Commentluv Premium Plugin Unlimited License Giveaway Winners Emerge

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Hello friends and subscribers of this blog! Our Commentluv Premium Plugin Unlimited License Giveaway is finally over and winners have also emerged. Our giveaway ran from 20th August to 20th September 2013 and winners are being announced today as promised.

Before announcing the lucky winners, let me first thank all participants who took their time to complete all the required steps. This promo wouldn’t have succeeded without all of you. I really appreciate you all for believing in the system and the transparency of running the giveaways here.

I must not fail to thank Andy Bailey of Commentluv, who provided the prizes for this giveaway. I am sincerely grateful to you Andy, for your support. For those of you who would be interested to sponsor our subsequent giveaways here, you may get in touch with me on admin [at] bizsuccessguide [dot]com

Our winners were selected by Giveaway Tools and so they got chosen because they completed the steps and were deemed also to have done better than others. Besides, since it was based on a random selection by software, there is the possibility of two people scoring same point but the luckiest got chosen as the winner too.

So for the two persons who won this giveaway, I say CONGRATULATIONS!!! And for those who did not win in this particular one, you have done well; there are still chances of winning in our subsequent giveaways. So far so good, different people have won the different editions we have done, which means that as we conduct more giveaways, your chances of winning get brighter.

Please be reminded that our next Giveaway kicks off on the 25th September and would run till the 9th of October 2013. Please don’t fail to participate as Tweetlow would be giving out free retweet credits and featuring winners on their site – You know that Tweetlow is the happening community where bloggers, internet marketers, freelance writers, etc help themselves to share their twitter tweets and get new twitter followers. So don’t miss that opportunity to get new twitter followers on Tweetlow.

Commentluv Premium Winners

1st position = Kamal Ganesan (1 Commentluv Unlimited License)
2nd position = Mohd Mujtaba (1 Commentluv Single Site License)

Thank you so very much. See you on 25th at the Tweetlow Giveaway. Thanks for being a faithful subscriber, and for your usual support. God bless you all.

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