How To Organize Giveaways On Blogs or Websites

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Giveaways are one of the great ways to appreciate your blog readers, and also drive traffic to your site. But the big challenge a lot of bloggers have is how to organize giveaways on blogs or websites. If you are one of those facing the challenge, you should worry less as I will be showing you how to organize giveaways and how to also participate in them if you are not a blog owner.

I am writing this post because one or two of my readers personally asked for it, and I have to quickly arrange it to help take care of their concern. I am quite sure it would go a long way at helping them know exactly what giveaways are all about, and also clear their fears about the whole procedures involved.

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What are giveaways?

Giveaways are gifts (cash, physical or digital products) given out by individuals, blogs, businesses, etc to appreciate the users of their products or to promote their brands. Giveaways could also be organized as a way of promoting sales or increasing traffic to a site. In other words, they are marketing strategies where products or incentives are given out in order to create more awareness about a product or to improve sales. They are organized for specific audiences and for a specific time frame (usually between few days to few months)

Advantages of giveaways

There are several advantages for organizing giveaways on blogs or websites, amongst which are the following:
1. Increase awareness about your products
2. Reward the users of your product
3. Increase traffic to your site
4. Increase sales

How to organize giveaways on blogs

There are steps involved in organizing a giveaway on a blog or website. If the steps are properly followed, you can be sure of the success of the giveaway. If the steps are not properly followed, the whole idea could turn out to be a flop. So the steps include:

1. Get an idea:

Getting an idea is the first step to organizing a giveaway. What do you want to achieve with the giveaway? Who do you want to promote it to? What gifts do you want to give out (cash, gift items or other things)? How long would it last? How would winners be selected (by random selection or by the highest points)? These are questions that must be answered before going to the next step.

2. Get a sponsor or sponsors:

Having come up with an idea, you should choose the type of sponsor or sponsors to provide the gifts for the participants. So you have to contact possible sponsors with your idea and let them know what they stand to benefit for sponsoring the whole thing. You can decide on a single sponsor or multiple sponsors, depending on how many winners you wish to reward. You could also sponsor it yourself.

3. Choose a platform:

There are platforms where you can organize your giveaway online. Some of those platforms to use include Punchtab, Rafflecopter, Sweepstakes, Giveaway Tools, Promosimple, Wildfire, etc. These are just a few of the very popular ones, though there are others.

4. Set up the Giveaway:

Setting up the giveaway involves filling out a form that participants must take part in before their entries would be considered valid. Some of those actions have specific points attached to them, such as:
Like us on facebook
Follow us on Twitter
Add us on Google+
Pin this on Pinterest
Foolow us on Instagram
Tweet about this giveaway
Visit our website
Leave a comment
Join our mailing list
Link to us from your blog, etc

Other information to add while filling out the form on the giveaway platform include: blog URL, email address, countries where the giveaway would be displayed, age limit for participants, the commencement/closing dates, giveaway description, etc. When through with all the steps, you then generate the code which you then place on your blog.

5.Write a blog post:

The next step is to write a blog post about the giveaway on your blog. The post would be on what the giveaway is all about. After writing the post, place the code you generated from the giveaway platform inside the post in the position you want the widget to appear. Publish the post or schedule it for publication as the case may be.

Promote it:

You have published the giveaway on your blog. But it doesn’t end there; it has to be promoted. Some of the places to promote it include Giveawaypromote, Cwinners, Contetchest, Contestlisting, Emperola, etc. You can also share it on facebbok groups or ask your blogger friends to talk about it on their blogs too.”organize-giveaways-on-blogs-pic”/

how to participate in Giveaways?

Participants are expected to either login with their email address or their Facebook login details to access the giveaway. Before entering, you need to read the post on the giveaway in order to understand what it is all about, and the rules to follow. Usually, it is easy to participate as the step by step instructions are on the widget. You click on each step to complete the action, after which you are taken to the next step until you complete all the steps. You are either required to enter the giveaway once or do it daily till it runs out.

Announcing the result:

At the end of the fixed date, winners are announced through the widget platform or the blog owner announces the winner, depending on the rules set from the beginning. Announce the winners to your mailing list to get everyone informed. Publish the winners on your blog. That is all about how to organize giveaways on your blogs.

Did I leave out any step? Please let us know what you feel should be including in this post but is missing. Love this post? Share it with your friends. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Add us on Google+. Thanks for being a regular reader of my posts. God bless you

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