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Today we are featuring another interesting blogger from Nigeria and hope you have something useful to pick from this interview. Our guest for this week is Desmond Mavtrevor Nwosu; he is the owner of, a relatively popular and highly informative blog.

He was happy when I told him I would love him to do an interview on my blog and he gladly accepted to be featured here. I am convinced you will have one or two things to learn from Mavtrevor as you take your time to read this interview”desmond-nwosu-mavtrevor-image”/

You remember Desmond Mavtrevor Nwosu was featured in one of my blog posts sometime ago? If you haven’t read that post, you may like to check it here – Top 25 Bloggers in Nigeria to Watch Out for in 2014. He made that list because of his track records in the blogosphere. So now over to the interview.

Welcome to Business Success Guide. Could you please introduce yourself to my audience?

My name is Nwosu Desmond Chinagorom though popularly known as Mavtrevor. I am a native of Umuahia in Abia State though I reside in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. I am also a graduate of industrial Chemistry from Abia State University and I must say that was when I found my love for writing.

I became a website designer even before I thought of blogging and I have designed a lot of websites for myself and clients and apart from that I am also a data analyst for an oil servicing company here in Port Harcourt.

As a web designer, data analyst, freelance writer, editor and blogging consultant, how do you manage all these portfolios together?

I utilize my time very well, I plan and schedule things often. You see time management is essential if you are a busy person. When you prioritize your tasks you will know what you need to do when to do it and that way you can never get choked up with things to do. That is why I don’t play with my gadgets (tablet, mobiles, laptops etc); they help us achieve things even while on the go.

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Which of the afore-mentioned skills earns more money online or offline?

Let’s face it there is more money in the oil sector than blogging so it won’t be fair to say I am not earning more from data analysis. But blogging is my major source of earning my living from the internet. A lot of bloggers get frustrated from blogging when they put money first, my advice for anyone looking to make money is simple – build your authority and add quality to your blog first, and all other things including money shall be added onto you.

Are you a full time blogger or you are doing it part time?

I will say yes and no, Yes because I blog everyday and No because it is not the only thing I do as a job. I will really love to take blogging as a full time job and I am working towards it, but my plans for it is not to do it alone, I am looking at a time when I can employ others to work for me, then my site won’t just be a blog by one person, it will be an authority.

It will make the work easier and success won’t have an option. Imagine when a group of people manage a site with everyone concentrating on their specialties. That’s my dream for blogging as a full time job.

Why did Desmond Nwosu choose to blog instead of any other secular job or business?

I have built a lot of different sites, do you remember the popular Nairahub? I owned it but retired it for blogging. I have even owned and managed forums but then I realized that not only does blogging provide one with an enabling environment to develop as a writer but it also gives one the chance to add consistently to the internet.

It’s easier to build and manage any other types of websites but if you love challenges and helping others through your researches and experience, then blogging will be your option.

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How much influence and income has your blog brought your way?

Well blogging has been paying my bills and giving me extra to save, but the joy of it is in the content creation. Netmediablog has redefined me, it has really developed me, and I wouldn’t be lying if I tell you that I have learnt more things in blogging for just two years than I did for the whole four years in the university. At a time in blogging you will understand you are not just representing yourself anymore, Netmediablog has gotten to that point where I see myself as a brand.


How would you describe the blogging community?

The blogging community is still a growing one world over and a starting one here in Nigeria. The community will keep evolving with time and a day will come when we will actually have a national body and maybe a world body and could hold conferences world over. I dream of such day when bloggers will come together and set the standard for the industry.

It hurts me to see some internet gossipers call themselves bloggers, some even without the slightest idea of what SEO means proclaim themselves blogging gurus, this is mostly seen in the entertainment niches.

How much gain are you reaping from the Google Hummingbird update?

The Google Hummingbird update is the best thing to happen to blogging, now content creators will have to get serious. Google will no more consider just keywords to return search results, now they have said every word in a search query carry equal weight and consideration. You see when you write content to solve people’s problem, when you always bear in mind you are writing for humans and only create contents that flow naturally without sounding like a robot writing for robots you are bound to produce the best kind of contents and the Hummingbird update will only favour you.

I have always produced such contents and I can tell you that since the Hummingbird update I am beginning to see more search engine traffic, you know why? Because Google has seen that my contents have always been in line with this update even before it came into existence.

I recently shared my knowledge of the Hummingbird update and what it means to bloggers. Check out Google Hummingbird Update: What it means to bloggers. There I also shared tips that can help you rank high in search engine especially during this Hummingbird era.

Do you think Nigerians are truly utilizing the potentials of blogging?

No we are not as much as I know. Let me break it down to you, most Nigerian bloggers are either students or unemployed graduates looking for a way to earn some income and because of this they always put money first which is mostly the first mistake they make. I won’t be surprised if there are more blogs from Nigeria than any other place of the world, but the question remains how many percent of them can you say are successful?

Even companies in Nigeria are not yet taking advantage of blogging in brand promotion and product promotion. I was talking to a company once about using blogging to promote their brand but was shocked at the reply I got.

So until we begin to realize the use of blogging both in personal development and brand/product promotion I won’t say we are utilizing the potentials of blogging in Nigeria.


How did you get to this point?

After graduation I wasted some time looking for jobs and most of them offered peanuts as pay, I told myself I know the value I will add to any place I work so why don’t I use same enthusiasm I would use to work for someone and do the thing I love most? That was how Netmediablog came to existence and since then I knew what I have to do to make it grow. And I have no regrets yet, even if I decide to go back to corporate jobs today, I will still blog but maybe not as frequent as I used to.

How much traffic do you get monthly? How do you plan to improve on this?

If you check my Alexa ranking graph you will see that Netmediablog is seriously growing. Traffic is the secret of any site’s growth and currently Netmediablog can boast of over 100k unique visitors a month.

How do you update your blogging knowledge? How much do you invest on yourself?

Most bloggers are lazy to read that’s why they don’t succeed in this business. The secret of my blogging knowledge is in reading, I subscribe to top blogs related to my niche and read as much content as I can find, and you can’t be knowledgeable if you don’t read.

Should bloggers use free software and packages for their blogs?

That’s another place most newbie bloggers get it wrong, most free software and packages are limited in functionalities. When you take your blog like your business and spend money on it, you will take it seriously and that can be the edge you need to succeed as a blogger.

What blogs are your favorites and why?

I can’t begin to mention names of my favorite blogs here because the list will be too long, but I always bookmark any site I visit that greets me with quality content, I read from a wide range of blogs and niches provided the contents appealed to me.

How would you define an ideal blogger?

An ideal blogger is one who consistently produces top class contents on his blog, who finds time to socialize and build relationships. That’s why I like Ryan Biddulph of and Don Caprio of

Which do you pay more attention to, Keyword research or article titles?

Both are quite important but I give more importance to my content mostly especially now that the Hummingbird update is around. If you give more attention to your titles and your contents don’t meet the expectations of your visitors you may lose them forever and if you pay more attention to keywords and forget you are writing for humans just because you want to optimize for a certain keyword you will sound like a robot and your content may lose focus and you will also lose your audience, so either ways it’s a lose-lose situation.

If you want to succeed then you have to ensure your content meet the expectation your title may raise and ensure your content have high relevance to your chosen keywords.

Would you think of selling your blog if you got something better?

I have already said it here, even if I go back to corporate jobs I will always blog, the only difference may be in my blogging frequency. I love blogging and will always be a blogger.

What are your best ways of encouraging other bloggers?

I try to share my knowledge with other bloggers, I try to point out to them what and what they could do to improve their blog, I am a very active person on social networks and I always relate with other bloggers there.

What do you hate about blogging in Nigeria?

The misinformation that blogging is a get-rich-quick scheme that has flooded the internet with junk blogs with low qualities. We have to tell them the truth, I am not saying you cannot make money from blogging but it takes time, skills, patience and consistency.

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How do you think we can improve Business Success Guide?

Business Success Guide is one of the fastest growing sites in Nigeria in 2013. I will advise you to continue doing whatever you are doing, I can see that you are around 81k in Alexa ranking; if you work harder you will even become one of the first 20k sites in the world before the year runs out.

Thanks Desmond Mavtrevor Nwosu for granting our interview. God richly bless you.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to feature here; I pray Business Success Guide continues to grow.

Back to you readers; you have heard from Desmond Mavtrevor Nwosu and it was quite an interesting interview as promised. Do you have any special question for our guest? Please leave your question or contributions using our comment box below. Desmond would gladly respond to your question as quickly as possible.

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