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This week we are featuring another blogger on our interviews section. Our guest is a Nigerian, blogger, domain flipper and internet marketer with several years of experience online. Valentine Belonwu is the owner of Business Gross, and also a moderator at Bizsugar.

Valentine has developed and sold many blogs and websites, and he would be telling us the secret to making money with website flipping. This interview would be an eye opener for you if you are yet to discover how to make money with your blog or how to make money on Flippa.


Hello Valentine! Welcome to Business Success Guide. Would you please introduce yourself?

Answer: Thank you. My name is Valentine Belonwu. I am a blogger, founder of and a moderator working with

Do you see blogging as a business or as a past time?

Answer: Am not sure I see blogging of any of those you mentioned. Blogging for me was born out of passion. I love the fact that I can interact with other people from various countries of the world and in this process impact, learn and share ideas with them. By impacting I mean sharing useful posts and articles on blogs and coming up with ideas to build a standard community for bloggers to enable them interact and make lasting relationships with people even though they have not necessarily met physically.

How many websites/blogs have you sold? And why are buyers attracted to your sites?

Answer: I’ve sold quite numbers of websites in the past. The reason people get to be interested in what I have to offer is that when I come out with an idea, I give it my best and thus come out with the best I can and being the best people get to like what I have to offer and at the long run they don’t regret doing business with me.

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Have you at any time felt you shouldn’t have sold ‘Justretweet’?

Answer: Though ‘Justretweet’ has turned out to be the best I have come up with, I don’t regret selling it. The reason is because till date am still subscribed to ‘JustRetweet’ and the new admin is taking good care of it even as I would have taken care of it.

Would you have made more money if you had kept “Bigmoneywebs”?

Answer: Hahaha. I already made money before I sold Bigmoneyweb and the reason why I decided to let it go is because I needed some more cash to finish JustRetweet which was at its finishing stage then.

How much has education got to do with making money online or offline?

Answer: Education has nothing to do with online money making. As an individual you can make money online if you are computer learned and have the right amount of passion and drive then the sky will be your starting point literally.

As an expert in the field, how do you assess the future of Tweetlow?

Answer: TweetLow is a great App because it helps in connecting bloggers all around the world. Many old and upcoming ones will benefit a lot and I know the future is bright with the App.

What are the steps to take to get a good bargain should one decide to sell one’s blog/website?

Answer: Packaging is paramount. Market your blog well and you will earn good. You must make sure you are getting at least 200 daily traffic to your blog with some decent earnings on it even if it is less than $600 monthly, with this you are bound to sell your blog a very good amount. But what really matters is traffic and earnings, they really boost the ranking of your site to enable good sales.


How do you get buyers for your sites? Do you list them on Flippa or you personally contact potential buyers?

Answer: I do list them via Flippa so that I can get other potential buyers who offer good prices because of the good transaction record I have on there. But sometimes I do contact my previous buyers to know if they will show their interest or not.

Would you advise a blogger to sell a blog that has great potentials?

Answer: It all depends on what the person want because it is a matter of choice that must be made by the owner. But blogging requires a lot of patience; bloggers who lack this trait do to make good money off blogging.

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Which is more profitable, blogging or website flipping?

Answer: For me, I would say website flipping has been most profitable, if you have the time to manage lot of websites and within some months maybe 5 to 6 months, you could be selling them be sure of making thousands of dollars, more than what you would’ve earned while blogging.

You are a moderator on Bizsugar community. How much has your presence there affected your blog’s interactivity?

Answer: Bizsugar has thought me most of the things I know about blogging. My presence there has improved me a lot. I get to interact with top bloggers who are ready to teach up comers like myself and share ideas. Bizsugar has enabled me have the guts to start and keep lasting relationship with influential bloggers.

Do you think it a good idea to have multiple authors on a blog?

Answer: It is not a bad one to have double authors for a blog, because everybody has different specialization and different things they are good at writing. Having multiple authors will enable a blog be rich because it will be based on diverse areas of life and not just be restricted to just a field or discipline.

How does Valentine Belonwu generate content ideas for his blog?

Answer: Generating content ideas can be a very tough one. It takes a lot of concentration and discipline. I think about blog content like 24 hours a day and anytime the muse comes to me I take it down and I work on it when am on my working desk.

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What is it you would never do as a business man?

Answer: As the mainstream saying goes that consistency is the mark of excellence, so as a business man inconsistence and dishonesty is what I would never engage in because they kill business and reputation more than any other vices.

How many social media groups do you belong to?

Answer: I am not really into social media but I use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, to promote and market my blogs so literally I use them.

Does your blog have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest?

Answer: I use social media to promote my blogs so definitely I always have a presence there. When I create a blog I open social media outlets for it to enable people reach out, interact and contact me if need be.

Any word for upcoming bloggers?

Answer: Patience and diligence is the key word because success is the key point. It gets boring at a point but if you posses the right amount of patience, it makes the work easy and enjoyable.

Thank you Valentine Belonwu, for granting our interview. Remain blessed.

Answer: Thanks. I appreciate the honor. Cheers.

You have heard from the master blogger and website flipper, Valentine Belonwu. Do you have any questions on blogging, money making or website flipping that you would love to ask? Drop them in the comment box below; Valentine would be more than happy to provide you an answer.

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