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Hello! Readers of this blog, we are back on our interviews section this week. We have a new guest today. Like I promised us, we will always have new bloggers, netpreneurs or freelance writers to inspire us every time. So this week is series 15 and our guest this week is Atish Ranjan of India

A lot of Indian audiences know Atish Ranjan very well, but not all readers from Nigeria know him. For the sake of those from Nigeria and the rest parts of the world, let me quickly do a brief introduction of our guest before going into the interviews section proper.

Atish Ranjan is an SEO expert working with a reputable company; he is knowledgeable in HTML, JavaScript, PHP,, SQL and Photoshop. He is the founder of, one of the leading tech blogs in India. So we are privilege to have such a quality blogger attend our interview today. Relax and enjoy this interview; and make sure to reserve your questions for the end of the post. You will have the opportunity to ask your questions or make your comments using our comment box at the end of the post.

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Welcome to Business Success Guide. Who is Atish Ranjan?

Thank you so much to Business Success Guide for giving me an opportunity to speak my word.
Atish Ranjan is an ordinary guy from India with extraordinary dreams. He is working hard to achieve them.

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As an SEO expert working with a reputable company, how well have you optimized your blog?

Honestly saying that I don’t spend much time on SEO for my blog. But yes, I focus on on-page SEO. Apart from this I do post guest posts sometimes, post comments on same niche blogs and share my posts on social media sites. That’s it!

With your knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, PHP,, SQL, Photoshop etc, how many websites have you built to date?

I had knowledge of everything you have mentioned but as I started working in SEO field I didn’t have to develop websites, I just need to do SEO and SEM for them. Now I forgot about ASP and others but still I tamper with PHP code of my sites sometimes.

Would you consider yourself privileged to have come from India?

Yes I feel proud being an Indian.

What advantage do bloggers from India have over those from other parts of the world?

I believe that the Indians have extra talent of learning so many things simultaneously. I respect every country but I feel you can see them learning a lot of things which makes them a complete package.

What are the differences between University education and real life practice as a blogger?

University education is something you have to learn to live. It teaches you about the life, discipline and all but real life learning is something you discover yourself only. Both are necessary for living a perfect balanced life.

What is the greatest thing blogging has helped you to achieve?

Self confidence! Before blogging I was not confident even when I am right but now I am very confident about my work, my decisions and everything I do.

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Your blog currently has PR4 and Alexa 20k. How did you achieve this impressive result?

When I started blogging I did not even know about alexa and PR. I just started and wrote what I loved. Then there was a PR update and I got PR 4.
Better engagement on your site always gives you everything. Better engagement turns into lesser bounce rates and these factors affect your alexa rank.

If you were given an opportunity to start all over as a blogger, what would you have loved to change?

Aaahh! That’s a tough question. What Would I love to change? If I had to start full time career in blogging then I would certainly like to change the Google Spam team which is rolling out so many updates and disturbs a blogger’s traffic, earnings etc.

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What does Atish Ranjan think the future of blogging in India would be in the next 10 years?

There will be more competition in Indian blogging. I can say this because if I ask 10 people about blogging, around 7 out of them would say ‘I too want to start blogging after hearing about blogging and its benefits’.

Future of blogging in India is great and shining but it has really changed a lot Over the time. It’s not that easy as it used to be.

Who do you think are the top 5 bloggers in India, and why do you think they deserve the top spot?

I can’t really say about the Top 5 but there is one person from India I always praise and he is none other than Mr. Amit Aggrawal from
There are many good bloggers from India as Pradeep from HBB, Jane from Probloggingsuccess etc.

I am not expert enough to rate any 5 of them but there are many talented bloggers here in my country India.

How do you currently rate yourself? Are you a Problogger or just an average blogger?

I am just a normal blogger and nothing more!

How does Atish Ranjan make money from his blog? And how much does he make on the average annually?

Adsense, paid reviews, banner ads, affiliate marketing. Blogging earnings fluctuate every month so I cannot say exactly, but I manage to earn more than 1000 USD per month.

What are those things you would never do as a blogger?

As I blogger I never want to leave my blog not updated for too long, and I will never post scrap content.

How do you see guest blogging?

Guest blogging is indeed the best choice to build quality backlinks, build relationship and develop networking but now a days, many link builders are making it worse than ever.
You have to be very careful while accepting guest posts.

With the constant changes in the tech world, how do you keep your blog to date?

Tech world is really great and every minute you can get new and latest news from news sites. I always try to post about latest cell phones and about latest apps, ‘how to’ guides etc to keep my blog moving.

What are the necessary skills every blogger must possess?

– A blogger must have helping attitude.
– Should be good at writing.
– Should be good at selecting the niche and topics
– SEO and knowledge about your CMS is plus point.

Any plans for younger bloggers in India?

I have no plans but now a days, even 13-14 years old kids are ready to start blogging which is great! 

Your word for upcoming bloggers?

Don’t just start thinking for money in the beginning just make your blog a good place where people get relevant information then name, money and fame will come naturally. You don’t have to sweat for these.

Atish Rajan, we appreciate your taking time to attend to our interview questions. Thanks and God bless you.

The pleasure is mine! Good luck to you too. I really enjoyed answering the questions.

Well, readers of this blog, you have all heard from Atish Ranjan. Do you have any question for Ranjan? Please leave those questions or comments in the comment box below. Ranjan would definitely respond to your questions and make sure they are answered satisfactorily. Do you have any advice for him as well? Use our comment box to drop your advice. Thanks for having the patience to read this interview.

Our dream on Business Success Guide is to expose quality bloggers and promote them as much as we can. If you know of any that is qualified to be interviewed here, don’t fail to let us know about such persons.

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