Interview With Theodore Nwangene of Top Blogging Coach – BSGIS 13

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Hello friends and readers of this blog! We are back on our interviews series; and today we are on series 13 and we have Theodore Nwangene as our guest of honour. Theodore Nwangene is a young Nigerian blogger with the burning zeal to take blogging industry by storm.

You all may not have known who Theodore Nwangene is; so I am going to introduce him to us before going to the interview section proper. I like my audience to understand who we are featuring so that nobody would be lost.

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About Theodore Nwangene

Theodore Nwangene is an upcoming blogger from Nigeria. He is the owner of Topbloggingcoach, a blog with focus on blogging, monetization and self motivation. Nwangene is gaining popularity online as a result of his commitment to provide his audience with quality content.

Theodore Nwangene’s guest posts have been featured on top notch blogs like Allbloggingtips, Ajnabii, Onenaijablog Sbabzy, Makemenoise, Comluv, etc. Theodore is virtually everywhere on the internet. We are privileged to have him here as our guest. So relax and enjoy our interview with this chap.

Welcome to Business Success Guide. Can my audience get to know you?

Thank you Joseph. My name is Theodore Nwangene, I’m a full time blogger and the founder of

Everybody seems to be interested in blogging these days. What motivated you into blogging?

There are many things that made me to start blogging but, the main thing was that back then, during my first year in the university, I always heard a lot about the working from home stuff. I started with Forex Trading where I lost a lot of money until I now learnt about blogging.

But before then, I had lost a lot of money to some of those HYIPs flowing all over the internet. When I now learnt what blogging was, I decided to start one so that I could share with others what I’ve learnt about making money from the internet based on my experience.

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What separates the great blogs from the poor ones?

There are so many things that separate the great blogs from the poor ones. But the main thing is the blog’s readers engagements coupled with lots of other factors like your contents, transparency, blog design, etc.

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt as a blogger?

Number one thing I’ve learnt from blogging is that nothing good comes easy. There is no easy way to make money in life both online and offline and, there is nothing like connecting and building solid relationships with like-minded people.

Where does Theodore Nwangene get his blogging inspirations from?

Inspirations can come at any place at any time. I read motivational books a lot so; I get lots of inspirations from there. I also get inspirations while reading other bloggers’ posts and while reading my readers’ comments.

How much time do you dedicate to your blog daily?

At least 5-6 hours/day

How do you ensure your blog remains relevant in the blogosphere?

I always research and find out what will interest my readers.

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Much time does Theodore Nwangene have for researches?

I don’t have any specific time for researching. I research whenever I have to and I will spend any amount of time required to find what I’m looking for.

What are your long term plans for blogging?

My long term plan is to build my blogs up to 6 figures per month income standard (passive income via blogging)

Who is the single person that has inspired you the most as far as blogging is concerned?

Pat Flynn of

You recently decided to go into niche blogging. What informed your decision?

Like I said in the number 9 question, I plan to build a passive income via blogging and I decided that the best way for me to achieve that is via niche site marketing.

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Should a blogger blog for passion alone, or should he blog for money?

Before someone can make money via blogging, he must first of all be passionate about it. This is because if the passion is not there, you will not stay long enough to make the money.

Do you intend to work as a full time blogger or you would love to go for some secular jobs when there is an opportunity?

My plan is to make blogging my full time business but, if some other job comes my way, I might accept it depending on some factors. I will never quit blogging for any reason.

This platform is dedicated to giving exposure to bloggers, internet marketers, freelance writers, etc. How do you intend to partner with us in realizing this dream?

Yea Joseph, I will partner with you in any way possible to see to this. It’s all about sharing our knowledge which is the reason why two heads are better than one..

Who in your opinion should be featured in our interviews section? Why do you think he/she deserves a place?

I think Harleena Singh will make a very good interview because she is a wonderful blogger and has a wealth of knowledge to share with your readers.

Should we write more posts or should we do more blog promotion?

I think we should do both. Write more post as well as, do more promotion.

How often do you ping your posts? And why?

I ping my posts the first time it was published, this is because if you’re posting articles to a WordPress blog, you want the search engines to know that there’s something new and exciting at your site. It’s important that search engines and directories are notified. On the other hand, if you ping too often, you risk being penalized by the search engines for being a ping spammer.

What are your words for young bloggers and readers of this blog?

They should be aware that blogging like I always say, is never a get rich quick scheme as they might have heard from those Dog men out there. There are lots of sacrifices to be made before you can expect to make anything online.

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You must be apply consistency, continuity, hard work, patience, a burning desire to learn, willingness to connect with others and lots more.
I if you can’t apply any of the above then, don’t jump into blogging because you will be disappointed instead, go look for something else to do with your precious time.

Thanks Theodore Nwangene for honouring our invitation. God bless you.

Thanks once again for the interview Joseph, I’m honored indeed.
Let’s succeed together

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