by bots. Anti-spam does not interrupt a human comment; it only presents to the bot some questions specifically meant for bots and when those questions get answered it becomes obvious they are done by bots since the questions are not visible to the human eyes. Installing it on your blog could also help weed out those worthless things.

      Well, I also approve some comments when it is clear that they are useful whether they have avatar or not. Using real names instead of keywords is one other way to know if the commenter might not be a spammer after all.

      Thanks for your valuable contribution. I wish you a Happy New Year.

  11. Hi Joseph,

    This is an excellent post, full of wise advice. I know that when I started out I used to accept comments I believed to be genuine, but that I’m now sure were almost certainly spam. There are some very clever spammers out there, and it can be difficult for inexperienced bloggers to deal with this. There are also, sadly, some genuine bloggers who nevertheless leave very poor quality comments that add no value to the post, and those are even harder to handle – recently I’ve been taking a much harder line in refusing to publish comments I feel are written purely with a view to getting a backlink. I also have no hesitation in removing links I don’t like the look of.

    I use commentluv and I also encourage people to comment by responding to all genuine comments in a personal, thoughtful way.

    I love blog commenting and think it’s a great way of getting to know other bloggers and building relationships – it upsets me when people use blog comments in a cynical way, for ulterior motives. I think backlinks are just a bonus and shouldn’t be the main reasons for leaving comments on someone’s blog.
    Susan Neal recently posted..Why Blog Posts Are Like Christmas GiftsMy Profile

    • Susan, thanks for your kind words. I appreciate your valuable contribution. I also made those mistakes of approving spam comments when I started as a newbie blogger because I thought they were genuine and adding value to my blog. But I soon found out they were constituting nuisance to my blog and then I changed my approach to them.

      Yes, there are genuine bloggers who leave few lines of comments that also don’t add much value. But like you rightly said, if you observe they are there to get backlinks, such comments should not see the light of day.

      Blogging is supposed to be a place for disseminating information and making friends. Unfortunately, what we have today is a situation where so many bloggers now hustle for backlinks for their selfish interests. I so much believe in building relationship. Since I started to do that, my blogging community has improved relatively and my popularity has soared. When we do the right thing, other benefits follow naturally.

      Thanks once again for your valuable comment. I wish you a splendid 2014.

  12. Well said Efoghor. I find the sweet spot between adding value to a post without becoming attached to any one blog, because meeting people daily is SO important in our niche. Super tips here!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Me Petting Baby Tigers Living the Internet LifestyleMy Profile

    • Ryan, thanks for stopping by and for leaving your valuable comment. It is better to make more friends in the blogosphere than create more backlinks. Friends would always be there for you through thick and thin. The more friends we can make the better for us. I personally hope to add more friends in 2014.

      I wish you a Prosperous 2014

  13. Hey Joseph,

    Thanks you so much for using me and my commenting post as an example. I know that with blogging we’re taught to build up those links and commenting on blogs that have CommentLuv is highly recommended. Along with that though comes a heck of a lot of spam and it’s pretty obvious who those people or bots are.

    Now I also have learned that along with this comes the people who haven’t quite learned how commenting can truly benefit them instead of simply using it for traffic sources. I think we all have to start somewhere and learn this so I’ll hope that most will learn this lesson through your post.

    Blog commenting can benefit you in so many different ways so sharing your honest thoughts, opinions and even asking questions is really the best way to approach this. Short responses benefit no one and soon you’ll be labeled a spammer because you aren’t adding anything to the post itself.

    I even have regular readers that from time to time it’s obvious they’re either just in a hurry or trying to make sure they hit every post which I really wish they wouldn’t. I don’t want anyone commenting because of that, I want them to comment because they have something to share.

    This is a really wonderful post and thanks again Joseph for mentioning me as well. I’m truly honored to be used as an example and I hope that it will help someone else understand just how truly beneficial this can be for them.

    Happy New Year!


    • Adrienne, I will always mention your name as long as I keep learning something useful from you and some others. What I learnt from you has transformed my blogging experience positively and so I have to let people know where the inspiration came from and also how they can benefit from being close to you too.

      Yes, one big problem with Commentluv or any other commenting plugin that allows commenters to get a “Do follow” backlink is that a lot of spammers want to take advantage of the situation to build links to their own sites as well. But we need to be vigilant to be able to catch them in their tricks.

      It is really better not to have comments than to have those that are obviously for selfish reasons. Any serious visitor who visits your blog for the first time would easily identify those worthless comments and score you low. A few useful comments are really better than basket full of worthless comments.

      Thanks for endorsing this posts and for seeing it as one that could help those who are learning to do blog commenting. I pray everyone actually finds the post helpful in some ways.

      I wish you more and more success in your blogging career.

  14. Hi Efoghor,

    That’s an excellent post that explains what it takes to get decent comments on our blogs. The trouble is that when we’re first starting out we don’t know about the dangers of allowing spam comments and accept them as real….

    ….until they come and bite us and we realise the damage they do us and our blogs.

    Last year I had some time out and when I came back online I carried out a spring clean of my blog and removed every comment I thought was spam or of low value… and removed over 200 comments :)

    I’ve since tightened my rules and no longer allow anything that looks out of place…. Especially those SEO bandits that copy and paste useless comments everywhere they go.

    Thanks for mentioning my post and including a link to it. Lisa is a perfect example of how we should be helping our readers and through her shear determination to help me resolve an issue I simply had to tell my readers about it :)

    Thanks again Efoghor, Happy New Year to you.

    All the very best for 2014,
    Barry Wells recently posted..Reflecting On 2013 The Good The Bad and The HelpfulMy Profile

    • Barry, sorry I am responding to your comment a bit late. The holidays made things a little cumbersome.
      You are quite right on this. I remember when I started out as a newbie blogger. I started seeing several faceless comments on my blog on daily basis. I was elated I had people enjoying my contents and leaving their comment.

      Months later, I began to understand what spam comments were; I took time to look at those comments again and they were typical spam – No gravatar image, one or two lines, comments arranged for different sites, comments not adding any value to post, etc. I then began to delete all I could. I also started to implement anti-spam strategies on my blogs.

      I couldn’t but mention your post because it helped to add more value to this post. Yes Lisa is a great blogger; she has the heart to help her readers to a very large extent. I wish I could have that same patience to follow up a reader!

      Thank you for your invaluable comment here.
      I wish you God’s love, peace and joy in 2014.

  15. Well said Jo, and it’s obvious you’ve really done lots of research before publishing this post. I didn’t read people’s comments because I have my own personal view or belief on blog commenting based on experience.

    All the benefits and points you’ve shared here are valid except for one which I think may vary from bloggers to bloggers and with different results – blog commenting as a traffic building strategy.

    I alredy have an article written, not published yet on this topic and………..I’ll leave you a message on Facebook, please check it.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Shamsudeen, thanks for adding your personal voice here. It’s true that opinions vary from blogger to blogger. Most times, people get their conviction based on their experiences; so also it is with the subject of blog commenting.

      We would be interested to hear your opinions too and perhaps it could add another dimension to the topic.

      Thanks once again for your invaluable contribution. Do have a great day.

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