Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Blog Posts?

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Blogging is an interesting profession, no doubt. It has come to be embraced by a lot of people over time, and it has evolved with time as well, becoming a source of daily income for quite a number of persons and also turning some others into employers of labour.

But these days you see a lot of terrible mistakes being made by bloggers; mistakes bad enough as to threaten the continued existence of their blogs. It is quite understandable and pardonable if those mistakes are made by newbie bloggers. What I don’t understand is why after several years of blogging experience, bloggers still make these mistakes.


Some of these mistakes actually contribute to reducing the popularity of your blog and even prevent them from achieving the greatness they would have attained. It is still not clear to me while these mistakes are made on a large scale today when there should have been some level of advancement in the blogging industry considering how long the profession has been in existence now.

Did I just hear you say “I don’t commit these mistakes”? Don’t worry. We shall know at the end of this post whether you still commit any or not. One thing is sure though, I have seen quite a number of them on several blogs. Maybe you are pro enough not to commit any of them.

But what are those mistakes with your blog posts?

Forgetting to use enticing titles:

Do you know that the first thing that sells your post to the public is your post title? Take it or leave it, once your titles are attractive, people are bound to read them. Whether your post has the quality it promises is a different ballgame. The same roles that attractive billboards and captivating advertorial titles play are the same that your blog titles play also.

Now of these titles, which do you thinks readers would love to read first?
1. Who else wants to be a millionaire blogger?
2. How to blog and smile daily to the bank
3. The age long secrets probloggers never told you
4. 10 reasons why your blog is failing and how you can make it work again
5. How to start a new blog
6. 10 reasons why your blog will fail
7. 20 causes of poverty among modern day bloggers
I leave you to decide for yourself which of the titles are sure to attract readers’ attention faster.

What do I think?

1. Write with titles that are attractive
2. Use titles that identify problems and also proffer solutions
3. Use titles that promise to deliver measurable results
4. Write with titles that arouse curiosity of the reader
5. Write with titles that promise to reveal long kept secrets

Forgetting to interlink posts:

Are you forgetting to interlink your posts? This to some extent would slightly increase the bounce rate of your blog. How does that increase your blog’s bounce rate? Visitors come to your site and read the article on your home page and then hit the back button because nobody asks them to check out other posts of interest. But interlinking your posts does the job of directing your visitors to the next posts.

1. Instal and use related post plugins like Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, Nrelate Related Content, WordPress Related Posts, Related Posts For WordPress, etc.
2. Link to other posts from within your content, using keyword rich anchor texts.
3. Link to old posts using the “Must read” or “Recommended Posts” tags.

Not using keywords and meta keywords:

Bloggers make these mistakes of not using keywords and meta keywords on their posts. They may not directly contribute to your post being ranked high by the search engines, but they help your post to be found by both human and search engines. It is these keywords that people type into search boxes to locate your posts. Why then are you leaving keywords out of your posts?

What do I think?

1. Use related keywords on your posts
2. Use less competitive longtail keywords for your posts
3. Optimize your keywords, but don’t ever overstuff your keywords

Not asking readers to take action:

Have you ever wondered why some blogs hardly have comments? It’s simply because the blog owners never care to tell their visitors what to do at the end of each post. Readers want to be told what to do and if you do not do that then you are making one of these mistakes.

What should you do?

1. Tell your readers to ask questions at the end of each post
2. Encourage your readers to air their personal views using the comment box
3. Ask your readers to share your content with their friends
4. Ask your readers to follow you on twitter
5. Ask your readers to like your post on facebook
6. Ask your readers to add you on Google+
7. Ask your readers to join your mailing list
8. Ask your readers to pin your content on Pinterest, etc.

Refusing to respond to comments:

Some bloggers still make the terrible mistakes of refusing to respond to comments left on their blogs by their readers and visitors. They forget that it is this two way communication that makes a blog interactive. Their blogs eventually become irrelevant and die slowly as comments begin to die off gradually.

What you should do?

1. Always remember to answer questions left by your readers
2. Take care of concerns expressed by your readers
3. Don’t allow comments to stay for too long before they are approved


Not pinging after post:

This may not be too important, but is necessary to ping your blog after making new posts especially if you have asked WordPress not to ping your post automatically. Pinging helps to inform weblog tracking sites that you have added new contents so they could check them out. But so many bloggers completely ignore this.

My advice on this?

1. Ping your blog after adding new contents. You can use any of the following: GooglePing, Pingler, Pingomatic, Pingoat, etc

Failing to share on Social media:

Take it or leave it, social media have come to stay and they have become an integral part of blogging. For your blog to make meaningful impact, it needs to integrate social media into it. Sharing your posts on facebook, twitter, pinterest, Google+, etc is now inevitable if you want to reach a vast audience. Funny enough, some bloggers don’t see the need to be socially active. They are actually losing potential readers for not using the social media.

My advice for you?

1. Create a fanpage for your blog on facebook
2. Create a page for your blog on Google+
3. Create a handle for your blog on twitter
4. Add social sharing buttons to your blog
5. Submit your latest post links to each of the above pages whenever you make a new post.

Not making reference to other sources:

You need to make reference to other sources especially if their resources helped you in your research while writing a new post. Publishing great content is not easy. So if you make use of someone’s ideas, you have to acknowledge him for being the source. But do you make the mistake of not acknowledging your source of information?

What I think of this?

1. Remember to give credit to those whose materials or contents assisted you to come up with a great post.
2. Link back to the original source of your information
3. Use a “Do follow” link to the referenced site if possible


Being irregular:

Irregularity can help to bring down your blog and make you lose your faithful readers. It can as well make the search engine crawlers visit your site less frequently. If you still make the mistakes of being irregular in your updates, you must know that it makes your audience unable to predict you and know when to expect your publications.

What should you do?:

1. Publish your post on a regular basis. Don’t keep your audience waiting most of the time
2. Publish on same days of the week. At least maintain your rhythm if you are publishing daily, weekly or monthly.
3. Schedule your posting for the same hour each day. This helps search robots to determine when to visit your blog for updates.
4. Maintain the regularity of your newsletter also.

Imitating other writers:

Why on earth should you imitate someone else? Don’t you know this would make you lose your voice and your identity? Besides, imitating someone else would turn you into an imitation, not original. Those you imitate would always be ahead of you because that is their area of expertise.

My advice to you:

1. Find your own voice and use it.
2. Stop imitating other people’s style of writing.
3. Be natural in your approach. There would always be those who love your style.

I think I am really tired and hungry by now. I have said much, isn’t it? We need to settle down and digest the much I have said and see how it can change our blogging pattern and improve our blog engagement as well as improve our site reputation.
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Making mistakes with your blog posts are sometimes acceptable; but when as a professional you make mistakes that newbies should not make, it is difficult to forgive you. When next you are tempted to make these mistakes with your blog posts, you should cast your mind back to this post.

I must have left out some other terrible mistakes made by bloggers. So it is up to you to tell us what those mistakes are and how they can be corrected. Please use the Commentluv enabled comment box below to drop your comments or contributions. Remember to join our mailing list so you can get our updates and other announcements.

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