My Dreams For Young Nigerian Bloggers: What Are Your Own Dreams?

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“All men dream; but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds Awake to find that it was vanity; But the dreamers of day are dangerous men, that they may act their dreams with open eyes to make it possible” – T. E. Lawrence. I have a dream for young Nigerian bloggers; I don’t know what yours is like. But I know what I dream of, with my eyes open to see that they come to reality.

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I am one of those day-dreamers; and my mind is occupied with this big dream I have for bloggers, freelance writers, internet marketers and young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. I don’t know if I am becoming paranoid. It’s really eating my mind up. Or do I need to see a doctor or psychologist about this? I think you might be of help. Maybe after reading this post you would be able to tell me what exactly has gone wrong with me.

Nigeria is a land of opportunities; Nigeria is a land of abundant resources – natural and human. Yet Nigeria is a place where talents are wasted because there are no people to encourage you. So everyday I see people who would have been the Bill Gates, Warren Buffets, Pete Cashmores, Oprah Winfreys, Mark Zukerbergs, Larry Pages, John Chows, Zac Johnsons and Ewen Chias of Nigeria. So many of them never really become what they were supposed to be.

That is where my trouble stems from. My pain is that I live in a country where talents abound everywhere, yet I am powerless to harness those abundant talents that are wasting away. Oh that I were the President of my country! I would really do much to help. But do I need to be the president or the Senate President or even a state Governor before I could help? NO! I don’t have to be any of those. I can help in my little way in the position where I am right now.

What are my dreams for these youngsters?

My dreams are many, but they are achievable. Some can be achieved in the nearest possible time while others would take a little longer to achieve. I believe you can also be an instrument to help make those longer dreams shorter. Nothing is impossible under the sun. “I am a dreamer. Some men see things as they are, and ask why; I dream of things that never were, and ask why not”. – George Bernard Shaw.

I am going to take a little time to list my dreams one after the other and how I feel they can be achieved. Feel free to analyse them and let me know where I am making mistakes or where I am being unrealistic :

Give them exposure:

I am prepared to give my people as much exposure as they deserve and as much as I can. I have already started implementing this and so far 11 people (including 6 Nigerians) have been interviewed on this blog; and I make sure to promote them to my social media circles. As I write, a lot of them are already lined up to be featured in the next couple of weeks.

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Motivate them:

It is my desire also to motivate young Nigerian bloggers, freelance writers and entrepreneurs, by visiting their blogs and leaving comments to help build interactivity into their blogs. Besides, I am thinking of helping to give free domain names to those who wish to start blogging so they can be motivated to take action. Moreover, I am trying to see how I can get some software to give out freely to help give their businesses some leverage. I have already started giveaways on my blog; and as many that participate stand chances of winning either cash prizes or other prizes like WordPress themes, premium plugins, software, etc.

Promote their businesses:

One of the things bloggers really need online is that people should help promote their blogs in whatever ways possible. One good way to do that is to use social media like twitter, facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. If you have a large number of followers, you could really help someone promote his blog/business by tweeting about his blog or re-tweeting his tweets to your followers. I am arranging to build a re-tweet site that would be less expensive and that could be built into a community of sort to help one another promote and publicize their blogs/businesses.

I just opened a Facebook group known as Money in the Blog, where we would be gathering to discuss how to make money with our blogs and other money making opportunities online. So you are invited to join us in this group and bring in your ideas and the latest information you come across that have been tested and working fine. It is absolutely free to join.

Give them independence:

One of my dreams for young Nigerian bloggers is to teach them how to fish for themselves and become financially independent. How would I achieve this dream? One way to get this done is to teach them how to blog. More so, I intend to set up a system where I can encourage them to do affiliate marketing and also teach them how to do it..

The most difficult dream here is to be able to link them up with sources of financial support. I want to help those with good startup plans to set up their businesses. But here I really need help from organizations and NGOs that have the financial muscles or philanthropic gesture to actualize this dream. So if you are reading this blog post and you can help us out, you can get in touch with me so we can work out modalities for its implementation. I also need those with great startup plans to identify with us so we can publish their plans.


Finally, I want to be able to provide scholarships to young Nigerians to help them improve themselves. Those who want to go to school to learn web design, business, vocational studies, etc should be able to afford it. This would take some few years to accomplish because I need money to provide this scholarship.


All dreams are achievable. Whatever the mind can think you can achieve. So if I remain committed to this cause, I will be able to put a smile on the faces of several young Nigerians. I would take several idle hands off their street lives. I would put food on the tables of so many people. My prayer is that God should give me the grace and the creative ability to know all that I ought to do to bring these dreams to reality.

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