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This week, we are featuring a very important personality in our interviews section. Zac Johnson is a friend of this blog, and an affiliate marketing expert, who has been making millions of dollars from the affiliate market for the past 19 years.

If you are considering learning the skills of affiliate marketing, there is no other person to consult than the affiliate guru himself, Zac Johnson. He knows the best markets, the best promotional methods, the best traffic sources, etc and how to follow up on your potential buyers.

Zac would be discussing with us today on how he became an affiliate marketing expert, and how you could also become one. I would advise you pay proper attention to this interview, for it could be your turning point to making your own millions online.


Hello sir! You are welcome to Business Success Guide. Could you please introduce yourself to my audience?

– My name is Zac Johnson and I’ve been making money online for the past 17 years. My main focus now is on my personal brand and blog at Through this site I’m able to help people learn how to make money online and become self employed while also referring millions of dollars in new business to my site partners.

How long has Zac Johnson been into affiliate marketing?

– I first started making money online back in 94-95 while I was in high school. It’s been the only job I ever had and I wouldn’t trade it for any other!

Do you do affiliate marketing full time or on a part time basis?

– Full time, though I enjoy it… which makes it more successful and enjoying than just having a “job”.

What has been your best way of promoting affiliate programmes?

– Over the years I’ve done just about everything. This includes email marketing, cpa, ppc, ppv, media buying, social advertising, web sites and blogging. I’ve always enjoyed building web sites and seeing what I can turn them into.

What affiliate platform has paid you most?

– CPA, cost per action affiliate marketing has always done the best for me. I like figuring out new ways to make campaigns profitable and targeting the right audiences.

What is your estimated earning per annum?

– This fluctuates year to year depending what I’m working on. I’ve been able to earn millions of dollars through my ad campaigns and web sites over the years.

What tactics do you use to get a lot of referrals to increase your earnings?

– I like to provide my blog readers with case studies and tutorials, this way they can walk through the process the same way I did and hopefully find the same results.

What kind of affiliate programme would you recommend for bloggers and why?

– It really depends on the blog. For most Google Adsense will do since it’s easy and they have such a wide range of advertisers. could be another good solution too. Again, really depends on the content and focus of the site.

Apart from promoting other people’s products, what personal products do you also market?

– I build and promote the “Zac Johnson” brand. It’s important to build a brand of your own so you aren’t reliant on making other people money and earning a small commission.

From your personal experience, how should a blogger promote affiliate products on his blog? What are the rules to follow?

– Most bloggers find the best results when they review products and services that they currently use. Reviews, webinars, tutorials and case studies work best for this.

At what stage of a blog should one monetize?

– I would like to see a blog have at least 500-1000 unique visitor per month before any monetization takes place.


Which is the best to do, single niche affiliate or multi-niche affiliate marketing?

– Really depends on what type of marketer you are, there is plenty of money to be made in both. The important thing is to always cater the offer to the right audience.

How did you make up your mind to do affiliate marketing? What informed your decision?

– I first found success with the affiliate program in the late 90s. When I realized you could make more money per lead than per sale, I focused more on the affiliate marketing CPA side and started using affiliate networks for the majority of my leads and traffic.

Who is your mentor?

– My dad. He has always been there for me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.

How do you decide on what product to promote?

– It’s always a game of testing offers with different audiences and seeing what works. If you start testing an offer and it only loses a little bit of money the first time around, then you probably have a winner. Take some time to split test the ad creatives and zone in on your audience for maximum conversions. There are plenty of offers out there to choose from, it’s just a matter of sticking with them to make each profitable.

What are those products you would never promote?

– I never got into the adult space. Plenty of money to be made, but it’s not an area I’m interested in working in.

What is the relationship between mailing list and affiliate marketing success?

– It’s hard to get someone to visit your site. It’s 100x harder to get them to come back and stay a repeat visitor. The best way to do this is through the use of an email list. Email lists can be used as newsletters to keep readers updated with your latest blog content or also used for solo mailings to make money offer CPA types of offers. No matter what type of site or blog you have, the money is in the list!

What is the best way to connect with your blog readers and followers?

– I speak at different events and conferences around the world. It’s always great to meet your readers and followers in person. There is nothing better than hearing how something you created helped change other people’s lives and helped them make money for themselves.

What is your advice for bloggers and affiliate marketers?

– Focus on building your brand. If you don’t want to build a brand with your blog or offers, focus on being the best authority site out there. With so much competition out there right now you need to provide real value and gain the readership and trust from your following. If you are just pushing affiliate offers all day, that is fine too… master one traffic source and dominate it!

Thanks Mr. Zac Johnson. We appreciate your finding time to attend our interview. God bless you.

– Thank you! I appreciate the time and interest to meet with your audience of readers.

Well, you have heard from Zac Johnson, the affiliate guru himself! What do you think? Do you have any questions for him? Just post your questions or comments in the comment box below; Zac would be available to respond and take care of your concern.

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