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Hello! Our interviews section is doing great and featuring quality bloggers, internet marketers, freelance writers, etc. Today we are having another wonderful guest; she is a webmaster, blogger and social media buff who has been around the blogosphere for the past three years, influencing others positively.


Lisa Buben is one of those female bloggers who are doing great and giving their male counterparts a run for their moneys. Lisa is the CEO of Inspire To Thrive; she has been in the Newspaper business since she was 14 years old. She is highly experienced in the business of blogging and social media marketing.

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Lisa is into so many causes because she loves helping other people, and so she also deserves the love of others like you and me. If you have the time, make sure to visit her blog to see what she does uniquely that makes her tick. So let’s get to business now as we listen to what she’s got to tell us in this wonderful interview with Lisa Buben. Please reserve your comments and questions for the end of the interview and express yourself using our comment box.

Hello Lisa Buben! You are welcome to Business Success Guide. Could you please introduce yourself?

Yes, I am Lisa from Inspire to Thrive, a blog about Blogging, SEO and Social Media. I share my experiences with a retail website I’ve worked on for 3 plus years now.

As a marketer with over 20 years of experience, how has this imparted your blogging?

Well I come from an advertising/marketing background so it does impact it. I realize you must use online and offline marketing methods to get in front of an audience. You must

What is the significance of using social media for blog marketing?

It is quite significant. I’m sure I would not have as many readers if I did not use social media. I’ve met some wonderful people and made friends with several along the way. It’s become a way of life for many to connect online.

What and what are needed for proper blog marketing?

BizSugar. Blog Engage to name a few.

Should one really market one’s blog or should one concentrate on writing quality content?

Quality content is #1. You can’t market a blog without it.

At what stage should one start marketing one’s blog?

After they have several posts. Something I did not wait on looking back on when I started to blog.

Should I market my blog myself or should I get someone special to do it for me?

You can do it yourself if you have TIME. Time is a big issue for many people. If you don’t have time you must find some help or hire someone. I have used Fiverr in the past for $5 to take care of some technical aspects of my blog that I did not have time for. You can also find other bloggers who offer services for under $100.

How does blog marketing affect our blog revenue drive?

It should generate some revenue for you but it will not happen overnight. It takes TIME too.


What kind of blog marketing could violate Google’s terms?

Black hat SEO, trading links, buying links, exchanging links for links only.

Why does Lisa Buben use Bizsugar and how much has it influenced your blog?

I like finding new informative posts and meeting new bloggers there. It has brought me new visitors to my blog and noticed more traffic as well.

What should a proper Facebook Fan page have?

A great cover, engagement with your audience on a daily basis and sharing great information for your fans.

Do you really think blogging is a Unisex thing, or it’s exclusive for men?

Unisex for sure. There are more women bloggers than men. Remember, women speak more words on a daily basis than men, LOL. (There was research on this about a year ago).

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What are your best adaptation methods online?

I enjoy learning something new each day and that’s what I do with all the online stuff I do each day. Some days I do get frustrated with the technical side of it. That’s when I know I need to walk away, ask for help or let it go until a later time.

What should I pay more attention to? SEO or great content?

Great content first and then SEO. I love using Yoast plugin to help with SEO when I’m on WordPress. Great content is key to SEO now.


In your own opinion, what are the major causes of blog failures?

People give up too soon. There is so much to learn along the way between blogging, social media, SEO and technical hurdles with WordPress or Blogger. Many also try to go it alone – you really need other bloggers to share with, help and get help from.

What do you make of the Google Adsense Scorecard?

I haven’t used it or paid attention to it of late.

Between Facebook and Twitter, which one should we depend on mostly for traffic?

I never depend on just one though I prefer Twitter and have had more results with Twitter.

Who do you think deserves to be interviewed here?

Tim Bonner from; he has come a long way with his blog.

The goal of this interviews section is to promote bloggers, freelance writers, entrepreneurs, etc. Is there any way you might be able to partner with us on this?

Yes, I can offer some advice on which to interview or help share posts, etc.

Your word for upcoming bloggers?

Don’t give up, don’t worry if you feel burnout blogging, take a break and you will come back strong.

Thank you Lisa Buben, for granting us this interview. God richly bless you.

Well, you have heard from Lisa Buben. I am sure you got something tangible to take home from her. Lisa would love to take your questions if you have any for her. Feel free to share your opinion or observations. Use our comment box below to drop your questions and they would be answered without delay. Please remember to share this with your friends.

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