Adsense Publisher Scorecard: How it Can Help Improve Your Earnings

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Google Adesnse recently introduced Adsense publisher scorecard for their users to enable them assess their performances in terms of revenue earnings, Ad settings, website load time and content performance in comparison with other users. All users now have this summary score chart conspicuously displayed on the Adsense home page.

A lot of publishers have been managing their Adsense accounts blindly without knowing where andwhere their accounts need help. They don’t know things that have been rightly done and what needs to be improved. It’s more of trial and error. But thanks to Google Adsense team that have now deemed it necessary to come up with the Adsense publisher scorecard to help webmasters and bloggers optimize their ads and improve their earnings.

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A glimpse at your Adsense home page now will tell you whether you are doing well or whether you are doing poorly. The “Green” colour shows you that everything is fine and that you do not need to change anything. But the “Red” colour is an alert that something urgent has to be done in the area where the red colour highlights.

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What will the Adsense publisher scorecard show you?

The Adsense publisher scorecard is grouped into three main categories, viz:
1. Revenue optimization
2. Site health
3. Google+

Revenue Optimization:

This is intended to score you on how well-optimized your revenue generation is. Here, all that is needed to increase your revenue generation with regards to your RPM and CTR are put into consideration.

i. Recommended Ad format:

For better performance, Google recommends that your Ad format should as follows: 728×90, 160×600, 336×280, 300×250. It would therefore be better to adhere to these formats to ensure compliance and better performance.

ii. Text and image ad enabled:

It is also recommended that you enable the “Text and image/rich media ads”. In the cause of enabling adsense for their blogs, some people check the ‘text ads only” option. This displays only the text ads on your site.

What Your Scorecard Items mean

The color=”green”>Green score on your scorecard is an excellent score and simply indicates that everything in that area is perfect and that you do not need to do anything to improve the situation.
The color=”yellow”>Yellow score indicates that things are okay, improvements suggested. So there is room for you to improve upon the situation to make things much more better.
The color=”red”>Red score is an indication that that item needs improvement. Google Adsense recommends that you take action to fix the item. Not fixing this item could further reduce your Adsense earning prospects.

Adsense Publisher Scorecard 3 photo adsensepublisherscorecard3_zpsf583a06c.jpg

Scores are computed daily, but it might be several days before the effect of a change you’ve made is reflected in your scorecard.

How should you fix your scorecard items?

Your items should be fixed one after the other, depending on the scores you have received for each of them. For example, if your scores are Green all through, there would be no need to fix anything. That means your site performance is excellent.

Revenue Optimization

To take care of the revenue optimization problem, you need to do the following:
1. Keep your 160×600 Skyscraper on your right or left sidebar, depending on your theme.
2. Keep your 728×90 banner below your site header area
3. Keep your 336×280 or 300×250 banner below your post title or within the post.
Make sure your ads are formatted to conform to the text/image/rich media formats

Adsense Publisher Scorecard 2 photo AdsensePublisherScorecard2_zps54a2bb2b.jpg

To improve your ad format, simply go to your Adsense account, locate “My Ads” tab and click on “Edit ad Type” and make adjustment to the selection you have. Make sure to choose the “Text/image/rich media ads” and then click on “Apply ad type” to save your settings.

Crawler errors

Anything capable of obstructing Google Adsense bots from accessing your site would invariably lead to a reduction in your Adsense revenue generation because Adsense would not be able to access your content in order to determine the contextual ads to display. Therefore, you need to make sure your HTML codes are working perfectly well; your robots.txt file is in order and that all unnecessary scripts are removed. If you cannot do it yourself, you have to get your webmaster to do it for you.

Site health

Google has repeatedly emphasized the need for faster page speed. So if your site is not loading fast enough, this would affect its position in SERPs. You must do everything to improve your site speed. You can also get more suggestions to improve your site page speed by visiting the Google Page speed insights and follow the guidelines.


If your score here is poor, then you need to do something positive to help improve your score. Some of the few things to do include:
• Add Google+ button to your site
• Set up your Google+ business page
• Set up your Google+ fanpage

Please make your own contributions as to how to improve our Adsense scorecard and get more revenue for our sites. Your opinions are highly respected because they count a lot. If you find this post helpful, please share it with your friends.

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