Tweetlow Update: A Lot of Reviews over the Past Two Weeks

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Hello friends and readers of this blog! I am excited to let you know about the status of my new site which has become the talk of the internet in the past two weeks. I would try to be giving us Tweetlow updates at weekends on the happenings at the site.


In the past two weeks, a lot of friends of Business Success Guide and Tweetlow have been writing reviews about this new bride of the retweet world. They are just making me proud and have the assurances that I have good friends who are standing solidly behind me. You can never know how much friends you have until there is a challenge or a reason to celebrate.

Special appreciations

I want to specially appreciate the following people for their contributions at creating awareness about this new site. A lot of friends actually did well, but the following persons were outstanding: Lahaul Seth, Tesur Rajan, Obasi Miracle, Chitraparna Sinha, Nwangene Theodore and Enstine Muki. They all did a review of tweetlow on their various blogs. Tesur Rajan is actually hosting a Tweetlow Giveaway in addition to the review he already did. Enstine also got some coupons for 20 people who would sign up through his blog.

Another person worthy of mention is Harleena Singh who has become a special blessing to me since I knew her. She has mentioned Tweetlow in virtually every of her social circles. I just can’t thank her enough for her kind gestures. She is one of my best subscribers right now on this blog. Her comments are great and engaging. Harleena, you are really a nice personality to be with.

I say a big thank you to everyone who has mentioned Tweetlow in one way or the other – on social media, to friends, etc; and those who believe so much in the dream of the site as to taking the proactive step to join us. I say you are all wonderful. If you are a friend and you haven’t joined us, this is the right time to join us as more and more bloggers, freelancers and internet marketers are joining and enjoying the site.

Just to also mention here that some people have not completed their account confirmation process and so they could not receive their free credits which come automatically the moment your account is confirmed. To confirm your account, login to your dashboard and click on “Edit Profile” on the top right panel. Fill the form and a mail would be sent to your inbox with a link to confirm your account. Once that is done, you get your additional 700 free credits.

The various reviews

Back to my main topic for today. A lot of reviews have actually been done on Tweetlow; so I am going to provide the URLs below so you can visit them when you have the time:
1. Tweetlow review on
2. Tweetlow review on
3. Tweetlow review on
4. Tweetlow review on

5. Tweetlow review on
6. Tweetlow review on
7. Tweetlow Giveaway promo on You may check this out and join the giveaway if you are yet to do so. Winner would enjoy 10000 free retweet credits and also be featured for 14 days on Tweetlow. What a great offer!

Thanks once again for being a good friend. Please spread the news more and more and get your friends to enroll. Remember to use your affiliate link which you get from your dashboard to send invitations to your friends. You get 100 free retweet credits for every new person that signs up using your affiliate link.?

About efoghorjos

Efoghor is a Registered Nurse turned entrepreneur, freelance writer and blogger. He currently lives in Bonny Island, Nigeria.

He started blogging in December, 2009 and ever since has not looked back. He has been sharing his knowledge in various fields with his followers online. He is a Platinum Expert author on Ezinearticles.

Efoghor hopes to do his best to give you the information he has and leave you to leverage on them to take your business to the next level of success. He tries as much as possible to give you great and unique content that would reposition you in whatever area of interest you have chosen to ply your trade.

You love my blog? Keep coming and make sure you tell your friends about Business Success Guide. I love you and I will do my best to make you happy here. Remember to subscribe to my mailing list to get all updates and promo announcements.


  1. Hi Joseph, I am really glad to know that Tweetlow is doing great. You have a long way to go; keep up the good work 🙂

    Thank you for mentionining me in your post.

    • Chitraparna, thanks for the visit and for the comment as well. You deserved to be mentioned because you have worked hard to see that Tweetlow is promoted. It is my tradition to give credits and recognition to anyone who works hard.

      Yeah! I know much still needs to be done. I will put in my best and ask God for more grace and strength to accomplish the rest.

      Thanks for your valuable comment. Have a pleasant weekend.

  2. Hi Joseph !
    I would be signing up for TweetLow mate ! I hope to get new followers through TweetLow !
    And congrats for the success of this awesome service !


    • Pramod, thanks for your regular visits and for your comments. It would really be nice to see you sign up on Tweetlow. You will sure get some new valuable followers on your Twitter account so long as you know how to woo others to follow you. Hope to see you on Tweetlow.

  3. wonderful idea there Joe, i did read one of the reviews from Enstine blog where he mentioned that you own Tweetlow, and i was really impressed.

    I am currently a member and it’s awesome, but the future is bright for this blog.
    keep the fire burning.

    • Omoscowonder, You are highly welcome to Business Success Guide. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I am glad you have joined Tweetlow; I believe it would go a long way at helping bloggers and other internet users to achieve their aims of getting high quality Twitter followers.

      Thanks once again for your valuable comment here. Do have a lovely week

  4. Muhammad saleem says:

    Hi Efoghorjos,
    Just a week ago, I have joined this community and getting good result from it. I think it is a best community for bloggers on twitter. Thanks for sharing.

    • Muhammad, thanks for your testimonial. I am glad to hear of people getting positive results already from Tweetlow. That is precisely our dream – to make people get tangible results using the platform.

      Please remember to share your experience with your friends and invite them to join Tweetlow. I wish you a happy weekend ahead.

  5. I recently joined tweetlow too! Cool place to boost your tweets, especially my tutorials 🙂 Would be so kind to offer a coupons to your newly members? pretty please? 🙂

    • Thanks Sanjay, for joining Tweetlow. First, I need to know your username and if you have confirmed your email address. The moment you confirm your email address, you get additional 700 retweet credits to start your campaign.

      Besides, I give bonus credits occasionally. If your email address is not confirmed, it means you are not on our mailing list, then you don’t receive the email notification and the bonus code. You have to confirm your email address by editing your profile and completing the email confirmation steps if you have not already done so.

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