3 Great Reasons Why You Must Join Several Facebook Groups

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Social media have become the easiest way to communicate with friends, business customers, and also hangout. Facebook groups are especially relevant in helping people with common interest share their opinions, fears, and help solve one another’s problems. Joining social media groups whether on facebook, twitter or pinterest, linkedin, etc is one way to reach out to a particular niche of people.

Facebook groups are organized to help people who share common social or business interests interact and plan their meetings and how to advance their interest. They could be groups organized by bloggers, writers, freelancers, web designers, musicians, academicians, etc.

To make such bodies exclusive to members in the same niche, they could be a closed group where members alone have access to what is being discussed, and also benefit from solutions proffered to problems and questions raised within the groups. In such cases, interested persons are either invited by those in the group or approved before they can participate in the activities of the groups.

Are facebook groups necessary?

Facebook groups are necessary for those who want to hang out with people in the same niche and get the latest gist within their niche. You may not know how relevant such groups would be until you’ve joined them. For example, recently, I needed to redesign one of my websites and so I advertised it on one of the facebook groups I belong to. Surprisingly, two members of the group offered to redesign my site for free. This was the same site some persons had already priced exorbitantly. It was great financial relief for me. I knew there and then that I was not wasting my time there.

I have just mentioned one advantage out of the various advantages one could have for belonging to facebook groups. At the end of this post, you can contribute by telling us what you think one benefits from joining such groups on facebook. Or don’t you think it is necessary to belong? Even if you feel so, be sure also to tell us your mind. Your opinions would be welcome


Advantages of joining facebook groups

Several advantages abound for belonging to facebook groups. I am going to talk about just three of them because of time. I know you are very busy and don’t have much time to spare. I must respect your time by being brief. So some of the advantages include:

1. Increases your popularity:

Before we talk about popularity, we must first know why in the first place we are joining any group on faceook. Are you joining just to while away your time? Are you there to crack dry jokes? But if you are there and you have a brand to promote, it is a good way to make your brand popular. Belonging to such groups and being active in discussions and other activities is a way of getting noticed. Gradually every person in the group starts to see you as one who is contributing positively to help others. As a result they begin to notice your brand or what you represent. Your blog or website gradually begins to receive visits from members of your group who want to know you to your roots, having been convinced you’ve got something to deliver.

When you become popular in your facebook group, your own website starts to receive the spill over effect and get adequate traffic from there. What does this translate to? Your traffic burst leads to increase in your SEO and also an increase in your revenue. In a nutshell, Popularity+Traffic+SEO=Increase Revenue.

2. Increase backlinks:

Apart from receiving increase traffic, you also receive increase in backlinks from two directions. While some link directly through the URL of your posts and updates from the group, others link to you from their blogs as a way of building relationship with you. When several of your community members build backlinks to your site, your search engine popularity increases and there would be a massive boost in traffic.

3. Help:

Like I stated earlier, there are a lot of benefits you get in your facebook groups even though those benefits are not written down. From time to time, members bring their concerns and challenges to the group and others join hands to take care of such problems as a family. Members sometimes offer free packages or free services as a way of showing their love for the group. Sometimes, as a blogger, you can get free software, e-books, troubleshooting support for your blog, advice and other assistance from co-members.


Facebook groups are a must for all bloggers, freelancers, internet marketers, etc who wish to build their brand online. It gives you the opportunity to meet with people of like minds and like passions. Participating actively and helping others to solve their problems is a sure way to attract friendship and increase traffic to your site. Use them today and see what you get from there.

What facebook group do you belong to? What have you benefitted since joining? We would love to hear your own opinions about joining facebook groups. I did not exhaust all the points; so tell us what is on your mind, our listeners would love to hear your own views.

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