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Welcome to our interviews section once again. This week we have a very popular problogger as our guest. Apart from being a blogger, our guest is a highly experienced businessman who knows how to help others reposition their dying businesses and make them start generating income.

Francisco Perez is the CEO of, and the owner of over 35 niche sites spread across different niches. He is truly an entrepreneur to the core. He would be talking about his success in the online business. So, pay attention as you read this interview as you may discover the little secret that could help turn around your business


Hello! You are welcome to our interviews section. Could you please introduce yourself to my audience?

Ans: Hi, my name is Francisco Perez (also known as ditesco).

How long have you been blogging?

Ans: I have been blogging for nearly 5 years now.

What is the idea behind your setting up Iblogzone?

Ans: The initial idea behind was more of a personal challenge. I wanted to know how far I could take an online endeavor by using only free online tools, provided I put in the effort and right mindset.

Having worked in several reputable companies, how has your experience helped your blogging career?

Ans: I have to admit that having a bit of business experience allowed for a quicker understanding on how I should focus my efforts on.

Do you now make more profit from your blog compared to your secular job?

Ans: No, but it helped me create my online business. Now I offer services, generate affiliate income, etc. that is very good.

What would you advise any newbie to do first before starting a blog?

Ans: Plan well what your goals are. Choose your topic wisely and make sure you set short-term objectives too. These short-term should align into the long-term plan, and please do be realistic about your goals. There are no shortcuts in today’s internet world. Don’t forget that the competition today is far fiercer than it was years ago.

How many blogs does Francisco Perez own at the moment, and how does he manage them?

Ans: I have about 35 plus sites, although I have only one main blog which is The others are more “niche” focused and are updated not as regular as I would want to. I actually am seriously thinking of reducing the amount of sites I have. Coupled with the increasing number of clients, I have to find room to manage them.


Do you see blogging as a way of making money or a way of helping people, or both?

Ans: I find that if we have the right balance (Yin-Yang), helping people while making a bit of a profit for that effort is not at all bad. Take as an example. My business model when I started doing it was to provide great and helpful advice for individuals, startups and small business owners to build their business online. Further down the road, the idea was to make my site popular and with enough authority that “other businesses” would want to spend money on my site via advertisements or my services.

What are those things any serious blogger should never do?

Ans: There are many things like don’t try to go for shortcuts, fool people (specially showing them what you are really not), etc. The one thing I see many fail is simply put – most do not take action. They learn, they have the information, but fail to apply them into action. There is no one set formula for success. Some may find it using one specific method, others may not. You have to see what works for you and that will not happen on its own.

What kinds of tools do you use for your SEO, and how helpful are they?

Ans: Mostly, I use Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. For the average user, these free tools are more than enough. If you want to go a bit older, MOZ, Majestic, SEMRush are SEO tools that should take a peek.

How much do you charge for your consulting, or is it free?

Ans: It is free for the first consultation. After that of course it’s not. However, I don’t have a set price. It depends on each case.

How can you possibly help a blog that has no focus to begin to make money?

Ans: That’s the thing, there is always a “focus”. I just try to help you find it. Quick example. If you started a blog recently and see no results, that’s one thing to focus on already  – find what’s going on and either take corrective measures, change the approach, apply different inbound marketing techniques, focus on other type of content creation and distribution, or simply ditch that all together and build a new one, etc..

At what stage in one’s blogging career should one be seen as a Problogger?

Ans: You have to define your own definition of what a Problogger is. Some may think that you are a Problogger if you do it full time, earn decent money from blogging, have authority, have thousands of followers, or putting them all together.

Do you take any holidays from your businesses? How often?

Ans: For the past two years, I took two weeks off from the online world. However, now that we seem to be connected all the time, it seems that we always tend to see what’s going on.

How do you get your blogging/business inspirations?

Ans: From my kids and from results.

What is responsible for the high rate of failing blogs?

Ans: Lack of focus, objective, not taking action, fear of failing and quitting early.

How can we prevent this trend?

Ans: I guess try to do things the other way around. Establish goals, find passion in what you do, be patient and TAKE ACTION.

What is your business plan for the next 5 years like?

Ans: Too far ahead 

At what age do you hope to retire from online business?


Do you have any special advice for other bloggers?

Ans: If you ever want to succeed, do it for the right reasons and find ways to properly achieve your goals. Shortcuts may work for a while, but it won’t be a long lasting endeavor.

Thank you Francisco Perez for granting our interview. God bless you.

Ans: Thanks Efoghor

You have heard from Francisco Perez. Do you have any blogging or business question bothering your mind? Perez could be of help. Just share your questions or concerns in the comment box below and he would be available to respond with a working solution.

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