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Friends and readers of this blog, you are once again welcome to the interviews segment of this blog. Today we shall be talking about another great personality, Mr. Wijdan Rohail. You may not have known him before now; but I shall take a few moments to introduce him

Wijdan Rohail is one of the probloggers who are doing well in the area of Web Design. He is from Parkistan and has been doing well online since 2009. He is the owner of Stunningmesh, a website that is mainly concerned about web design, programming, tutorials, Graphics, WordPress, etc. It is also a place to get a lot of freebies especially for designers and new bloggers.

So it’s time to talk about Wijdan Rohail. Please relax and enjoy this interview, because there are a lot to learn from this website design guru.

Who is Wijdan Rohail?

I’m professionally a Businessman running my Software house in Lahore, Pakistan along with some more businesses in other cities and countries. I’m in this field since 2004, after completing my MCS (Masters in Computer Science) degree, I joined few organizations to learn some techniques, so in the year 2004 I started my own Software House.

How long have you been blogging?

As by Profession I’m a Businessman, so I’ve Social Network, few of my friends were blogging and I saw how they were working so deeply and enjoying blogging. One of my teachers Mr. Ejaz Ahmed (of DesignDazzling) forced me to start blogging. Because of busy schedule I could not start it, and then he really helped me a lot to start at least one blog. When I started StunningMesh in 2009, and I exposed my Designing Skills over it, then I really enjoyed it and then by the passage of time I started few more blogs like, Blogenium, BloggerArena, Trendykit etc. and few are on their way very soon.

Your website stunningmesh, is ranking very well, with Alexa of around 64k and PR4. What is the secret behind this achievement?

Initially my blog’s Alexa Rank and PR was so much better than this, then because of my new business I could not give time to my blog and its graph moved towards down. Now trying to give some time to it and get its previous position back and it is getting improvement again day by day. I always try to give unique and important information to those who are in Graphic/Web Designing field or thinking about to enter into this field.

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What has been the single best tool you use on your site?

As Stunningmesh is dedicated to Graphic/Web Designers and some part of Bloggers too, so I am personally using Adobe Photoshop for Graphic purposes, making Tutorials on different techniques etc.

You’ve got a lot of sites on your blogroll and friends link. Why do so many sites believe in you?

Everything is Open on my blog, Stunningmesh is having Unique and High Quality contents every Article sent by Guest Author is checked through CopyScape or some other tools to check Duplication. Also as I’ve very good traffic on my blog, so people are paying me to put their links on my blog, so that they are also getting traffic through referring by blog. They have also improved their Rank and PR because of my blog, so I think these are the reasons.

As a web designer, how is your knowledge imparting your site?

As I’ve already said that my blog is about Graphic/Web Designing and I’m also working as Graphic/Web Designer in my own company so I am also polishing the new designers as well as myself. Implementing the Knowledge of Graphic or Web Designing through making Tutorials etc. over it.

The freebies you give out, are they all made by you or some other people contribute them?

The Freebies this time on my site is mostly made by myself and some are taken through my Social Network and colleagues. When I got so many Freebies then I started my blog Trendykit which is only offering Freebies like Brushes, Gradients, Styles, Patterns, Icons, Fonts, Books etc. On this blog some Freebies made by me, some sent by different bloggers as I’ve given option to upload their Freebies.

Why do you give out so many freebies?

If you are a Graphic/Web Designer it is not possible for you to make everything by yourself like different shapes, gradients, patterns etc. just because of shortage of time so to help those people I’ve collected Freebies and offering them to download and use, remember these are not stolen and anybody can use them.

How many e-books or books has Wijdan Rohail authored so far?

I’ve written few Hands-on Notes for Graphic/Web Designers these are available in Local market. So far I’ve not published any Book or E-book.

How many websites have you designed/developed so far? And how much joy does it give you when you see the site you designed doing well online?

As you know I’m running my own Software house so I’m also contributing by designing so many websites. I think the rough estimate is more than 600 websites which are currently online and designed by me and developed by my team.

How do you feel being a successful blogger?

As blogging is my hobby and because of busy schedule I could not find enough time to give it, but as much time I spent I really enjoy it, by making Posts, creating Tutorials etc. People say that blogging can give you so much money, but as it is not my source of income so I really enjoying it. No doubt being a blogger is having some kind of happiness and charm too.

Why do you still accept guest post in spite of the fact your website is doing well?

This time if we count Total Guest Authors for all my blogs then figure exceeds to 200. They are providing so many articles on different topics for my different blogs. I am also paying to different authors for High Quality contents, people are really curious to post their articles on my blog and I don’t want to break their hearts 😉 I get articles from them, but that’s true that I’m not accepting all the articles. I’ve rejected so many articles just because they didn’t have High Quality and Unique contents.

What has been the best method of promoting your business online?

Social Media, no doubt it is the cheapest and quickest way to promote your business online. Secondly Forums can also help you find your clients/customers.

How do you develop yourself/your marketing skills?

Marketing is not my field and I’m not promoting my blog by myself. Few of my Employees are promoting it and using their Marketing skills.

At what stage did you get your breakthrough online?

Since the beginning I got unexpected response from different viewers/users, they really enjoyed my Tutorials/Posts/Articles.

How often does Wijdan Rohail organize seminars and workshops?

I think no one would be having any contradiction that everyone is Student in his/her life, they always try to learn new Techniques/Tools. For this they are really attending Seminars/Workshops to keep up to date. That is why I’m also attending or organizing Seminars, most probably once in month or at least once in every 6 months and most times in my office. As I’ve different teams of Designers/Developers so we invite other professionals to exchange our views with each other. That really helps you keep up-to-date.

What special skills do you possess apart from web design?

Business is really a tough job, no doubt about that, it really teaches you how to live and how to survive. What strategies to implement and what is best time to use it. What’s going on around you and what kind of steps taken earlier to make you more successful. So I think Special Skills are required to do a business.

Do you read other blogs? Which of them do you read regularly and why?

Whenever I find some time I really visit and search different blogs related to my fields. This is just to get new ideas, new techniques to learn. No doubt I am really enjoying the Tutorials/Articles on DavidAirey, TutorialsPalace, DesignDazzling, DesignObserver, Dexigner, FuelYourCreativity, ILoveTypography, JustCreativeDesign, Tutoriallounge, LogoDesignLove, DzinePress, PresidiaCreative, SixRevisions, SmashingMagazine, SwissMiss, YouTheDesigner, TutsPlus etc.

What is your relationship with other bloggers from Pakistan?

I’ve very good relationship with some famous bloggers of Pakistan, we are exchanging our views with each other, as they are arranging Huge Gathering in Lahore once in a year and I’m also attending that meeting to learn a lot about Blogging. I’ve very good relationship with Mr. Ejaz Ahmed of DesignDazzling, TutorialsPalace, Hypesol etc. Mr. Kashif Mehmood Mughal of TutorialLounge, DzinePress etc. Mr. Mohsin of DesigningMall, Arfa Mirza of DzineBlog360, Sadia Komal of SadiaKomal and a lot more.

What have been your greatest challenges online?

Blogging is no doubt an Interesting thing but it’s really a tough job. You always have to be alert every time. Keep your position, standards high; you have to compete with other Great Blogs. Since last few years things have changed so rapidly, Standards have been changed, techniques changed by Google so that’s really a challenge for every bloggers. I think few years back blogging might have been so much easy but not these days. Google’s long list of Tools to implement/adopt; their standards to adopt are becoming tougher. So blogging itself is challenging these days.

What advice do you have for those who are new comers to web designing business?

Well the first thing is make your aim and goals before entering into this field. If you are thinking that you are adopting this field only to earn money then this is not your field. Earning with Learning should be your motto. Secondly do not satisfy yourself with your work, always see your work negatively, criticize your work, you can do better work than this, when you will do you will get +ve change in your work. Always try to learn new Standards, Techniques and Tools. Always keep yourself up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. Don’t compromise with Quality; and one more thing Quantity should not be your preference. Work less but in a High Standards, that will attract more customers/clients. Do your best and rest on your God.

Thank you Mr. Wijdan Rohail for finding time to attend our interview. God bless you.

Thank you too for choosing me and giving me chance to express myself. It’s really honor for me to write something about me for your blog.

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