How To Quickly Become a Problogger in 8 Steps

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Every blogger’s dream is to quickly become a problogger and be an authority in the field of blogging. The likes of Darren Rowse, Pete Cashmore, Hesham Zebida, Mohammed Mustafa Ahmedzai, Linda Ikeji, etc are earning six figures from their blogs; and that is a motivating factor for them to want to remain bloggers for life. Whether you agree with me or not, the truth remains that nobody wants to be an amateur forever in whatever field he finds himself.

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I want to earn as much as these probloggers and I also want to be as popular as well (I don’t know about you). I believe you want your blog to be addressed as an authority blog even though money is not the primary reason why you started blogging. You would love your blog to be the researchers’ haven, and a good place for people who want to hang out with friends.

Recently I started to take a closer look at some of the probloggers around and try to figure out what makes them what they are. My desire is to quickly become a problogger as possible hence the interest to know more about those who have already achieved that status. I am going to talk about what I found out shortly.

Who is a problogger?

A problogger is the short word for a “Professional blogger”. In other words, a problogger is someone who has chosen blogging as his career and earns his living from there. The same way we have professional accountants, doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, etc is the same way we have professional bloggers – those who are satisfied with being a blogger and are proud to be addressed as one.

There are several reasons why one would love to become a problogger, amongst which are to be an authority source of information dissemination, earn decent living, become famous, have a way of promoting one’s brand, etc. Whatever reason has brought you into blogging, your final destination is to be a pro in your field and be highly respected.

How to quickly become a problogger

From my findings, becoming a problogger takes some concrete and organized steps. I have therefore decided to implement on my blog the steps I found out would make me quickly attain that status. You are free to implement them also if you like; and you are also free to make your comments or criticize them at the end of reading this write up. So save your questions and observations for the end of this post. You want to be a problogger? Then:

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Go the Extra mile

I found out that probloggers go the extra mile in their quest to satisfy their audience. They just don’t provide content or good content like everyone else would love to; instead they provide the best content. They pack their content with great quality, and they add the value others are not willing to add to theirs.


They take pain to do extensive researches geared toward giving their readers the best informative content available anywhere. They don’t hastily assemble what they give out. So if you want to quickly become a problogger, you must be willing to do extensive research and come up with killer content at all times.


Probloggers also take the time to build relationships. I recently interviewed Jane Sheeba on my blog and was surprised to hear that she maintains a healthy relationship with Ileane Smith, Ana Hoffman, Annabel Candy, Hesham Zebida, Francisco Perez, to mention a few. You would naturally think the scope of work they have would not allow them to reach out to others; but they still find time to build relationships.

The law of attraction

Do you know that ants are attracted to places where there is sugar or honey? Are you also aware that vultures flock around areas where there are carcasses? Probloggers know how to attract their audiences – they give out freebies, promos, giveaway contests, etc. This keeps people coming to their blogs because people love free things. There are a lot of bloggers out there who don’t have the money to purchase all they want; so when you give freebies, they are glad to collect.

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Give others a chance

I noticed that probloggers give others a chance to grow. I talked about how Mohammed Mustafa Ahmedzai gave me the opportunity to publish my first guest post online. Ever since, I have had opportunities to have my posts published on Blogengage, Spiceupyourblog, Stunningmesh, Bloggerspassion, Socialvani, Webmaster-success, Emfastincome, Ajnabii, Ogbongeblog, etc. Why am I saying this? Probloggers are not selfish like a lot of people are made to believe. They will give you an opportunity if you have quality content to publish on their blogs. That is one of the things I have also decided to do on my blog. But I only accept quality content because I want my audience to get the best

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Encourage interactivity

If you want to quickly become a problogger, you must learn to encourage interactivity on your blog like the probloggers do on theirs. A lot of blogs have comments waiting to be responded to; but nobody cares a hoot. Probloggers care about the comments their readers leave on their blogs and they take the time to respond to such comments despite their tight schedules. They show their readers how much they care about their worries, and try as much as possible to provide them the answers they need.Give something peculiar

Have you noticed that as at the time Darren Rowse started his photography blog, there were only a few blogs (if at all there were any) doing the same thing? A lot of people needed help in the area of photography and he chose to be the source of help they needed. Zac Johnson chose to be an affiliate marketers’ source of marketing knowledge base and today he is helping several of his readers earn fat incomes. So to quickly become a problogger, you need to provide a peculiar service that is highly sought after by others.

Job board

One of the reasons a lot of bloggers are attracted to is because of the job board. This is bringing bloggers, freelancers and potential employers to the blog daily. People need jobs; they want to earn extra income. So anywhere they can find these jobs, they are ready to visit there on regular basis. I am also thinking of adding a job board to my blog. I am not going to do it because probloggers are doing it; I am going to do it because of the potential to bring me more visitors.

The rest two points I am going to talk about are things I also believe can hasten my journey into the probloggers’ arena. They are a great potential for traffic and a way of attracting others to me.

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Feature others

Recently I wrote an article on how Mybloggertricks helped my blogging career (Under the featured blog category). It was a sincere write up- I did it without anybody asking me to do it. I wasn’t afraid my readers could visit Mybloggertricks. Few days after it was published, Mustafa sent me a mail appreciating my write up. As a way of showing he appreciated my work, he asked me to do a guest post on his blog. I didn’t ask for it this time around; it came because I did something others were willing to pay for in order to get. So another way to quickly become a problogger is to extend an arm of good gesture to others – feature them and they will naturally respond back.

Do interviews

This is the last point I am going to talk about before resting my arms for today. Doing interviews on your blog is a sure way to get traffic too. I started this on my blog recently and it has been giving me positive result. After I published my first interview, a few people sent me mails asking if they could as well be interviewed. If you have a way of showcasing people and exposing them, they would get attracted to you because nobody wants to die unsung. I am planning to do more this year and use the interviews series of my blog to expose new bloggers, freelancers, internet marketers, etc. I believe it would also help you.


If your dream is to become a problogger, find out what the probloggers are doing differently and try to see how you can duplicate them and give them a different touch and implement them on your blog. If you do them well and you make the same sacrifice that probloggers make, you are sure to succeed in your field and become a problogger in the nearest future. Thanks for reading this article to the end.

Do you have questions, contributions or criticisms on this post? Feel free to air your views. Share your opinions with us. Your personal views could make the difference.

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