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Hostgator hosting packages photo HostGator-Logo_zps0c9ac198.jpgYou may have been thinking of how to get a hosting package with hostgator but can’t afford it because of your limited resources. It’s time for you to see your dream come true as you can now get 30% discount hostgator hosting packages with a special coupon code. That’s is not the only good news for you; if you buy the hosting package using the courpon code I am going to provide you in this post, I will also give you a new keyword domain name for free.

It is time to join over 7 million websites and blogs owners on the hostgator server and get the best of services. I don’t need to write the best convincing article for you to understand what I mean. You already know what I am talking about; you can’t afford to miss the best and go for anything second best.

Why Hostgator Hosting Packages?

When it comes to website hosting, hostgator still remains the king of them all. That’s why a lot of webmasters want to host their websites there. In summary, the following are some of the facts that put Hostgator ahead of other web hosting companies:

1. Integrity: The several awards (over 45 awards in 10 years) in its kitty shows that Hostgator has built integrity over time and is well respected by all.
2. Flexibility: The flexibility of packages offered makes it easier to fit into. You choose your package according to the size of your pocket. Available packages include Hatchling, Baby package, Business package, VPS, reseller packages, etc. They also allow you choose monthly, six months or yearly packages. You can pay for several years at a stretch if you wish.
3. Excellent customer care: The customer care is excellent. This is one of the strongest attributes of Hostgator. Their customer care staff always make sure your problems are properly treated to your satisfaction. At the end of chatting with any of them online, you are given a form on which to rate the service rendered. You score them on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 as the highest mark. They want to be sure their customers get the best attention they could get at any time.
4. Low downtime: Have you not seen some blogs and websites that are down for most of the day because the server of the hosting company experienced a burst in traffic? Hostgator make sure their websites remain up 24hours of the day, 7 days of the week and for 366 days of the year.

The Free Keyword Domains

I recently tried to buy new domain names but gave up the try after series of domain names I suggested were all found to have been taken. I then knew a lot of new bloggers were going to be in trouble for want of new domain names. The fact is that these domain names have all been bought by domain flippers. All the two letter and three letter domains are no longer available. So I felt my way of encouraging you to start your blog now is to offer you a domain name for free.

There are only 10 of these domain names available for 10 lucky winners who would take action immediately in the next 5 days. The domain names are listed below; and all interested persons have an opportunity to win at least one.

How does it work?

The 10 domain names below are displayed for 5 days. All you need do is go to Hostgator and purchase one of the hostgator hosting packages (Any of the packages); use the coupon code WEBMASTER20 when paying and Hostgator would give me some commission for the coupon. This does not affect the price you are paying for the domain hosting; instead it reduces the cost you are going to pay to get it (you get 30% discount).

After paying for the hosting use one of the domain names to register for the account. Hostgator would inform me and when your package is confirmed, I would change the name server to your name server and transfer the domain to you. If within 3 months of hosting the account, you decide to cancel your account, your domain name would be withdrawn. So no fraud Paddy.

The domain names that are up for grabs are:
1. maritalcode[dot]com
2. writingflavour[dot]com
3. keywordbloggingpro[dot]com
4. blogkeywords[dot]com
5. createmoneytips[dot]com
6. keywordblogpro[dot]com
7. techblogtips[dot]com
8. affiliatevamp[dot]com
9. blogcashit[dot]com

So pick your domain and set up your domain hosting package with it. Everyday somebody takes up a domain name, I would mark it “Taken”. Only 10 lucky persons would be given the domain names (Those who are fast enough). So before you register, make sure to check if the domain names are still available each day that the giveaway runs. While making payment, please remember to use the coupon WEBMASTER20 and get 30% discount.

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