How To Get More Human Twitter Followers and Improve Your Social Relevance

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It is no longer news that twitter is very much a vital part of any business success online today. Everyday more and more twitter accounts are opened because of the role it plays in bringing prompt and regular updates to the doorsteps of its users as things happen in the business, social, sporting and even blogging world.

Twitter has played its role so well that everybody has come to trust its efficiency in spreading information within seconds of major happenings around the word. So businesses are taking advantage of this efficiency to advance forward and make more meaningful impact. Nobody wants to be left behind as far as information dissemination is concerned, or do you?


Because of the number of persons twitter has got to accommodate, and because of the increasing audience, a lot of Apps are being created to enable users maximize their opportunities. Unfortunately, in the quest to dominate, some have resorted to dubious methods by using automated software to add fake followers just to fool their potential customers.

Tweetlow is the latest Twitter App online. But the good news about tweetlow is that it does not use automated software to send fake followers; rather it is a community of real people with one another’s interest at heart. Members are there to help fellow members succeed.

How does Tweetlow work?

Using Tweetlow is quite simple. First, you login with your twitter account (Your account is secured because there is no access to your personal details), and you are redirected to your Tweetlow dashboard. You get 100 points for opening an account. Then go to the “Edit profile” area located top right panel and click to edit your details. Thereafter you are given a link to click to confirm your email account. Once you complete the confirmation process, you get extra 700 points instantly.

Advantages of using Tweetlow

1. You get more human followers
2. You get more authentic twitter retweets
3. You build relationships
4. You are not spammed
5. You can get featured
6. You have options to get free retweet credits or buy as you can afford


How to get more retweets

You can get more retweets by doing the following:
1. Go to “Submit retweets” link on your dashboard and click to set your tweet message. Set the credit points to give to the retweeter and the total amount of credit to spend. Decide how many twitter followers the person should have before he is able to retweet your message. Then publish it; you get more retweets as members click on it to send your message to their followers.

In order to get more credit points, you should do one or all of the following:
1. Retweet other members’ tweets
2. Follow other members
3. Refer new members and get 100 credits for each new member referred. Get this by clicking on the “Get credits” tab on the top right corner or the affiliate link on the bottom right corner.
4. Buy a package. There are several available packages to buy from depending on your budget.

Do you want to be featured?

You can also be featured on Tweetlow by buying a special package. The number of days you are featured depends on the type of package purchased. You could be feature for 1, 3, 7, 14 or 30 days. You could as well be featured if you do a review of Tweetlow on your blog.

Join today and get more twitter followers and more retweets. Help your fellow members grow as you grow also. Avoid procrastination, and open a free Tweetlow Account today and start enjoying new retweets and new followership.

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