Paypal Cash and Other Fantastic Prizes Giveaway Winners Emerge

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Our last Paypal Cash and other Fantastic Prizes Giveaway has just ended and winners have also emerged. It was quite exciting and the luckiest entrants are smiling to the bank with their money or at least enjoying their software and e-books. That is the beauty of the giveaways here.

I say a big CONGRATULATIONS! To all who won one or two things in the Paylpal cash giveaway. This particular contest was peculiar and this time around, we kept to our rules as promised. One point we mostly emphasized was that all participants must join our mailing list to receive announcements and that anyone who didn’t join the list would lose his award even if he won.

I am sorry to say that it actually happened, though it saddened my heart, we had to keep our word in order to maintain our transparency and reputation. At the end of the contest, Fiaz Ahmed was chosen by Punchtab random draw. But upon checking our mailing list, it was discovered his name was not on the list because he did not follow the instruction to the end. So he lost his award and another person was chosen. Did we keep our word this time? Yes we did and we will still maintain that we play by the rules in subsequent giveaways.

Now if this is the first time you are hearing that the contest has officially ended, it means perhaps that you are not on our mailing list because that announcement was actually sent out yesterday to all participants who are on our list.

So who are the giveaway winners?

Here is the list of the winners and the prizes they won:
1. Melissa Tippie $50 + 1 E-book (Secret Traffic Source)

2. Andrew Gordon (WordPress Optimum Plugin)
3. Omotayo Charles (WordPress Security Ninja)
4. Michele Barneth (WordPress Azon)
5. Moshood Olarenwaju (WP Pop Notify)
6. Lynda Thomas 1 E-book (How To Earn $100 A Day With A Blog You Love)

7. Ann Fantom 1 E-book (101 WordPress Tips and Tricks)

So the winners have up to 72 hours to claim their prizes or lose them to the next persons in line. We wish all winners best of luck, and also thank every other person who did not win for their understanding. We believe you could as well be a winner in our next contest.

When is our next giveaway contest?

We are happy to announce that our next giveaway commences on the 20th of August and runs till the 20th of September. We shall soon publish it here and then everyone would understand the rules to follow.

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