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Our interviews series continue, and we make sure to get quality bloggers featured from time to time and have them share their success stories with us here on Business Success Guide. We want to be sure you are enjoying every visit to pay to us here.

Today our guest is one of the popular bloggers from Nigeria. He is one blogger that knows his onions and has been able to grow his blog into a highly interactive one. Momoh Babanature Yakubu is the owner of the popular OneNaijaBlog, where you get a lot of informative posts on various topics ranging from SEO, blogging, Computer and internet, etc. Babanature even allows guest posts on his blog in case you have a quality guest post to submit. You are free to pay him a visit just to say hello anytime you are less busy. Relax and enjoy our interview with Babanature of Onenaijablog.


You are welcome to Business Success Guide. Could you please tell us your name and country of origin?

Ans: My name is Momoh Babanature Yakubu but I prefer to be addressed as Babanature. I am a full time blogger and I am from Nigeria.

Why did you choose to blog? Is it for money or as way of expressing yourself?

Ans: I created my blog (onenaijablog) because of the passion I have in blogging and because I love helping people achieving their blogging goals.

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At what stage in blogging does money overtake passion?

Ans: Money will only overtake your passion once you start seeing money as your primary objective. But if you can focus on your passion, money will flow in naturally.

What has contributed to your popularity online?

Ans: Playing smart, Hardwork and the art of never giving up

How does Babanature intend to maintain his popularity in the blogosphere?

Ans: By doing what I have been doing from day one. Always give out quality contents, help those who need my help, and be the best I can be.

What is the secret behind the high level of interactivity on OneNaija blog?

Ans: This is one question my naija blogging friends always ask me but the truth is – there is no secret behind the interactivity of onenaija blog. Getting people to comment on your blog takes some good effort but once you start getting it, maintaining it will be the next step to take.

I wrote a post back on how I was able to turn my blog to a trusted community, for those who’d like to read it can still do.
The truth is – once you’re doing something good, every other things will fall in naturally

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How much time do you dedicate to commenting on other blogs?

Ans: Since blog commenting is also a good source of driving quality web traffic, I make sure I comment on 10 to 15 blogs per day. Depends on what I have to do that day


What do you consider before commenting on a blog?

Ans: Good load speed, a post an average man can relate to, free from malware, easy to navigate and has the native wordpress or blogger comment system.

Do you think we should spend much of our time promoting our blogs on social media sites?

Ans: You know, social media is one of the best ways to promote your blog free and effectively without having the fear of Google blacklisting your blog. But there are other aspects of promotions we should also focus on in terms of impressive traffic generation than just social media.

Hacking of WordPress sites seems to be on the increase. What is the best measure to curtail this threat?

Ans: You know – at some point in time, I was getting 3000+ login attempt every day till I strategize a different tactics. The best way to fight hack threats, is to use different username from admin name, changing your database prefix and your admin login URL is also one strong way to protect your blog from hackers

How much plugins are considered too much for a WordPress blog?

Ans: Plugins can also slow down a blog so using too much of it will only cause harm to your blog. While every bloggers might have their definition of too much, to my view 20-25 plugins is considered max. Higher than that figure, is considered too much…

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Which do you think produces better result, Guest post or Blog commenting?

Ans: I’d say – it all depends on how you can use both to your advantage.
Guest Post: If you can write a unique post and submit it to a very popular blog like yahoo, you will get authority/ quality backlink and as well as great deal of traffic.

Blog Commenting: If you can cover enough quality blogs that has good community with commentluv enabled, you will get traffic, engagement, comments as well.
So a wise man will always choose both for generating traffic :).

How much keyword research do you do before writing a blog post?

Ans: Call me crazy, but I seriously don’t believe in keywords. I only write quality content for my readers that I know will be helpful. But hey, I do spend time writing my blog post title.

Who is your blogging mentor? How much did he/her contribute toward your success?

Ans: I don’t have blogging mentor but my life mentor is my mother. I came to the blogosphere and work my way through without the help of a mentor (you know how hard to drive without a mentor). The reason I did not have a mentor was simply because I did not know who to turn to at my pick.

How would you rate our interviews section here?

Ans: From what I can see, you are doing a good job.

Which Nigerian blogger would you recommend for an interview here? And why?

Ans: I would definitely recommend Nwosu Mavtrevor because we’ve known each other for so long and we’ve helped each other through the years. He is the one who advised me to create onenaijablog.

Any word for fellow bloggers?

Ans: The truth about blogging is – if you’re not smart and hardworking, you will never make it in the blogging world. You need to be dedicated, hardworking and self motivated. If you can be real to yourself, sky will be your starting point :).

What are the areas you think this blog needs improvements?

Ans: Your blog is a ‘Ok’ blog, with time the engagement will definitely improve as long as you keep doing what you’re doing.

Thank you very much Babanature. We appreciate your contribution to this community. God bless you.

You have heard from Babanature himself. What is your take on this interview? Do you have any question for Babanature? Just leave your question or comment on the comment box below, and he would be around to respond to your concerns and give you an answer as quick as possible.

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