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Welcome to our interviews section once again. We have been interviewing quality bloggers, freelance writers, internet marketers, etc, and giving you the opportunity to ask them questions in areas where you need some help.

Today, we have a new guest; he is a blogger in the ‘Make money online’ niche, a Nigerian and he is highly experienced in his field. Adesoji Adegbulu is the owner of Make Money Online Nigeria, a highly interactive blog with lots of quality content and traffic. You may visit Adesoji’s blog to say hello anytime you are chanced.

Alright! I am not going to waste much time on introduction. Please pay attention as you read because this interview is packed with real information that could help you become the money making guru you had always aspired to be.


You are highly welcome to Business Success Guide! Could you please introduce yourself to my audience?

Wow. I don’t do this often but I guess it’s essential some times. My name is Adesoji Adegbulu and I am many things to many people. For the sake of Business Success Guide, I’ll say I am an online business consultant. This is one of the things I do. Most importantly, I do things that help people, business and nations succeed.

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How long have you been blogging?

I came to know how to use the internet in year 2000 but that was for purely fun (playing games), learning and researching for school work. Blogging became a little bit popular in Nigeria in 2005 but I began blogging in 2007.

What has contributed to your success rate online?

I read/learn a lot, I observe a lot and I also stay ahead of trends. In addition to these, I am so consistent and passionate about what I do online. These are most of the things that contribute to my success rate online.

Why do a lot of Nigerians visit your blog daily?

Who doesn’t want to make more money? No one! Lots of Nigerians wants to make more money online, build successful online business and also create wealth. My blog provides the best ways to achieve this legitimately. The truth is, there are lots of other blogs started for the same purpose as mine but I do mine better. I don’t really care about the competition as long as I keep providing what Nigerians want to know more about in a unique way.

At what stage in life do you think is best to start a blog? Why do you think so?

The best time to start a blog is when someone knows that she/he has something positive to contribute to the blogosphere. This is because, I believe there is no point starting a blog because you just want to blog. If there is no driving force behind someone who starts a blog, it may be very difficult to remain a blogger for a very long time.

Why did Adesoji Adegbulu become a blogger in the first place?

Tough question but the answer is simple. I became a blogger in 2007 because I found a medium to share my inspirations, ideas, knowledge and lots more with people far and near. Also, I saw blogging as a means to teach and help people live on the best side of life.

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Is it easy to make money from a blog as a Nigerian? Would you wish you had been an American blogger or Indian blogger?

Truth be told, it has never been easy to make money from a blog as a Nigerian. If it were so, I’m sure by now (9th October, 2013), so many Nigerian bloggers will be on the list of the richest people in Africa. However, over the years, I found out that blogs don’t make money. It is business that makes money. So, if you use your blog as a shop/office for business, making money from a blog as a Nigerian becomes easier.

I’ve been told by so many of my American and Indian bloggers that if I do what I do online from America or India, I would have been making much more than what I make from my blog. I had wished to be an American or Indian blogger but it is what it is – WISHES. I m contended with who I am.


What do you think is limiting a lot of Nigerian bloggers from making considerable progress in the blogosphere?

There are so many things but I’ll tell you five out of the ones I have found out from the numerous Nigerian bloggers I’ve related with.

1. They start a blog for wrong reasons.
2. They lack the time, money and patience to make the necessary progress.
3. Inconsistency and they give up easily.
4. They like free things and that hinders their progress.
5. They find it hard to take time to learn and collaborate.

The list seems endless but you can see the limiting factors when you visit most blogs owned by Nigerians.

Your blog is on the “Make money” niche. How are you able to survive in such a competitive niche?

I learned to deal with competition before I started the blog. It was not my first blog and those blogs (free blogs on blogspot) was used as a testing and learning ground for me. I am able to survive in such a competitive niche because everything about the blog revolves around “make money online Nigeria”. I stay focused on the main objective of the blog. Right now (9th October, 2013), there are about 50,700,000 results for the keyword “make money online Nigeria” and my blog is number one on the list. The position has been fluctuating between 1 and 10 out of all the result since I started the blog in July 2010. With that, I’m not still satisfied with the amount of leads I get to the blog.

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How well are you able to convince Nigerians vis-à-vis other countries’ nationals to buy from your blog?

I don’t convince people to buy from my blog. If you check around the internet, you will realize that I don’t have too many sales page. Also, I don’t convince my list subscribers to buy from my blog.

You might be asking yourself, how then does Adesoji sell (do business) on his blog? I sell by saying the truth as it is and people buy from me because they really need what I sell. So, instead of wasting time and resources convincing people, I use that time and resources to find out what Nigerians and other nationals are willing to pay for without too much stories.

Is Adesoji Adegbulu making real cash from his blog?

Of course I do! It used to be a problem for me to make money (active income) from my blog but now, the problem is making full passive income from my blog. That is not easy to achieve. I’ve been contemplating either building a complete automated business or selling off the blog but I still love people and I don’t want to fully detach myself from my blog.

Would you recommend any blogger to join your niche?

Yes. I give advice to several bloggers on how to build a successful blog in my niche.


What kind of traffic is working best for your blog, organic, social or referral?

Organic traffic works best for my blog. As at last month (September 2013) according to Google Analytics, 63.80% traffic is from search engines, 31.20% from direct traffic (i.e. people typing directly on their browsers), 4.90% from social and referral traffic and 0.10% from others.

What do you think is the way forward for blogging in Nigeria?

The way forward for blogging in Nigeria is purposeful blogging, having more control and more collaborations between Nigerian bloggers.

Google’s recent Hummingbird update affected poor quality sites. How much gain did this bring to your blog?

The bird has been “humming” over my blog recently. For now, I’ve not seen much gain. I’m hoping that later on, I will gain increase in traffic and conversion after all the poor quality sites competing with my blog have been successfully dealt with.

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Is there any special tool you are using to rank your blog in SERP?

I’ve not seen any special tool. I rank my blog based on the feedbacks I get after running my blog through several blog analysis sites.

Do you have any regrets today for being a blogger?

I’ve experienced life threatening situations as a blogger in the “make money” niche but no regrets so far.

In your opinion, who do you think deserves to be interviewed here, and why?

I have no idea. I mean, there are lots of names flowing through my head but I don’t know who you should interview here. But, I trust your judgment that you would interview the right people.

Any advice for the upcoming bloggers?

Don’t be a boring blogger. Explore and do good always. If you need help with your blog, find me out and you’ll see me.

Thank you very much Adesoji Adegbulu, for granting our interview. God richly bless you.

Thank you for reaching out to me. I hope this interview will be very useful to many Nigerian bloggers home and abroad.

Alright! You have heard from the ‘Make money online’ guru Adesoji Adegbulu. Over to you now. Are you making money on your blog/website? Do you want to know how to do things right and make money online? Throw in your questions and comments; Adesoji is listening and he would respond to get your problems solved.

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