Here is a Method That is Helping Bloggers Pull More Traffic From Search Engines

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The success of a blog is tied to its ability to pull traffic from the search engines, or you don’t believe me? Come to think of it, how many people would just wake up in their bedrooms or from the vision of night to know your blog exists when they’ve never heard about it before? Hardly would there be any. And if at all there are, the number is minute.

But with the search engines, someone could easily type a query into a search box and your blog surfaces if it has that keyword or if it is highly ranked for the sought keyword. In a nutshell, the search engines kind of help to aggregate the blogs and their posts and filter their various posts based on their titles and keywords, making it possible for those who have never heard about you to easily find you.

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Take a typical scenario of a blog post on international scholarship, published on a blog in Germany and also hosted in Germany. A Nigerian who has never used the internet or who doesn’t know anything about blogging decides to go to school in Europe. So what he does is go to the internet and types perhaps “International scholarship” into a search box. Within split seconds, several results come up, including this blog in Germany. What do you think made the German blog to surface in a search made from Nigeria? The search engines of course!

From the above illustration, you can be sure that if the German blogger did not write with good keyword or optimize his blog, it would be impossible for it to be found by a Nigerian in far away African continent. In fact, it would take several months for the Nigerian searcher to go through millions of URLs available on the internet to find that blog. If you need to pull more traffic from search engines, therefore, you must do something about your blog posts.

There have always been debates as to whether or not to concern oneself with SEO when writing a blog post. In as much as I am a proponent of quality content, I must say there is need to still do some form of SEO for your blog to make meaningful impact. I may not be correct to use the word ‘meaningful impact’, but at least for your blog to get better advantage, you need to remember to do some SEO even though you don’t become obsessed with it. Hope I am making a point? Anyway, you can tell us your mind at the end of this post what you feel about the whole stuff.

How can bloggers pull more traffic from search engines?

We shall briefly look at some ways to get real search traffic to your blog in order to have an edge over your competitors. The following tips would be of help to anyone who wants to increase his traffic from the search engines:

1. Great content:

This has always remained my number one on any list any day. I so much respect quality content. For your content to be seen as great, it must be able to pass on quality information, it must keep the reader wanting more and it must trigger some sharing within the social media. Then what contributes to make your content great? To come up a great content, you must research your topic thoroughly and pass highly useful information to the end readers. However, the source of your research is important when writing a great content. You need to get information from respected sources and also make reference to them in the write up so as to be trusted. Sometimes, quoting figures and giving examples are not enough; the people want a proof of the sources of your information. So include them in your post.


2. Captivating headlines:

Writing great content without captivating headlines is like using dirty linen to wrap up a lady’s beauty. No matter how beautiful she is, people would not look her way because her beauty is veiled with the dirty linen. So using attractive headlines helps to put a shine on the beauty of your quality content. It is the headlines that would invite prospective readers to your stuff before they can see what you have in there for them.

3. Well researched keywords:

From the illustration made above, it is easy to understand the role keywords play in helping to find your blog posts online. So understanding the search pattern of your audience and knowing the right keywords they use in their searches would go a long way at helping you write the best keyword optimized (but not keyword stuffed) articles. If you use the right keywords for your articles, you improve the chances of your articles being easily found in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

4. Evergreen articles:

Writing evergreen articles is a way of making your article perform better in SERP. By evergreen articles, I mean articles that would be searched for long period of time. Evergreen articles are not limited to time, because they would always remain relevant over time. For instance if you write an article on the life and achievements of Nelson Mandela, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, etc, you can be sure history students would still search for the article in the next 100 years.

Again if you write on “the secrets of making money’, Tips for building lasting financial empires, How to satisfy a woman in bed, Treatment of erectile dysfunction, How to pass an examination, etc, you will also be sure they would be searched for years to come because the same problems would be around for several years.

What if you write on “How to repair a DVD”, How to make your Samsung Galaxy S4 perform better, 10 ways to service a Polaroid camera, The advantages of Mercedes 190 (2008 model), you can rest assured that you will get searches for some months or for a few years. But because they are related to vogue, their searches diminish as the vogue fades away. What happens thereafter? Your blog loses traffic because in the next 10 years, it is unlikely for anybody to be talking of Samsung Galaxy S4 even though it is trending now.

5. Healthy backlinks:

Backlinks are important for your blog. Getting healthy backlinks remains one of the best ways to pull more healthy traffic from search engines. Not all backlinks are healthy; backlinks from link farms, banned sites, sites practicing blackhat SEO, etc are unhealthy for your website or blog. If you need healthy backlinks, go to clean sites, authority sites, .edu sites, etc. Some of the ways to get the backlinks include guest posting, useful blog comments, being featured on blogs, interviews, submitting posts to quality articles directories, etc.

6. Social shares:

Sharing your content on social network sites can also help boost search traffic. Since these sites are frequently crawled by search engine robots, your posts can get seen and they follow the links back to your site. Bookmarking your posts on bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon, Reddit, Delicious, etc helps a lot also.


As much as quality content is important in getting your site found, there is need to pay attention to SEO because of the role it plays in search engine traffic. Your posts must contain the relevant keywords in order for your targeted audience to easily find you online.

It’s now time to hear from you. What do you think about quality content, SEO and keyword research? What works best for you? Do you use SEO or you just write with attention on quality and then leave the natural thing to happen? Please share your experiences with us, they would be highly valuable to everyone here.

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